A Taste Tour of Ghana

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5-Course Taste Tour of Ghana

In the intimate dining space of our Pop Brixton Restaurant you can experience a 5 course taste tour of recipes from Zoe Adjonyoh's upcoming cookbook - Zoe's Ghana Kitchen. Zoe will give a personal explanation of how each dish has been created and the inspiration behind it. The evening will be an opportunity to sample the best of Ghanian hospitality alongside tastes and sounds from across Ghana whilst making new friends - if you're in the mood we can have a boogie afterwards!

The ticket price includes a Sobolo Gin cocktail on arrival and a large glass of menu matched wine or a Ghanaian beer ...

Please let us know 48 hours in advance of any special dietary requirements

House Rules: Small note: This is a very cosy space with limited storage so if you are able to minimise any extra luggage and bags with you on arrival that would be greatly appreciated.

In a Nutshell

Zoe Adjonyoh (39) is a writer and cook from South-East London. Starting with a makeshift stall selling peanut (aka groundnut) soup out of her studio flat at the Hackney Wicked Festival in 2010 Zoe has gone on to be included in the Observer Food Magazine 2017 list of rising stars on the food scene hailed as "the standard bearer for West African Cuisine in London". Zoe’s Cookbook ‘Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen’ is published by Octopus and will be available to buy 20th April 2017.

The Whole Hog

For her most recent project, Adjonyoh has brought her Ghana Kitchen to shipping container community project - Pop Brixton - a long term popup residency which gives the opportunity for Zoe to test her restaurant concept in a fixed space - ‘Chop Bar meets contemporary dining’. It’s the epitome of social, informal, and affordable dining – where guests gather to enjoy Ghanaian classics, notable for their heartiness and spice alongside Zoe’s contemporary inventions. Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen is not just a restaurant – it’s a food event: taking the look and feel of its Ghanaian roots and merging it with a contemporary dining experience.

Really great food. Lots of new flavours and a very memorable experience.

Really enjoyed the selection of food, especially the gari foto & tilapia! Such a quirky venue too! Will definitely be coming back :)

Delicious food, in very generous quantities, and a great host!

A great selection of Ghanaian dishes of differing flavours and spices. Actually it was too much for us to complete. The Sobolo Gin cocktail was a lovely touch with so much flavour. Zoe was a great host and very welcoming and we appreciate the one to one attention she gave us. It was also a first for us to visit Pop Brixton. A real arrany of sights and sounds there. I would definitely recommend a visit to see Zoe's kitchen.

A fantastic meal, full of spicy, interesting flavours and very generous with the drinks and cocktails too! Zoe was a fantastic host, really engaging and inspiring and made us all feel welcome. We all had a fab evening!

Zoe was such a great host and explained every dish well to us. The food was different, interesting and tasty.

Great evening. Zoe and her team were great hosts. It was a nice evening and food was very good. There was just an awkward issue about Zoe telling us that there were 2 people who were late and she more or less assumed we all agreed to wait for them for 20 minutes. I appreciate that people can be late but if I was the person running late, I would not want to make people wait and will just happily blend in when I do get there. Instead, Zoe suggested we wait for them. We personally had to put our baby down 30 minutes before and take an Uber just to be there on time since I read the rules of the evening and it did say arrive promptly. We got there only to be told if its okay to wait for the ones running late so wasn't happy with that and felt I wasn't given a choice to say no.

Great starters and dessert especially - the more traditional elements like the plantain, bombura, groundnut, wakye etc could be bolder with flavours! However, I loved the individual takes on Ghanaian elements, especially the ochre.

Loved this experience. Zoe was such a welcoming host. Like we had been friends for ages! Most of the food was gluten free. Large portions of amazing food. With each dish, Zoe explained the origins, her interpretations and why she chose to change certain things. She asked us for feedback constantly and was just so friendly. Definitely go try out Zoe's Ghana Kitchen. :) 👌👍

I had never been to a supper club before but this was the perfect place to start. The setting was cosy and friendly, the food was delicious and like real home cooking (some of it perhaps with more of a flair) and Zoe explained each dish in detail and how it fit into Ghanaian traditional cuisine. Very generous helpings too! I left very satisfied and would definitely return to Zoe's as a regular customer.

Small and cosy restaurant, with great atmosphere. Zoe is a great host, informative and fun. The food varied a bit, and might not be to everyone's taste, & some of the dishes were testers for future menus which showed. However this was part of the deal, and it was still fun to try the different dishes and get their story from the chef.

Tasty food, warm atmosphere, lovely people, great night!! The menu of the evening presented a big variety of flavours and new ingredients. Can't wait for the cook book!

Great night, great company and lovely food!

I had a wonderful time at Zoe's table! She is a superb host and magnificent chef. I appreciate the time she took to ensure each guest was comfortable and had what they needed. I would have like a printed menu to remember the dishes I had. I would like to have them again! oops have only just realized they are on the Grub Club site!

5 course chefs table menu was delish!

Really loved last night's Chefs Table! Zoe was a fantastic host, made us almost explode from all the amazing food that she brought and made sure to surprise us with new tastes and textures from the kitchen's of Ghana. I wish her all the best and hope she makes many more people happy with her creations!! :) Remus&Amanda

From the start, Zoe's brilliant customer service was apparent. A glitch with the booking on the Grub Club website was overcome and made a non-essential. I wanted to try out the food as part of my late birthday celebrations and was so glad I did. This was a great blend of Ghanaian foods with European influences. The cassava patty and the yam mixed with bell peppers, Saltford mixed with avocado were just brilliant- and I'm not even an avocado fan! Another highlight was the baked mackerel, which was seasoned complete with scotch bonnet peppers. I promise that if you have a bit of a cold, you won't by the time you've eaten this. The piece de resistance however, was Zoe's ginger cake, accompanied by salted, caramelised peanuts, which was just lovely! A great evening with great food and a lovely vibe, which was made all the better by Zoe's brilliant introductions to and explanations of each course. I highly recommend trying out Zoe's Ghana Kitchen and getting a space at the Grub Club if you can!

Really creative food. Loved the yam :)

Zoe was a great host with lots of personality. It was a joy to hear about the inspiration for her dishes and share the evening with a few other guests.

Delicious food and a great host. I highly recommend this!

We had an absolutely fab time at Zoe's Ghana Kitchen last night. The food was amazing, very warming and hearty while still fresh and so full of flavour. Zoe took the time to talk us through each dish which was intriguing and showed her honest passion for Ghanaian food. She was a fabulous host and the setting felt really intimate. We will definitely be going again, thank you!!

Zoe was a brilliant host. The food was delicious and our table companions were utterly delightful. Five Stars across the board!!!

Fabulous, original, tasty night

Zoe's food was delicious- we had the meat and fish. The hot sauce was brilliantly hot but not too hot! The show was great too- something like I've never seen before, in a good way. Good deal on the tickets and food with grub club too- thanks all round.

Great vibe

Cool venue, loved the performance. The event was a little disorganised on arrival as no one told us how to get our food, so it starting arriving 5 minutes before the show...food was nice, but incredibly spicy, it was difficult to enjoy it. I would definitely recommend the performance O to others, great music too.

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