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Why Join the Table?

Home Cafe can accommodate around 22 dinners, the cafe offers a nice well decorated interior and great location.
Food is cooked to make you feel for three hours like you are eating in South America. The all atmosphere will make you feel like you are in a fiesta.
Our menu will be full of fresh locally sourced ingredients, in this occasion we will be serving “Cazuela de Salmon” inspired on the Pacific Coast of Colombia. Main ingredients include: salmon, seafood , spices and coconut milk. The dish is slowly cooked to obtain a delicate sauce mixture of coconut milk.

Home Cafe is run by a local family in the Blackheath area. The cafe has a very trendy and super friendly environment and the neighbourhood is well known for its picturesque shops, Blackheath village is a step out walking wit...

House Rules: Respect the chef/helpers and other guests by being on time
You must smile, talk to everyone and enjoy every second
Get mentally prepare to have a dance (it may happens, or may not :-)
Respect the neighbors and when leaving the Cafe, try to be as quiet as possible.

In a Nutshell

Born and bred in Cali, the party capital of Colombia, Yami started cooking with her grandmother when she was only 11 years old. 15 years ago she met her Portuguese husband, and since then her dishes have been heavily influenced by Southern European flavours.
Yami loves cooking and banking, and after the birth of her second baby in 2015, she set up Yummy by Yamy, a company committed to bringing the best of Latin American cuisine to the UK.

The Whole Hog

Close your eyes…
Imagine you’re experiencing a delicious and intense combination of South American flavours which is sending your taste buds on a roller coaster ride! Imagine all of this is happening while the hottest salsa and merengue rhythms are playing in the background! Now open your eyes. Maybe you thought you were having dinner in Cali, the Salsa capital in Colombia, but the (unfortunate) reality is that you’re still at Home Cafe in South East London!
On Friday 18th of May, Yami and her team will organise a super relaxed evening, where you will be able to enjoy the most fantastic latin american gastro experience, one which will make you think you have been teleported to South America. For starters, the menu will offer crispy pork belly platter seated on a corn disc, topped with "guiso" which is nothing short of food perfection. For main, the menu will feature "Salmon's Cazuela in coconut milk", one of Colombia’s most traditional dishes in both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. Finally, there will be no cherry on top of the cake; instead, dessert will feature three tentations cake: humid vanilla bean sponge cake, secret mousse and mango pure.
Hungry already?! Well, then make sure you sign up below.
This promises to be a fantastic evening, expect pura fiesta! See you then!!

From time to time, the Latin Supper Club will support good causes. This time around, Yami is in discussion with a Chilean charity called Coaniquem which support burned children (more details to come on this one).

see website:
To know more about our support to Coaniquem, visit/follow me at Yummy by Yamy on FB.

I hope to have the pleasure to cook/host you.

Come and join me in this delicious journey!!

More about this Experience

  • Vegan Friendly
  • Great on your own!
  • Vegetarian Friendly

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