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Regional and family off-menu Bangladeshi dishes from favourite local Indian restaurant Lal Baag.

Brothers Guyash and Moin Uddin, originally from Beanibazaar in Sylhet will give you a taste of desi-style cuisine and how it is different from what you might expect.

In Bangladesh,’ desi’ means home-made. The cuisine uses beef rather than lamb, and freshwater fish is an important ingredient. Gyash and Moin will present and explain the dishes and how they are special and unique to this region.

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The hosts went out of their way to give a festive feel to the evening. The food gave a taste of Bangladeshi home cooking and was quite different from the usual run of Indian menus, including a fesh-water fish curry and a very rich beef curry.

It was a wonderful experience to just sit back and not know exactly what is coming out next. They didn't disappoint. We enjoyed an authentic combination of delicious dishes which tantalised the taste buds. Drinks very reasonably priced too.

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