How to eat your Christmas tree!

Why Join the Table?

Join us for a coniferous feast! Evergreen trees are pillars of winter, as they stand tall and thriving through minus temperatures and snow – their scent reminiscent of Christmas. In folk medicine, they are a symbol of strength and used at this time of year to ward off colds and boost our immune systems.

Back for a third year after sold out suppers, 'How to eat your Christmas tree' explores the evergreen heroes of the forest! During a 4 course meal, pine, spruce and fir are showcased in a multitude of exciting and unusual ways that compliment more celebrated ingredients and flavours. Diners will leave feeling inspired to extend the life of their Christmas tree, perhaps by nibbling on it!
BYOB. In a secret, leafy location, Parliament Hill in North London.

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House Rules: Just be nice. Don't smoke inside.

In a Nutshell

Julia is a baker, Londoner, backpacker and designer who runs nomadic, micro-bakery, The Bread Companion. TBC is a wood fired oven on wheels that travels around running bread making classes and encouraging people to make their own bread. She works as a baker at Better Health Bakery during the week, teaches at Kingston Art School as well as running the microbakery, various catering jobs and supper clubs throughout the year.

The Whole Hog

Julia runs workshop and events that are all about people power, independence, and learning how to do (OR EAT!) something new.

From teaching people on council estates how to make their own bread, running a supper club where all the chefs are refugees or simply learning how to eat things that you might not have otherwise thought of eating before, Julia's aim is to get people using food to empower themselves, support others, be curious and be kind to the environment that surrounds us. But in a delicious way, obvs.

A fun evening with great food and met interesting new people.

More about this Experience

  • Bring Your Own Bottle
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Great on your own!
  • Vegetarian Friendly

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