The Adobros - a Filipino Supper Club

Why Join the Table?

People often say that the best Filipino food can be found at home, and you won't find finer home-cooked Filipino food in London than when you dine with us, The Adobros. We promise you won't go home hungry, so bust out those stretchy pants and get ready to eat!

The menu is inspired by recipes that we love from our Filipino mother, which we have put our own unique spin on. Never tried Filipino food before? Or longing for a taste of home? Come to one of our supper clubs to try what you’ve been missing!

The venue is our spacious and bright flat in New Cross. The layout is completely open plan so you can watch us cook and plate each dish whilst seated at the communal dining table. We're always on hand to answer any questions or just to have a cheeky chat.

We offer a fun and relax...

House Rules: No high heels please, as we have wooden floors!

In a Nutshell

Two brothers, Mark and Mike, are the “Bros” in The Adobros, a Filipino supper club. The other part, of course, being the national dish of the Philippines: Adobo (one of our favourite dishes).

Just like the regional variations on classic dishes such as adobo, our versions are slightly different from each other. The recipes we learned weren’t based on exact measurements, but on taste, as is typical of Filipino home cooking. It’s fair to say that everyone’s adobo is different, so come try ours!

The Whole Hog

The Mission Statement for The Adobros is to introduce people to the cooking and culture of the Philippines. Food is in our blood. The first thing you will hear when you enter the home of a Filipino is "Kumain ka na?" which means "Have you eaten yet?".

Whenever Filipinos have a gathering, there is guaranteed to be food there. We bond and make new friendships over food and this is the type of culture that we want to present with our supper club. Eat. Drink. Be Merry. Make new friends.

What is Filipino food?

Combining Southeast Asian, Chinese and Hispanic elements into a compellingly unique whole, Filipino cuisine is fascinating and, above all, delicious!

Filipino food can quite rightly be described as the first fusion cuisine in the world – and that’s what makes it so unique and interesting. Nowhere else in the world will you find a dish using Southeast Asian produce, flavoured with Chinese ingredients and given a Spanish name.

Just like the humble adobo, the national dish of the Philippines. A wonderfully characterful dish full of flavour, it combines palm vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, black pepper and other little twists under a Spanish moniker that quite simply translates as ‘marinade’. Adobo is a truly Filipino dish.

Our food is a reflection of our complex and varied history as a trading hub between East and West, but it’s not just that – it is born out of the Filipino desire to share, share and share even more. If you ever do make it out to the Pearl of the Orient, you will find yourself assaulted on every street corner by tasty snacks, and stuffed to the gills at every meal by the heartiest dishes that will just keep coming until you can eat no more.

That is the Filipino food experience. And that is the experience that we, The Adobros, want to share with you.

Adapting the recipes taught to us by our loving mother, we aim to provide the classic Filipino experience: good friends, good times and, most importantly, loads and loads of good food!

So what are you waiting for? Kain na tayo! Let's eat now!

Our second visit to this supper club, and it was a brilliant experience yet again. Delicious food & great hosts!

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