The Tailored Table

Why Join the Table?

5-course meal by Michelin-trained chef hailing from kitchens such as The Five Fields + BYOB!

Tasting, by Ed Lumb places an emphasis on giving you a fine dining experience that will excite your palate with flavour, texture and colourful artistic presentation but in a chilled environment with a relaxed atmosphere.

All produce will be locally sourced but the main aim is to provide you with fine dining food on a budget!

In a Nutshell

Ed comes from a fine dining background. He trained at Menu Gordon Jones in Bath and The Five Fields in Sloane Square. He has done stages at Whatley Manor and The Ledbury which both hold 2 michelin stars.

The main aim of 'The Tailored Table' is to provide you with amazing food on a budget!

The Whole Hog

Tailored Table, by Ed Lumb places an emphasis on giving you a fine dining experience that will excite your palate with flavour, texture and colourful artistic presentation but in a chilled environment with a relaxed atmosphere.

a friendly team, great hosting and great staff. very attentive. food was really interesting tasty and imaginative, thus should be on your list do not miss out.

We had a great time and thought Ed's cooking was amazing. We thought the portions could be slightly bigger per course however. But everything was so tasty and we met some nice people at our table too!

The meal was served very late. On arrival we were told the meal would be served at 7:30. I expressed doubt. We were assured that the meal would be served at 7:30. We didn't start the first course until 8:45.

Great food - the soup and lamb neck were particularly amazing.

Great night in informal pop up venue. Food amazing service bit basic but great value

Great food in a cute setting. All dishes were delicious and decent portions. It's a fun communal dining experience so be prepared to make new friends which is all part of the fun. It's also BYO so the chef focus just on the food. Very fun evening indeed

A wonderful evening, the food was lovely and beautifully presented,our overall favourite was the lamb neck ... we would definitely recommend Ed's Grub Club 😊

Excellent evening hosted by Ed and his great team. The food was expertly selected and prepared, with the cod cheeks and lamb dishes standing out. I look forward to the next instalment from this exciting young chef. Highly recommended.

I can't recommend this highly enough - 5 courses of incredible high-end restaurant food, in a relaxed setting with friends and BYOB - for under £35. It doesn't get better than this in London. Can't wait for the next one and to spread the word!

Fabulous dinner; delicious food beautifully presented. Highly recommend visiting an Ed Lumb event.

Amazing food! Loved it.

Amazing food + experience - very much recommended.

This was such a lovely evening, truly delicious and inventive dishes. The lamb neck and chocolate desert were particular favourites, although the whole meal was fabulous - though it is a tasting menu so don't arrive absolutely starving (though there was plenty of delicious bread if necessary). Great location, lovely staff (I really appreciated the regular refills of water too!) and really imaginative, delicious food. I'd recommend this to anyone.

Food was fabulous and the hosts were fun and friendly. Great value for money too. Strongly recommend if you enjoy food and want a chilled, relaxing atmosphere.

We had such a great evening. The food was lovely - particularly the lamb. The service was great. Thank you very much. We felt very spoilt.

An amazing opportunity to sample Michelin quality food at a reasonable price. The food was without question excellent, from the home made bread and snacks to the cod cheeks and beautifully cooked neck of lamb. It was described as a five course tasting but this was also a substantial meal leaving barely enough room to take in the chocolate, yoghurt and grape dessert. Kudos to chef Ed and his remarkable team.

A really enjoyable night with some excellent food. The parmesan gnocchi, the lamb and the dessert were particularly good!

Very well thought out and executed dinner - Ed served up a treat for us. Interesting combinations (lettuce soup with Chorizo) and chicken, pistachio and wild rice topped the bill. The setting was put together well with very good service with the staff on hand. Look forward to the next Ed lumb dinner.

Delicious! Great presentation and diverse menu. Even the bread was top notch.

Simple food with interesting flavours, Ed really went the extra mile and provided vegetarian alternatives for me. Each dish was presented immaculately and offered something different to the palette. Unmissable experience into fine dining with a young chef who's going to go on to big things! Get in while you can still afford it!

A huge amount of work and skill went into this meal and it showed. Top notch ingredients, attention to detail and seasonal food. Especially loved the scallops. Charming hosting by friendly crew who unexpectedly, and generously offered free prosecco. One to watch.

Ed's food was delicious! the menu was interesting and creative. The ingredients were delicious and there were lots of surprises along the way, including prosecco top-ups and extra nibbles. I couldn't recommend the evening more. We all had a great evening. 5 stars!

Lovely meal! Exceptional taste and presentation.

Great pop-up. Super friendly help staff. Wonderful food.

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