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An evening of beautiful Syrian-inspired food to remind you of some of the very good things that Syria has and knows, plus it is all raising money for charity BYOB

The Syrian Supper Club with Ruth Quinlan as head chef and the E5 Bakehouse in London Fields ...

House Rules: We like to place guests at our Syrian Suppers, so please make sure you let us know, in the notes when booking, if you'd like to be seated with particular people who have booked separately.

We do also cater for vegan/veggie and dairy/nut free, so please highlight this in the notes when booking so that the right food comes your way.

Thanks so much!

the Syrian Supper Club team

In a Nutshell

We like Food, we particularly like Syrian Food and we really like Syria. In July 2012 we decided to do something to show our friends in Syria that they had not been forgotten and to raise money in light of the growing humanitarian crisis. We mixed some ideas about; food, Syria, people around a kitchen table, merriment, experimenting, raising awareness and funds. The result was a Syrian Supper Club, it was the only idea which rose from the cooking pot and stayed intact.

The Whole Hog

The Syrian Supper Club is expanding! With the help of some amazing volunteer teams, we are opening branches in West London, South London and Bristol, as well as continuing at the original E5 Bakehouse in London Fields.

The Syrian Supper Club was set up by four friends and since 2012 we have held over 150 suppers, fed over 3,000 people and rolled a whole heap of falafel. Other Syrian Suppers have popped up around the world, in places like Cairo, Singapore, Washington D.C. and Istanbul. We were also recently named one of London's must-visit supper clubs in January 2018.

The Syrian Supper Club uses a very simple yet powerful formula; by gathering people around a table and sharing food people are united behind a common cause. To date we have raised over £200,000 for our registered charity, The Hands Up Foundation's projects in Syria (charity no. 1156491).

In terms of cancellation, we can offer a full refund on a ticket as long as you let us know at least three days before the event. This is to ensure that we don't end up with empty seats round the dinner table, and each supper raises the maximum it can for the aid projects we fund in Syria.

Any further questions please contact [email protected]

2nd time I've done one of these and both were excellent. Delicious food, coped with my veganism with a smile, good company, good cause.

We loved the evening and being able to contribute to the Hands Up Foundation amazing work. Food was great!

Really delicious, all for a good cause, and they accommodated my vegan ways, 5/5. (heading to another one tomorrow night!)

Great food, company, and a great cause. Enjoyed getting a mini talk on the background behind the Syrian supper club which made it more meaningful.

A really special evening in a beautiful setting - highly recommended!

Delicious food and great hosts for a worthy cause. We loved the lamb meatballs in avgolemono sauce. Can we have the recipe? The set yogurt with roasted rhubarb was also delicious. It would have been good if the music was not so loud (we could not hear our fellow diners) and some Syrian music would have enhanced the evening even more! We will spread the word about the event.

Incredible food with great flavours, such a wonderful evening.

Really enjoyed this evening meeting new people and enjoying lovely food for such a good cause.

Lacklustre food. No Halal option. Only non alcoholic drinks option was tap water. Sure the Syrian Muslim's who you guys are trying to help would feel included and happy that you guys are throwing such events in their honour.

Response from our Host

Dear Nadeem and Aaliyah, I’m so sorry that you didn’t enjoy last Thursday night, it is certainly disappointing for us to hear. We do appreciate all feedback and will take yours into account, so thank you. First of all, we put our Syrian Suppers on to raise awareness and funds for aid projects supporting all people affected by Syria’s conflict regardless of faith, ethnicity, race, age, political affiliation or gender. As a charity, we have to be careful of our costs, which is why we source meat from one vendor for all and, unfortunately, at the moment, that isn’t halal, we are exploring options to be able to include halal meat. For those unable to eat the meat option for any reason, we offer our vegetarian option. We had notified guests in advance that the event was bring your own bottle and also that we couldn’t cater for halal meat. Thank you very much again for your feedback. Rose and the Syrian Supper Club team Mon, 5 Mar 2018

Delicious food and with convivial company

Lovely evening, warm and inviting with a great talk by one of the founders

Fabulous supper club experience at the E5 Bakehouse this week. I am totally impressed! Well done guys! I will definitely come again.... X

The food was absolutely delicious and the team that cooked and served it up, so welcoming and gracious. The brief talks by the charity's founders (and organisers of the supper club) about how the proceeds of the event - and all of the funds they raise - are channelled directly to Syria were brilliant and inspiring. They created a really buzzing atmosphere - inviting us to enjoy the food and have a great time while supporting an incredible cause. The vibe was full of hope. A really special evening. Highly recommend!

Particularly liked the starters.

A great atmosphere and delicious food for a worthy cause

Lovely evening!

Loved this experience and the genuine care that has gone into it from the team behind it

Happy lovely crowd! My first and won't be my last!

Brilliant evening!

An all round lovely evening. Would definitely do again.

Great event, lovely atmosphere, fun people, inspiring hosts, all for a good cause!

Fantastic food and lovely ambience. Inspirational cause.

Fantastic atmosphere. Great hosts. Delicious food. Hero's working so hard for an excellent cause. Hat's off to them all. Utterly inspirational night.

Great cause, fabulous hosts. The only reason this isn't a full set of fives is that the arrival space is quite crowded and it was a little hard to get to the food. The food is good. Quite basic which we like. It's not fine dining but it is very good. The ambience is the big winner here. The other great thing is the dedication of the volunteers. We felt privileged to be a part of it. Thank you

The food was great, especially the main course (chicken and freekeh) and the twist on the traditional "foul". Yummy!

Really well organised, tasty and fantastic cause!

Good atmosphere, lovely people who are very passionate, a great cause and of course - fantastic food :)

It was the first time I went and I will repeat for sure. Food was amazing!!

Lovely evening!

Fantastic evening for a great cause - highly recommend!

Great food and lovely people running the event- would definitely recommend.

It was a great evening spent in good company. The food was delicious! If you've never been to any of the Syrian supper club's dinners, then you should definetly put it on your to do list! And above all, a great cause worthy of everyone's support! Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Wonderful food, great company, for a noble cause. It was my boyfriend's Birthday and it was a very special evening and the perfect way to celebrate.

Very lively, friendly and delicious food. What's not to like! Great to hear a little about where the money goes too. It got a bit noisy but that's because people were all having a good time. Thank you!

An absolutely lovely evening for such a worthy cause. The food was excellent and it was lovely meeting new people. We would definitely go again. Well done guys!

Response from our Host

Thanks so much Ellie for such a lovely review - we're really only ever as good as the people who are prepared to come! We'd love to see you again. Rose Fri, 4 Nov 2016

Amazing food, people and - most importantly - an amazing cause

Response from our Host

Anna - lovely of you to review with such nice thoughts. Thank you for coming! Rose Fri, 4 Nov 2016

Fab welcome cocktail, delicious food (and plenty of it), fun venue and great background music. Talented, friendly, enthusiastic hosts. Terrific value and for a wonderful cause.

This was just straightforwardly absolutely awesome

So so lovely

Fantastic food, welcoming atmosphere and inspiring stories. Thanks for a brilliant evening and take-away for a friend that had to cancel at the last minute.

Beautiful venue, great atmosphere, delicious food and for all such an amazing cause! Highly recommend.

Fantastic, will definitely do this again

I had a delightful time at the Syrian Supper Club, hearing some news from Syria and details of where the supper club's funds are used from the hosts and eating some very delicious food. An amazing dinner and an amazing cause - thanks for making me a part of it.

The main course was delicious. I didn't have enough of the starter, as we were standing and I don't think I realised - so I ended the evening a little hungry still. But I really appreciated the explanation of the food, ingredients and of course the stories behind Syrian Supper Club. Would definitely recommend to a friend. Keep up the good work!

Excellent taste of Syria - a must try. The flavours were really fantastic. There were a few dishes that may be familiar to people who dine in middle eastern restaurants but it was great to try the Syrian versions as the spicing seemed different. And there were also dishes that were completely new to me, so great to have the range. All delicious. Portions are very generous (nearly filled up on the starters which just kept coming!) and the staff were really friendly, creating a lovely ambience.

Absolutely amazing evening with a wonderful cause. The food was delightful (and oh so filling!). People and service are fantastic. Couldn't recommend this supper club enough!

Awesome night, awesome people, awesome food, thanks so much guys!

Absolutely beautiful food! And fun to be back-stage at a bakery. Really interesting and important to hear what projects Hands Up Foundation are supporting in Syria and how they have had to choose one different project recently due to the changing situation out there. Keep up the wonderful work guys!

Excellent evening with great food and thoughtful hosts.

A lovely unusual evening. The food was plentiful and delicious. It was also good to learn more about how the charity supports the Syrians.

I keep going back! Fabulous food, very welcoming hosts and a great cause to support

Brilliant evening with amazing food and a great atmosphere - all for a good cause!

Fantastic evening with wonderful food and company. Excellent experience and would highly recommend.

A great evening for a great cause

Wonderful people, and lots of glorious food! We had a really fun time; it was great to learn about the work the Hands Up foundation is doing. And we went away with some marmalade-- can't wait to try it!

Lovely food and atmosphere; and rather an inspiring group of people organising this supper club and fund raising for such a worthy cause. Looking forward to trying their marmalade for breakfast tomorrow.

Couldn't have had a better birthday on a midweek night! Thanks to the team for making it a special occasion - an even better experience second time round and looking forward to the third.

This was fantastic!!! Hats off to Louisa and the whole SSC team. Keep up the great, delicious work.

Superb evening for a superb cause. So unbelievably stuffed full of wonderful food, but even the discomfort of such a stretched stomach can't distract from how excellently crafted and delivered this supper club is. Recommended to food lovers and good fun lovers and all lovers alike. MEGA.

Such a lovely evening, delicious food and really amazing to hear about the incredible work these guys are doing. Hugely recommended!

Great meal, fantastic cause, upbeat, knowledgable and welcoming hosts!

Awesome night, great atmosphere and yummy food, for a great cause.

The team were so friendly and welcomed everyone. Their introduction to the project was straightforward, touching and inspiring, and they definitely succeeded in their aim to celebrate the generosity and welcome of Syria! I'm very impressed by the scale of their achievement and hope to host my own Syrian supper club to raise more for their important cause

It was lovely. Excellent food, nice people, cool place.

Great to experience something new food-wise and topical

amazing food and venue, nice to be seated with and meet new people

Informative, relaxed dinner, beautiful food and for a fantastic cause. LOVELY team, very welcoming and warm

A unique supper club that allows us to act on some of the most pressing issues facing our world today, contributing directly to the plight of Syrian friends whilst enjoying and learning about great authentic Levantine food. For me, it brings me right back into the Lebanese home where I enjoyed one of the best homecooked meals in my life, and highlights the rich food culture enjoyed by Syrians and others in the region (often overlooked these days). The company provided by my fellow diners couldn't have been better either!

Fantastic evening!

Thank you for a wonderful evening. The food was excellent and your attentiveness to my fussy food requirements. The atmos was GREAT and your project is very inspiration. I will def recommend GrubClub to friends. THANKS xxx

Great! The food was tasty and the company lovely.

A beguiling evening with hardworking and solicitous hosts, venue and setting very informal and good times with fellow guests for a really worthwhile cause.

A fun and tasty evening with friendly people for a good cause. What's not to love?

An all round wonderful evening - great food, generous hosts and a fantastic organisation. Couldn't be better!

Couldn't recommend it more. Delicious food, great ambience and above all support for an extremely important cause. Will definitely go again.

Brilliant and yummy and fun

Relaxed, friendly, informative and INCREDIBLE food!

Great food and for a great cause.

Fantastic evening, amazing food and great people.

Amazing evening in a fantastic setting. Evidently there is a very talented and hard working team behind the Syrian Supper Club, all incredibly passionate for both the charitable cause and Syrian cooking in general. Still dreaming of the wonderful food. We literally rolled out of E5 Bakehouse. Thoroughly recommend.

Amazing food!

Starters delicious, a bit disappointed with soup as a main. Overall a nice vibe

Incredible evening. Lovely food, ambience and company - not to mention the cause!!!!! A must for all. Well done guys. I will definitely be coming back.

Best part were the starters, which looked and tasted fantastic, served out on the tables outside in the evening sun. My only regret is that my enthusiasm for the bread and dips didn't leave much room for the rest of the meal.

Amazing food and atmosphere for a really inspiring and worthwhile charity. Best evening I've had for ages.

Absolutely delicious food and a wonderful, friendly evening supporting an excellent cause. Thank you to the chefs, organisers and all the volunteers.

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