Syrian Supper Club - April

Why Join the Table?

An evening of beautiful Syrian-inspired food to remind you of some of the very good things that Syria has and knows, plus it is all raising money for charity BYOB

The Syrian Supper Club with Ruth Quinlan as head chef and the E5 Bakehouse in London Fields are holding another of their sell-out Syrian Suppers. This isn’t just any supper club popping up on your radar, it is an evening of merriment, delicious food inspired by all the flavours of the Middle East and to add the final chickpea to the hummus, it is all for charity. We’re raising money for The Hands Up Foundation, supporting aid projects in Syria. A more apt question… why not join the table?

That’s just the beginning, wait until you hear about the chef… Ruth has fed prime ministers and pop stars, and is head chef at the Crow...

House Rules: We like to place guests at our Syrian Suppers, and you'll always be sitting with the people you booked with. We can also make sure you are sitting with any friends who have booked separately, please just note this when you are booking your tickets.

Thanks so much!

the Syrian Supper Club team

In a Nutshell

We like Food, we particularly like Syrian Food and we really like Syria. In July 2012 we decided to do something to show our friends in Syria that they had not been forgotten and to raise money in light of the growing humanitarian crisis. We mixed some ideas about; food, Syria, people around a kitchen table, merriment, experimenting, raising awareness and funds. The result was a Syrian Supper Club, it was the only idea which rose from the cooking pot and stayed intact.

The Whole Hog

The Syrian Supper Club is expanding! With the help of some amazing volunteer teams, we are opening branches in West London, South London and Bristol, as well as continuing at the original E5 Bakehouse in London Fields.

The Syrian Supper Club was set up by four friends and since 2012 we have held over 150 suppers, fed over 3,000 people and rolled a whole heap of falafel. Other Syrian Suppers have popped up around the world, in places like Cairo, Singapore, Washington D.C. and Istanbul. We were also recently named one of London's must-visit supper clubs in January 2018.

The Syrian Supper Club uses a very simple yet powerful formula; by gathering people around a table and sharing food people are united behind a common cause. To date we have raised over £200,000 for our registered charity, The Hands Up Foundation's projects in Syria (charity no. 1156491).

In terms of cancellation, we can offer a full refund on a ticket as long as you let us know at least three days before the event. This is to ensure that we don't end up with empty seats round the dinner table, and each supper raises the maximum it can for the aid projects we fund in Syria.

Any further questions please contact [email protected]

Fantastic food and lovely ambience. Inspirational cause.

Fantastic atmosphere. Great hosts. Delicious food. Hero's working so hard for an excellent cause. Hat's off to them all. Utterly inspirational night.

Great cause, fabulous hosts. The only reason this isn't a full set of fives is that the arrival space is quite crowded and it was a little hard to get to the food. The food is good. Quite basic which we like. It's not fine dining but it is very good. The ambience is the big winner here. The other great thing is the dedication of the volunteers. We felt privileged to be a part of it. Thank you

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  • Be Good to Your Health
  • Great on your own!
  • Vegetarian Friendly

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