A Levantine Feast

Why Join the Table?

Led by Jo and Greg, the Supernatural team have a fair bit of experience into how to put on a good night.
Having worked around food for decades, Jo spent time living in Italy and Thailand, a Tunisian husband, friends from all over the world plus gr...

In a Nutshell

Delia meets Ottolenghi! Food writer Jo Lamiri used to be Delia’s editor, but now combines classic cooking and exotic creativity, with the emphasis on dishes inspired by the sun-drenched Mediterranean. Time spent living in Italy and Thailand, a Tunisian husband, plus greedy curiosity for every world cuisine means that Jo's cooking is permeated with big flavours and exotic touches, inspired by her travels. But, above all, it’s easy, informal food creating a gustatory memory that will remain.

The Whole Hog

Supernatural is the latest evening incarnation of the Golden Pie shop in Clapham Junction. In conjunction with Greg (formerly of Munch of Mass Importance and Beyond Food supperclubs) Jo creates inspired feasts to make an unforgettable night. In the cosy confines of a traditional pie & mash shop we'll give you an experience to remember.

More about this Experience

  • Bring Your Own Bottle
  • Great on your own!
  • Vegetarian

Event Tags: BYOB, Middle Eastern Cuisine, New Chef on the Block, Vegetarian

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