Zaad: a journey into Palestinian heritage

Why Join the Table?

Celebrate the flavours and stories of Palestine with Nisrin of Zaad Dinner Club +BYOB!

Stories On Our Plate (SOOP) and Zaad Dinner Club invite you to SOOP's monthly food stories fundraising series with chef Nisrin Abuorf of Zaad Dinner Club. This unique evening celebrates Nisrin's Palestinian heritage, and you will also hear about SOOP's wider work and grounding philosophies. Expect great food, stories, and conversation. All profits from SOOP's monthly series go towards the SOOP culinary programme for cooks with refugee and migrant backgrounds.
Nisrin's menu is a celebration of her Palestinian heritage and the food of the Levant. Expect to hear the stories and influences behind her food as she shares her heritage to hungry and curious Londoners! Expect sharing and g...

House Rules: Come hungry and ready to talk to anyone!

In a Nutshell

The Stories On Our Plate (SOOP) supper club series celebrates cuisines showcased by refugee, former refugee and asylum seeker, and migrant chefs. Celebrating our differences through the shared experience of a meal underlines our philosophy. At SOOP, taste, memory and stories are the common denominators that unite us a people. We take diners to the kitchen table of our mothers and grandmothers, bringing up stories and notions of commensality that everyone can relate to.

The Whole Hog

Stories On Our Plate (SOOP) is a social enterprise founded in 2016 that uses food challenge the marginalization of refugees living in the UK. Our monthly supper club series is only one part of the story. Central to SOOP is a culinary incubator training programme for refugees wishing to launch future food ventures of their own – aimed at also countering the employability barriers faced when seeking to pursue a career in the food industries. Our immersive programmes comprise of kitchen training, healthy eating advice, budgeting, language assistance, business and employability advice, and more. Our long term ambition is to expand SOOP’s social mission and establish a permanent community hub for programmes and dining experiences. We invite you to be part of our story.

Expect an evening of storytelling from personal experiences of travelling to the UK, and food memories. Diners will also hear from SOOP, their philosophy and their training programme in 2017. In each month we showcase a different chef. These insightful and interactive evenings are not to be missed!

Thank you to SOOP and Mandana for the most glorious evening of delicious flavours and enlightening conversation. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, I learnt so much, the meal was so good and so generous and I loved hearing everyone's stories. I can't wait for the next one.

was salty

Wonderful evening with fantastic hosts.

Had the best time and food at Mandana’s Nowruz celebration. The tables were beautifully laid out and the food was delicious. It was such a great experience!

I was super impressed with the entire event.The food was delicious and the presentation was excellent. The table decoration was beautiful and the eplanation of the cultural background and poetry completed the experience.

Yesterdays event was amazing. I am the venue owner and was in attendance for the whole event. I was really impressed with the level of detail Ribale went to to create a warm inviting atmosphere, & the guests were all looked after very well. Everyone seemed very happy. The food was well presented and delicious. We hope to have Brunch Beirut back again very soon.

Great and plentiful food, lovely hosts, nice atmosphere

I loved the experience and the food! I am looking forwards to the next one!!

What a great evening with yummy food. Loved how Rocio researches old recipes and brings them back to life.

It’s not just that it was delicious, quirky and different. It also was authentic in an infectiously enthusiastic way.

Food was delicious and the hosts were really lovely and kind. The venue could do with a bit of work if I’m honest: the lighting was way too bright and the layout meant it was hard to move around. But that’s all fixable and I had a lovely evening!

Lovely idea and a great evening.

Syrian food is delicious and this was an excellent example. Cooked with love drawing on memories of home. Very pleasant atmosphere and good to see your star graduates enjoying their success.

I came away feeling joyful, inspired and very full!

Such a lovely evening, with intriguing, delicious and uplifting Turkish food. Particularly liked the garlicky lettuce and the fava, and the fact I could buy Turkish wine to drink. Thank you, Irem and SOOP :)

Great evening, met some interesting new people and the food was excellent

Great evening- meeting some new people over some wonderful Turkish food. Food really does bring people together - and the world needs more of that! SOOP are doing great things to help train and support newcomers to the UK and help them forge a career in catering. Will be looking forward to future SOOP events.

Superb food! I liked this one because there was less food and therefore could enjoy everything more (last SOOP was just too much).

Food was great! We had a lovely time talking to people sitting next to us! It is an interesting project and we look forward to attending more events like this one.

Another lovely night with amazing food! The only difficulty was the location - it was quite difficult to find and far from stations. Other than that I loved it and look forward to the next one!

Amazing food and a really good atmosphere - definitely will be going again

Great evening, great people around us. It was really inspiring to see people of all ages engaging in a positive way towards non British cultures considering the current climate in UK right now.

My first time at Grubclub; lovely venue, great company and wonderful delicious food, all in support of an excellent organisation, SOOP. I shall certainly go to more of these events!

All good! Lovely chef and serving staff, and delicious range of food. Would have liked to have heard even more about the heritage of the food from the chef, hungry for that as well as her food!


Response from our Host

It certainly was! :) Wed, 1 Feb 2017

Lovely evening, looking forward to the next SOOP event

Response from our Host

Thank you Emma, Our next supper club is on the 23rd&24th Feb. Hope to see you there, and please feel free to spread the word. Wed, 1 Feb 2017

Had a fabulous evening at the SOOP Taste of Palestine supper club. Every dish was delicious, fresh, and a briliant opportunity to try lots of different Palestinian recipes. Dietary requirements were catered for brilliantly as well. Jack, Tamara and the SOOP team worked so hard throughout the night and made such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Response from our Host

Thanks so much for your kind words Lottie. We would love to see you again at our monthly dinners. Our next one is on the 23rd&24th of this month. Wed, 1 Feb 2017

Wonderful food in a warm and intimate setting. I knew next to nothing about Armenian cuisine and culture, now I do... and my belly was full and very contented. Natalie was a brilliant host who'd enlighten us whilst the dishes kept coming. Delicious! Great value... And all for a good cause too!

The food was incredible; it was literally one of the best meals I've ever eaten. Natalia is such a talented chef and was so welcoming at the event. SOOP dinners are a great way to enjoy delicious food while supporting a great cause - highly recommend!

Amazing evening and food! My friends and I had a fantastic time. Thank you Natalie, very gracious host. Thouroughly enjoyed your Armenian food.

Lovingly prepared feast with fabulous people. Natalie is am amazing chef and a wonderful hostess. Also loved hearing about stories on our plate and their work with refugees.

Every single dish was delicious. Natalie was a warm and welcoming host and created a lovely atmosphere. Would definitely recommend!

Great to share food and stories and to be contributing to a good cause!

Really exciting to be part of this first SOOP event. Bring on the next one in Herne Hill! Thanks to all who made it possible.

Amazing evening, great food, beautiful venue!

Thank you, It was great!

A really nice combination of flavours, the chief was great, with her stories about herself and the food

Amazing food and company. We'll definitely be at the next one!

Cosy venue and lovely hearty, autumnal food from the New East. A great idea to have a once refugee from the Soviet Union share her food memories in support of a great refugee initiative, and if anything there could have been a bit more storytelling. I'd definitely like to come along to another SOOP event.

Amazing supper Club experience in a beautifully decorated venue. Great food and purpose. Can only recommend!

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