Smoke & Salt: Pop Brixton Kick Off - Part II

Why Join the Table?

Join Smoke & Salt for the Launch of our first permanent restaurant | £20 for the Whole Menu, 25% off Drinks - Grub Club Exclusive

Modern Dining, Ancient Techniques, as you've never seen us before! After 3 years on the road we will finally be settling in to our first restaurant as the newest members of the Pop Brixton Community.

This is our first week so we do hope you're coming ready to be ONE OF THE FIRST to enjoy the next step on a journey that started on Grub Club nearly 3 years ago. Your feedback and support along the way has encouraged us to keep pushing on, so we thought the Grub Club community deserved the most important thanks!

For 3 nights only we want you to share in the pre-opening event of the year before we open to the public from the...

House Rules: * Included in the ticket price is a fulfilling dinner where you'll get to try our brand new menu*

* Please inform us in advance if you have any allergies/dietary requirements *

* Please inform us when booking of any seating arrangements you may have made with other guests e.g. 'I would prefer to sit with my friends who have booked under A. Smith'.

In a Nutshell

This is an idea started and developed by 2 chefs with different backgrounds. Aaron Webster (Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, Penny Hill Park) who first came up with the idea in 2013, and Remi Williams (Deuxave Restaurant, Craigie on Main; both Boston, USA).

Our experiences in fine dining have allowed us both the opportunity to train with some award-winning chefs. With a combined 10 years of restaurant experience, we feel we're ready to step up and plate some beautiful food of our own.

The Whole Hog

The idea behind Smoke and Salt is creating food that not only tastes delicious - making guests happy - but also learning and devising different techniques along the way.

Our main food influences come from all over the world, through the most simple and classic techniques of preservation, in the form of smoking and curing.

We have experience with these methods and look forward to advocating them as some of the best and most simple ways available to enhance even the most humble of ingredients.

Excellent evening! Great service

Lovely evening. The chefs are friendly and made the effort to introduce the dishes to us. The trout with sriracha mayonnaise was amazing! Service needs a bit of work but I am sure that will come with time. A lovely addition to Brixton Pop.

Really nice food, sharing style meant you got to try everything. Our table next to the serving hatch felt a little crowded at times as waiting staff placed orders/served drinks etc but I can imagine sitting outside would have been really nice. Extra effort was made to accommodate a pescatarian guest which was very much appreciated. The genuine care and attention from the Chefs and waiting staff means I look forward to seeing more from the team over the coming months!

The food was delicious, so many amazing flavour combinations and textures.

Very good event, thank you!!

Delicious food! What a treat.

Really tasty food and drinks, put together by a bunch who clear care a lot about the product they picked out. As a fairly fussy eater I got stuck into things like a pig's head - which I never thought I would eat - and really enjoyed it. They went out of their way to accomodate my no alcohol/low sugar need too. Last minute and they were all really tasty! Great night, thank you.

Great service, wonderful pairings and the food and drink were wonderful. Definitely would recommend!

This was another great event by Smoke & Salt. We love the "mano-a-mano" between Adam Rawson vs S&S. The food was fantastic, and the contracts between the two styles made it the more interesting. We appreciated the chefs coming out to explain the dishes and interact with diners. Service was also great and passionate about food and drinks. We are looking forward to the rematch!

Great atmosphere, food was lovely, especially the breads to start! Staff very friendly, and great value for money. Would recommend!

The food was delicious and all the staff and chef were able to talk about each dish knowledgably. The service and staff were really attentive and friendly. As this was a soft launch as opposed to a supper club, I think the event attracted a lot more couples so the atmosphere created was not as interactive and social with other guests as I would have liked. So I would recommend Smoke & Salt for their delicious menu with a group of friends or a partner but not if you are looking to share the experience and mingle with other guests.

Great food prepared with love and attention to detail. Punchy flavours and fine oral contrast.

Excellent food - every dish is balanced and innovative; these guys can cook as well as any other top restaurant in London. Not a massive drinker, but fantastic cocktail list, too!

This is a new restaurant trying out for its first three nights of dinner. There is ambition, tons of good intentions, nice servers, and good food. But they have some way to go to survive, I am afraid.

Great experience

We have been trying to make Smoke&Salt's supper club for sometime and they exceeded any expectations. The service was friendly and efficient. We appreciated our chefs coming out to serve and talk to diners. The menu was impeccable, and the dessert was out of this world. If you're not keen on pink grapefruit, wait until you try this! Hoping to see more events listed for this team. We would go back and repeat this event a few times, it is that good!! Will be watching the space for more tickets!

Unfortunately overall I thought the food was average but for the price it still represented good value. The setting was more restaurant like as opposed to supper club, meant that people didn't mingle but the good thing was that you could order very tasty cocktails from the bar. Service was good and we were seated with the bread and treats. The popcorn was tasty. I thought the food was quite a random mix of things and clunky like heavy pretzel bread and fried chickpea blocks. The coddled egg was quirky but the dish overall bland. Lamb was very pink and lacked taste and varied from mine to another persons. My favourite dish was the pink grapefruit which was refreshing and presented well. The petit fours were a little odd with a big piece of chocolate magdeleine. All in all a little confused and a little disappointed. Having said that it is still good value for money and dishes can be easily improved in my opinion.

No different to going to a restaurant except for not having a choice of menu. Food hit and miss. Some good, some ok, sone tasteless... also not sure why they ask for dietary requirements when not able to cater. Left very hungry. ....

Great food/service, but more of a restaurant vibe than club

A few teething issues (expected on a 1st evening) though the main disappointment was the food - certainly not bad but it lacked the wow factor. Portions were tiny (my girlfriend and I are far from being big eaters, but we both left hungry) and were served lukewarm... Ok value with 50% off, full price would have been really steep though. Not sure I would recommend.

Food was nice, was a little cramped as more tables were required because of some overbooking. Best quote of the night was 'this is basically lots of grapefruit'. May not be what the chef wants to hear, but that waiter made the night and ensured that we will be back.

Great staff team, really friendly and relaxed. The pink grapefruit, elderflower yoghurt, pound cake was the stand out for me. Think it's one the best puddings I've ever had!

Good food. well presented. A little bit on the light side portion wise. Deserve a better wine pairing list. All in all very good but not outstanding.

Lovely place. Delicious food. Great staff.

Lovely lovely stuff.

Lovely cocktails but the food didn't quite work and service was very slow

The team put a lot of hard work into this and they were all charming. I wish them every success and the food was delicious and I loved the way they talked you through each course when they served it. I also loved their enthusiasm!

Lovely little pop-up restaurant - the food was AMAZING!!! There was nothing put in front of me that I did not thoroughly enjoy eating!! The only concern for me was that I did not realise it was not a supper club. Had I realised this, I would not have booked to go on my own. Luckily though, there was another single diner who I was seated at the bar with and we had some lovely conversation over dinner.

Food was good and interesting, no complaints, but also wasn't blown away. Venue was okay, just upstairs at a bar. If it was a regular restaurant experience I probably wouldn't go out of my way to go back.

Friendly staff, delicious food and drinks, even a lovely choice of music. We all had a wonderful time, thanks!

Great food as always and lovely dining room with great staff & service

Can't really fault anything at all, from the moment we arrived to the moment we left it was all great. The staff were friendly and helpful, the food was divine! Really delicious, looks great and the whole menu was well thought out. Remi spent a bit of time to get our feedback which showed that they really care about their food. Definitely coming back and would recommend them to anyone.

Smoke & Salt St Valentines dinner experience was well above expectations. The team put together a balanced St Valentines menu that included entrees (pretzel buns with beet butter and piquillo peppers with a fab soya glaze sauce) , 2 main courses of fish (a heavenly delicate trout à la bloody orange) and meat (soft and velvety venison with a chestnut sauce), dessert (a festival of sinful chocolate cake and sorbet textures) and delicate petit-fours in a relaxed but intimate atmosphere @ Sawyer&Gray cafe in Highbury (one to explore in the daylight, too!). The only weakness would be the welcome cocktail, which attempted to be a mimosa but, without a proper champagne mix, it didn't quite match the exquisite food that followed. The service was splendid. Not only did the waiters and waitresses offer concise descriptions of each plate but they were attentive of the guests' needs without being intrusive. The Chef took the time to greet each diner personally and candidly spoke about Smoke & Salt plans to secure a more permanent space. WE can't wait to visit it!

Great food friendly team .:-)

Well these boys certainly know how to cook! Incredible from start to finish - can't recommend this highly enough!

A thoroughly delicious meal from head to tail. Several bonus treats kept us all smiling and there were a few very interesting uses of some rarer cuts. Particularly enjoyed the pig's tail croquettes and the balance of saltiness in the inventive dessert. Highly recommended. Nose to tail week should be extended to at least a month each year !

Amazing! This was my first GrubClub and the food and people were excellent. Huge thanks to Smoke and Salt, genuine chefs cooking with passion and flair. I am still dreaming about the bone marrow brioche!

Food, as always, could not be faulted. The beef broth had such depth of flavour, and excellent contrast of the seared heart and slow cooked tongue. But the theatrics of the coddled egg and the richness it lended to the dish completed it perfectly. The buttermilk pudding was an understated champion; the caramelised layer was an unexpected delight. The first bite you have of the bone marrow brioche and butter is just pure unadulterated meatiness and there ain't nothing wrong with that! This is my 4th or 5th smoke and salt event I've attended, I've yet to find a fault with the food. My only issue is the venue, I could barely hear my partner from across the table but that couldn't be helped.

Wonderful food. If people are put off by the sound of tongue and heart then you are not serious about food. This was some of the loveliest food I've had in the 18 months I've been back in London, so often using these ingredients means rich, big one dimensional cooking but these guys used a delicate touch and balance in the dishes that made them delicate and delectable. The fact the menu was less than 30 quid was just ridiculous. Well done guys and more power too you. I'm a fan.

Great food - much more elaborate than most restaurant food. Hats off to the chefs and organisers.

Amazing food, innovative and well thought out menu and welcoming atmosphere, I am keen to return!

The ambience was great - we were lucky to be on a table of 6 with friendly, interesting people. Food-wise, the table treats and starters were of high quality and inventive (especially loved the pigs ear and the salmon starter with blood orange was delicious), but the pork collar main with cauliflower three-ways just didn't work (pork not tender enough, pickled cauliflower was "punchy") and the s'mores dessert was tasty but not memorable. Had a good night overall.

Fantastic meal and friendly atmosphere. The mixture of flavours in every dish and the chefs creative combinations made each course stand out in both taste and texture. I've paid double the price for food half as good. Very impressive!

A great evening by two very talented chefs. Each course was amazingly constructed and was some of the best food I've eaten.

This is my 3rd attendance at a Smoke & Salt pop up, and once again it was faultless! Aaron and Remi are evidently talented at working with food and knowledgable of their ingredients. The price is a steal for 4 courses of fine, quality food. And to boot the dessert stirred up some childhood memories!

Overall 5* night! The setting was festive, the food was warming and delicious and the atmosphere was lovely! The venison was my favourite!! Will definitely go again

I really liked the salmon and the venison but the rest of my group found the salmon a bit tasteless and we weren't sure about some of the accompaniments to the venison. We also all thought the portions were mean. Paying £29 for food alone, we expected more of it! Overall though, it was a fun evening and the waiting staff were great.

Wonderful food made by some talented guys! Great supporting staff! Worth every penny!

Delicious food, they are real experts. It was an impressive show of their talents and it was very interesting to meet them after, and this also added the personal touch that is so important with a pop up. They catered to our needs thoughtfully too. The space was interesting but felt a little odd, starkly cold perhaps, and the sake cocktails weren't to our taste, thankfully though the food was exquisite and that's all that mattered.

Great times to be had here. Great food, great servive and a lovely setting. Better than any other Christmas dinner I've had in a long time

Their modern interpretation of Thanksgiving was very well done. I wanted seconds!

Excellent food. Thanksgiving usually means that you waddle away afterwards feeling too full. Somehow the chefs created a festive meal full of flavour and texture, without the heaviness.

Excellent event. Super food and cute location. My second event with Smoke and Salt. Inventive cuisine. Highly recommended.

compliments to the chefs! It was a great night, great food.. thank you!

Enjoyed my first Grub Club experience - however, since this was held in a space that was essentially a restaurant anyway and we were served by waiters, it wasn't much different from a nice evening in a restaurant. Food was inventive and delicious: cornbread starter and and pumpkin pie dessert a highlight. Free beer was a welcome bonus!

Excellent turkey and delicious dessert

Another brilliant meal from these original inventive chefs. Dietary requirement well catered for. The modest menu descriptions belie the talents of these guys. Table tasters superb, pumpkin pie exceptional and rest of meal fresh tasting and faultless. Really looking forward to Christmas Smoke and Salt.

This is the first time I've ever been to a pop up event. Apart from it being miles away from where I live, I thought it was fantastic. The location is a lovely open plan restaurant. The food was quickly delivered and explained in detail. The staff knew what they were serving and were quick and efficent. We had a delicious pre starter of pigs tail squares, popcorn and fresh bread with a caramel butter. All gorgous!!! Starter was a smoked pasta and home grown veg which was very well balanced. Main course was duck and pudding was a mixture of apple, caramel and a granita. Everything seamed to work and was well excuited. It was great to meet the chefs and to hear a bit about them. They were young and full of passion. These guys will go far!!! I would highly recommend.

Really delicious food. Was very impressed by every aspect of the meal and especially like the smoked tagliatelle!

Lovely event. Enjoyed myself and met new great people.

Amazing food; Fantastic service; Looking forward to their next event!

Another excellent evening at Smoke and Salt. The chefs are supremely talented and inventive with a good palate. The pig tails and duck confit were fantastic..

Thoughtfully constructed menu and delicious food

Excellent evening. Superb food

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