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Why Join the Table?

A scientist come farmer, and eco-chef and a 26 grains chef all come into a room, cook you delicious food and take your on a journey into the world of grains like you have never experienced before. An intimate evening of dining, storytelling and sharing.
Grains, our unsung heroes, play centre stage. Usually associated with white flour and stodge, The Sustainable Food Story team are showcasing how delicate, nourishing and delicious grains can be. Think along the lines of rye crumb radishes, potted spelt with under-utilised cheese and toasted einkorn cheesecake with brown bread icecream
An urban garden with a twist where everything is grown in skips! Located in Kings Cross, The Skip Garden is the home of Global Generation -
an environmental and education charity - where local people both...

House Rules: Communal dining, no smoking and look after the plants (but enjoy them!) in our edible utopia.

In a Nutshell

When people think of skips they think of construction, building and dirt. We didn't. We thought less rubble and more rhubarb. That's why we started using skips to farm food that, like us, is locally grown. Lead by our Head Chef Andy's food philosophy we're a dedicated bunch of urban gardening foodies, who believe in sustainable and seasonal eating.

The Whole Hog

Being a garden we like things that grow. We add a measure of creativity and a pinch of unusual combinations to local organic vegetables that are prepared with care and allowed to speak for themselves. Our suppers are designed to show off the best our garden has to offer in terms of the food we produce, often in the very place you will be eating it. From seed to your plate, join us under the city stars or in one of our quirky cosy spaces for a very special vegetarian feast.

Our ever-growing team of chefs at the Skip Garden Kitchen are masters at cooking with everything vegetable and edible. Andrew, Erin, Sadbhb, Vero, Mickey and Fi are all passionate talented cooks, each with their own stories and experiences, each with the pallet and the culinary skills to lead your taste buds through their story of the skip garden.

Andrew is a classically trained Chef who has plied his trade in such far flung places as Germany, Denmark, France and Canada. Since 2010, disenchanted with the sustainability of commercial kitchens, he has been investigating organic gardening and permaculture as enablers for sustainable food concepts.

After packing her bags (chef’s whites and all) and embarking on a twelve-week cooking course at Ballymaloe Cookery School in East Cork, Erin has not looked back. She has joined cookery schools across the world and her cooking is inspired by her travels.She also runs her own supper club (Leytonstone Brewhouse and Kitchen) from her London home.

Sadhbh was brought up surrounded by growing and cooking wholesome, organically home-grown veggies and herbs. She has had an interest in food, environmental issues, nature and conservation, and working with young people, charities and local communities for as long as she can remember.

Vero's passion for food, campaigning for action to tackle climate change, and community development has conveniently led her to The Skip Garden. Her travels and experiences as well as joy at experimenting with flavours and finding out the stories behind the food translate into imaginative and tasty dishes.

Fi started with us as a cafe intern and loved it so much that we couldn't get rid of her! She is now the Skip Garden's cafe manager and loves to cook in a way that is sustainable as well as delectable.

This was a fantastic evening with delicious food and great company.

An amazing evening!! Super food, and lots of it! I would love all of the recipes. Will definitely be doing this again. Can't recommend a visit enough! Thank you for the evening!! : )

Delicious food, friendly staff and just generally a nice vibe. Would def go again.

Lovely, lovely food. Convivial atmosphere. Highly recommend.

Great food, interesting location. Hearty portions too!

We had a great time gardening and sharing a dinner with the rest of the group. The gardening part was quite quick and simple. I wish we could have done more. However atmosphere was good and the Skip Garden team was happy to answer to all our questions. It was nice to have dinner with everybody on a big table, in a relax atmosphere. Starter and pudding were really good, the main was a bit under. Overall, I would recommend it as it is a great experience!

Lovely time!

What a great dining experience. A simple, thoughtfully balanced and beautifully presented meal That used some of the freshest and locally sourced produce A great night ending with chats with people round a small bonfire. Thank you to the chef and the enthusiastic staff

Great space people were lovely and excellent food. Good value for money

Very good

What a gorgeous location and venue. It felt very special to be there. And huge congratulations to everyone involved with Skip Garden - its a genius project

Fabulous food - I'm not a vegetarian but I didn't miss a thing. Delicious. The ambience was also terrific - skip garden is a lovely venue. The acoustics in the dining room weren't great though.

Superb dining experience - what a fantastic venue, and approach. Loved it!

The garden and whole space was such a lovely surprise and wonderful space. Thank you.

Delicious food at a truly unique venue.

Great, honest food in inspiring surroundings. An enjoyable evening.

Amazing venue, great food and lovely vibe - great!

Gorgeous food in wonderful surroundings. This particular evening was fully vegan, and I didn't think I'd ever be so satisfied after a vegan meal. Chef Sadbh did a great job.

We had a great time Excellent vegetarian food. Quite different from eating at a restaurant. Generous portions. Staff working are very friendly and knowledgeable.

Very relaxed atmosphere. Delicious food and large portions. Very unique surroundings and loved the re-cycled use for old skips.

Marvellous evening, run by a charming couple, one does the food, the other the beer. What a great combination, plus wonderful setting.

Loved it! It's a really interesting space, which we were invited to have a wander round to investigate when we first arrived. The hosts are brilliant ... very knowledgeable about their crafts, and the food, the drink and our conversation with everyone couldn't have been lovelier, very interesting or more spot-on in our surroundings on the night. The fantastic open fire outside at the end was the icing on the cake! Thank you!

What a lovely evening. Great venue, fab company and, delicious food. Really sorry that we are losing our chef and brew mistress to Ireland. Lucky them. They will be much missed but a great way to go..thanks for a great night out.

A gem of a location, food and hospitality filled with love and generosity. We had a great evening, and left with full bellies and big smiles. thank you!

Lovely grub, beautiful innovative setting - food made with love

An excellent evening with a great combination of exotic Persian food and some beer tastings. It was a most enjoyable occasion!

Lovely food and atmosphere, highly recommended

We had a lovely evening in Skip Garden. Lots of fascinating structures all around, the garden is full of curiosities. The food was very simple but very tasty.

Such a lovely evening - Was great to have a nosey around the garden with a cocktail in hand and the food was so tasty - loved it!

Really lovely and unusual setting - great to see the space being used in this way. Food was all delicious. Fresh and packed with flavour. Could have done with some music perhaps otherwise all lovely!

Most amazing evening. Wonderful hosts, wonderful hosts and great food. Would highly recommend this to anyone

This was such a great event! It was nice that it was a small group as you could get to know everyone at the table. Really delicious food, great people, very cool location, and amazing to get a tour of the skip garden before hand too. Thank you!

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  • Bring Your Own Bottle
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Be Good to Your Health
  • Great on your own!
  • Vegetarian Friendly

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