Great Russian Cake Bake-off

Why Join the Table?

A Great British Bake-off with a Slavic twist!

If you thought French patisserie was the height of sweet sophistication, think again! We are inviting a dozen of home bakers to bring their loveliest creations and and for the rest of us to pick our favourite and be merry!
Until the Soviet revolution, Russian cakes were all the rage amongst the en vogue crowd of Paris and the rest of Europe. A thousand layered Napoleon cake, perfumed Honey cake and of course Charlotka – known as Charlotte a la Russe worldwide, are just some of the examples.
Russian cultural centre RosSotrudnichestvo is kindly hosting the event with us!
For the participants the entry is free! For the tasters the ticket is £12, which includes the tastings of all the cakes, stories to share, and smiles to exchange. Plus we ...

House Rules: If you want to enter your cake into the competition:

- Email us at a brief description, plus your phone number no later than 29 May 2017 5pm.

- Bake your favourite cake – anything generous enough for 6-8 people – with some Russian story. Does NOT need to be a Russian cake, but you may have a German aunty who tasted a Jewish cake whilst in a pioneer camp near Moscow. You get the gist!:)

If you want to be the taster:

- Book your ticket here

Kids go for free, but please you have to email us if you’re bringing them.

In a Nutshell

We cook food from the 'New East' - from the Baltics via Moscow to Georgia, drawing on our roots but often inspired by the culinary world of this great city!

Karinka is the author of 'Russia On A Plate', Katya is a food anthropologist with roots in the Baltics and Crimea. Russian Revels is our mission to show London that Slavic food can be chic, light and delicious!

We have been featured by the Time Out, the Guardian and BBC (Mary Berry Easter Feasts). In 2016 commissioned by the V&A.

The Whole Hog

From cosy suppers to magnificent dinners with live music and theatre productions, Russian Revels is our exploration of the food and culture of the 'New East' in the 21st century. Alongside the food we always tell the story of the food, ingredients, origins. We always say - food never feeds the belly alone...

Our dinners are sometimes whimsical, sometimes nostalgic and thoughtful, but always one of their kind!

it was good, but not smashingly good.

Wonderful welcoming atmosphere and I really enjoyed the stories attached to each recipe. Came by myself and made a couple of friends for the evening - very enjoyable and delicious!

A wonderful event, very warm hosts, delicious food served in an historical setting.



very nice evening regards Avigdor

Great food, great company and great atmosphere. I really enjoyed it.

Lovely evening

It was a lot's of fun - like in a time machine transporting us back to the past. Karina and Katrina are very enthusiastic hostesses and really putting their hearts into it. There was a fun and quirky crowd, the actors were brilliant, amazing venue (Pushkin House) and - as many mentioned before, ice cream to die for!

A top evening

The moment you enter Pushkin house you are transported back in time to the cold war. From the moment you are told to gather at the bottom of the stairs when you here the code words, you know you're in for a fun ride! The cast are all great fun, and your are immersed in their world. What's more the food was amazing too. Really tasty and well worth trying. I'd done Gingerline recently and found this was much better - for both staging and food.


My friend and I both left the event feeling really underwhelmed. We went and enjoyed some more food elsewhere as we were still hungry. A welcome drink would've been nice instead of being charged £5 for a glass of average wine and £20 for a bottle. We were expecting a sit-down meal with really good food and instead were given this cold mayonnaise and vegetable salad, a burger, dry cornbread and some cheese on a biscuit. The best bit was the ice cream made up of condensed milk and sweet bread. Nobody really knew what they were meant to be doing and there didn't seem to be a specific plot/story.

Russian Revels - disappointment

Could have been better

My friends and I were expecting more for our money at this event. We had envisaged that we would have a sit down meal for the price and found the 20 pound charge for a bottle of wine expenisve considering you pay less in a restaurant. The evening could have been a lot better if it was more structured. We were left to our own devices too long and we thought a meal next to other spies trying to find things out would have been better and more organised. Instead we were left to get food from stalls which served cold burgers, very dry cornbread, an average salad but with the hightlight being the ice cream.


An incredible evening with gourmet food combined with dramatic performances.

Truly cosmopolitan with strong Russo-Ukrainian flavour

Well organized, cosy and delicious. Thanks! More to come, I hope!

рубль/Roubles and Rebels rock the Russian Revolution

K&K aka Russian Rebels aka are in a class of their own ;marching to the beat of a drummer in a Universe far way from us. Some tell us we should think out of the box : K & K have eliminated the 'box' . Expect this and so much more in 2014 . This was a superbly orchestrated event ,tastefully prop'ed and decor'ed . Fun crowd most of whom got into the swing of things The food did more than justice and the period 1950's 'showcase table' was defo winner hands down Theatre , spectacle and culinary heritage drama all in one . Nasdrovhya One is immediately tempted to go out and buy an fur hat Cossack boots and a dacha to boot , sport an authoratative beard and learn to speak Russian ( all by this weekend of course ) More power to this power duo : The Revolution is well on its way . We shall be back for more


A fantastic evening with great food and great company. The olivier salad hit me with nostalgia and never before had I plucked up the courage to try some of the things on the menu. I did, however, leave demolishing the fish gallbladder to my husband (who loved it, by the way!) Thank you for a wonderful experience, I look forward to dining with you again soon.


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Best food I've had for a while. We had a great time.


The Russian Revels organised a great themed party for my friend. The food was delicious and in theme, super creative! I loved it and would definitely recommend them very highly for delicious food, attention to detail, creativity and loads of fun!

Delicious cakes and friendly atmosphere

We had a wonderful time at the cake tasting. There were many cakes to try and the standard was very high. The hosts were lovely and friendly and the whole event felt relaxed. We absolutely loved the Russian singing and dancing nearer the end. Even though we don't understand Russian, we felt Russian for the day.

Great event! Big thank you to organisers!!!

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