Great Russian Cake Bake-off

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A Great British Bake-off with a Slavic twist!

If you thought French patisserie was the height of sweet sophistication, think again! We are inviting a dozen of home bakers to bring their loveliest creations and and for the rest of us to pick our favourite and be merry!
Until the Soviet revolution, Russian cakes were all the rage amongst the en vogue crowd of Paris and the rest of Europe. A thousand layered Napoleon cake, perfumed Honey cake and of course Charlotka – known as Charlotte a la Russe worldwide, are just some of the examples.
Russian cultural centre RosSotrudnichestvo is kindly hosting the event with us!
For the participants the entry is free! For the tasters the ticket is £12, which includes the tastings of all the cakes, stories to share, and smiles to exchange. Plus we ...

House Rules: If you want to enter your cake into the competition:

- Email us at [email protected] a brief description, plus your phone number no later than 29 May 2017 5pm.

- Bake your favourite cake – anything generous enough for 6-8 people – with some Russian story. Does NOT need to be a Russian cake, but you may have a German aunty who tasted a Jewish cake whilst in a pioneer camp near Moscow. You get the gist!:)

If you want to be the taster:

- Book your ticket here

Kids go for free, but please you have to email us if you’re bringing them.

In a Nutshell

We cook food from the 'New East' - from the Baltics via Moscow to Georgia, drawing on our roots but often inspired by the culinary world of this great city!

Karinka is the author of 'Russia On A Plate', Katya is a food anthropologist with roots in the Baltics and Crimea. Russian Revels is our mission to show London that Slavic food can be chic, light and delicious!

We have been featured by the Time Out, the Guardian and BBC (Mary Berry Easter Feasts). In 2016 commissioned by the V&A.

The Whole Hog

From cosy suppers to magnificent dinners with live music and theatre productions, Russian Revels is our exploration of the food and culture of the 'New East' in the 21st century. Alongside the food we always tell the story of the food, ingredients, origins. We always say - food never feeds the belly alone...

Our dinners are sometimes whimsical, sometimes nostalgic and thoughtful, but always one of their kind!

It was just right for me. Right amount of guests. If it was too many it would be noisier, I would not be able to try all cakes. I wanted to try authentic stuff and I did. I met new people and enjoyed their company. I liked relaxed atmosphere and things were well organized. I would definitely come again.

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  • Great on your own!
  • Vegetarian Friendly

Event Tags: Dining Under £30, Vegetarian

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