Bread and Revolution with Gail's

Why Join the Table?

From 'let them eat cake' to the flower power kids of the 60s protesting against the white 'wonder bread', bread have long been associated with revolutions. Soul vs power. Love vs war. Personal vs industrial.

The dinner will frolic across the world of the dishes where bread is their sole. The meal will be interspersed with short talks from:

- Tom Molnar, the co-founder of Gail’s
- Dan Lepard, who helped to set up Ottolenghi and St John's bakeries
- Chris Young who leads the Real Bread
The setting is Gail's at Bloomsbury. Inside the long-established Myhotel off Tottenham Court Road, a boutique guestroom hotel featuring the pioneers of co-working Central Working.

Ginger banquettes, salvaged wood tables and white wire-frame chairs. Communal, warm, with an open kitchen where w...

In a Nutshell

Produkt [pro-doo-ckt] combine pop-up dining with food anthropology. We put roots in 2011 as Russian Revels. Having worked with the likes of the Royal Academy of Arts and the V&A, we are now zooming in on *an* ingredient as a powerful way to taste and ponder. Not always earnestly.

We invite via email or call, avoiding social media. London is kaleidoscope of inspiring people and food spaces. But immersed within the overwhelming city, we sometimes lose track of who we are and what matters.

The Whole Hog

A journey of an ingredient from raw to product. The low-down: For each dinner we create a meal with that ingredient as its soul and invite those who's devoted their lives to making or writing about that food to give short talks.

We bring together food professionals, well known food figures and all of us with passion for food at a venue known for the brilliance of that ingredient.

We all have something to say about *that* honey, walnut, pot of ugly grey salt our grandfather, babushka, crazy aunty used to make. We create a meal with that ingredient as its soul and ask people who's devoted their lives to making or writing about that food to give short talks.

To taste, ponder and play.

Fantastic event! Looking forward for future events from these organisers!

Excellent, delicious food and entertaining and interesting talks

thank you for a wonderful evening last night – you struck a scintillating balance between intellect and hedonism

A lot of love, skill and effort have gone into last night's event and it paid off. Thank you!

Amazing event with great speakers and interesting people around the table.

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  • Great on your own!
  • Vegetarian Friendly

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