A Philippine Christmas Feast

Why Join the Table?

I’m hosting a feast, I say feast because for me every Christmas is a feast enjoyed with family and friends around the table. Join us for an authentic Filipino meal in a communal setting and a gift to take home. Taste my ultimate Filipino foods during Christmas.
Expect a welcome drink & appetiser, many Christmas favourite dishes and because it’s Christmas I might take the karaoke out for a treat too! Haha!
I'm hosting this event in my home, it's an easy to get to dining room in central London with a fantastic views of London.
My events are fun, exciting and educational. You will meet like minded people and foodies who are also interested in learning about Philippines. I always and give facts about the dishes I serve and sometimes a joke about them. Most diners love it!

House Rules: It's BYO so bring your favourite drink!

In a Nutshell

My late Father; 'Pepe', was my culinary inspiration. I am a self-taught Chef who has been providing private dining experiences since 2011. From Philippine-inspired Canapes, to Residencies and Pop-Up Restaurants in Soho, Old St, Royal Oak and Portobello Rd.

In 2013, I launched the first Filipino Supperclub in the UK and last year I appeared on BBC2 with Mary Berry, showing her how to cook an authentic Filipino Pork Belly 'Lechon' in the oven!

The Whole Hog

In my Supperclub I share my food memories of growing up in the Philippines, preparing fresh ingredients and serving deliciously exciting dishes! Prepare to be transported to the Philippines through my food and dining experience!

I am motivated to preserve traditional cooking techniques and keeping the authentic taste of Philippine Cuisine as much as possible. Serving national, regional and street food dishes makes Pepe's Kitchen a unique and all-round culinary experience.

Great hosts, very knowledgable, welcoming and a fun evening. Food was a delicious bonus.

A wonderful evening, delicious Filipino food and great company. We had such a good time.

Response from our Host

Hi Kim! Thank you for coming to our dinner and for the gifts. I had a great time too and I look forward to visiting you both in Norfolk soon. All the best with your catering! Wed, 1 Feb 2017

Excellent foot, lovely hosts.

This was a great supper club - delicious food made by a very friendly and lovely Filipino lady. Great value too and I'd love to come back!

This event has lots of flaws, but even ignoring those, there are two fundamental problems with this event, one; it is not a supperclub, and two; you are being overcharged compared to their usual service. It is not a supperclub, as there is no shared dining experience or facilitation of any interaction with any person other than those in your party. It is just a pop-up restaurant in a bar. The price of the ticket is actually more expensive than the identical standard menu they have on show in the bar. So you are being overcharged for no privilege whatsoever. On top of that: - They ran out of dishes, despite taking guests' orders weeks in advance. - The service was slow, numerous tables left after 3 hours of dining without having their dessert. In compensation, we were refunded the price of the desserts and offered a 20% discount on our next visit. Logistics/operations is a flaw that can affect numerous dining experiences, however, it is misleading to advertise this as a supperclub and dishonest to overcharge guests for the same items as feature on their standard menu.

Food was ok but nothing that great, cheap and just average, quite dry and chewy, that would have be fine but the slowness was atrocious! All deserts come out at the same time, again this could be fine if walk-ins didn't then delay getting our next course, 3 hours for 3 courses, waited over an hour from main course to dessert. Would not recommend .

A very pleasent evening. Great food, charming hosts, and an incredible view of London.

Fantastic experience!

Amazing food and hosts!! Highly recommended!

We came late but everyone still smiles & did not make us feel so bad ...( good people ) ..... Ben loves the concept of the club & said that I should keep an eye on the next exciting event .... At last , I have proven to Ben that Filipino food is indeed delicious .... ( i been trying to cook for him but always comes out disastrous....) Keep it up Grub Club !!!! See you Again ... Hopefully we'll be on time ...

Pepe was a wonderful host, make everyone feel very welcome. The welcome drink was made with phillipino rum and was delicious! I am excited also to see Phillipino food start getting exposure outside the Phillipino community, there is alot to share! The hog roast was amazing and there was plenty of food! Maybe due to being new to the kitchen some food was a little cold and came out slow, overall, I feel the food could have been elevated a level. However all in all it was a nice evening.

More about this Experience

  • Bring Your Own Bottle
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Great on your own!

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