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Bringing Chilean food to the British table!

At ONA we are celebrating the anniversary of Chilean Independence at our Fiestas Patrias event and welcome you to join us for an evening of traditional Chilean gastronomy in the centre of London where we shall be combining Chile’s traditionally robust flavours and hearty portions with modern styling and presentation to create artfully bold plates with inviting flavours.

ONA’s five-course food and drink menu, all hand-crafted, from the bread to the cheese, travels the length and breadth of Chile, from the sea to the mountains. Dining is set against a backdrop of monochromatic artwork, inspired by the indigenous Ona people, projections and a soundscape of Chilean music

Santiago-born Chef, Marcelo Henriquez, has worked in ...

House Rules: Dress code : black & white

In a Nutshell

After nearly fifteen years of living and working in France, Italy and Spain, as well as stints in LA and Berlin, Marcelo’s approach has developed a lively and deceptively simple aesthetic, inspired by his homeland and the roots of Mediterranean cultures he focuses on freshness and vibrancy to deliver his inspiriting plates.

The Whole Hog

Despite the recent rise of Peruvian restaurants in the capital, the cuisine of its next-door neighbour, Chile, has remained almost a total mystery in the UK. We aim to change this by taking traditional Chilean dishes such as Pan Amasado and Pebre (rustic bread with Chilean tomato salsa), Plateada and Pastelera (slow-cooked rib cap beef with corn-meal) and Mote con Huesillos (peach and barley drink-dessert) and creating lighter, flavoursome re-imaginings while preserving the soul of Chilean food.

ONA is named after the Ona indigenous people of the Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire) islands in the Patagonia region of Southern Chile. A deeply spiritual people, who respected their food from source to plate, as hunter-gatherers they asked permission to shamans and the spirit of the earth before collecting, preparing and cooking what they ate. ONA aims to celebrate their strength, cultural identity and reflect their striking tribal aesthetic.

What an experience! Thoroughly enjoyed being a part of ONA. The atmosphere that was brought together by the hosts and mix of people was just delightful and the food could not have been better. What an honour to try some Chillean cuisine cooked by someone who's passion for his culture and food shines through. An absolute treat and must go to. I shall be following the food and evenings Emily and Marcelo create for a long time!

Not only a great food, but a very nice atmosphere. Congratulations to the Chef who succeed in giving an astonish twist to the Chilean cuisine. Everything altogether makes a unique experience for both Chilean food lovers and newbie.

The food was sublime. I have gone to michelin star restaurants in London and the quality was not as the quality of the food the chef prepared. I really hope manages to continue showcasing this high end version of chilean cuisine. Do not be scared away from the front door. It is worth it to step in and enjoy the experience.

ONA was amazing, food was fantastic and friendly atmosphere. Looking forward for the next one. Chilean traditional food at it best. I will totally recommend this event.

Great night out, delicious food and lovely dinner party feel.

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