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February 2014

Grub Club: Wong’s Chinese Feast & Film

We ate at Wong's Happiness Diner the previous week before the event and had such an amazing meal with some friends (the best Chinese food I've ever had) so decided to book again for the feast night which sadly wasn't as great. The atmosphere felt really unorganised rather than relaxed like our first visit. We were asked several times if we'd already paid via Grub Club or not (we had) which was quite off putting before we'd even eaten anything. The food was good but the duck pancakes were stone cold. When the main food was finished the desert - which wasn't the desert mentioned on the original menu - was quickly shoved on the table and we were asked if we wanted anymore cocktails or just the bill and to pay. We weren't offered the tea which was included on the menu so had to ask for it. A service charge was added to the bill which felt quite cheeky after the lack of service. Just a little disappointing how it felt like we were rushed through all the food and it wasn't as enjoyable or tasty as I had hoped after such a wonderful visit the week before.