The Low GI Gourmet Experience #2

Why Join the Table?

We made it! The first one is gone and we certainly don't want to stop now. The Low GI Gourmet Experience has been a great success and we are already working on the new one. The location remains the same, The Pill Box Kitchen in Bethnal Green.

The chef and his crew are also the same, because it's impossible to change a winning team.

You can wait or you can book your ticket ASAP, because we already have a looong waiting list.

Why? Because the first forty lucky guests were delighted by the food, the atmosphere and the fellowship, as you can read in the enthusiastic reviews we had.

The dinner starts with a welcome drink of fine Italian Wine and a taste of Oyster Leafs, all combined with soft jazzy music and relaxed atmosphere.

The right combination of flavours, good wine, so...

In a Nutshell

In Italy Osteria is identified as a place where people goes to enjoy traditional, genuine and tasty food. That’s why we are LOWSTERIA, because we remember where we come from and what really means sharing the food in good company. It means that everyone’s welcome regardless of any specific dietary needs. We want everyone to feel free to seat at our table and enjoy tasty food: Our mission and food culture are very simple: eat well in a delicious way. This is Lowsteria. LOW GI, HIGH IN TASTE

The Whole Hog

“I’m Insulin Resistant and eating out with my problem was incredibly hard. I studied a lot to find an alternative way of eating that was healthy, tasty like Italian kitchen and suitable for everyone. It’s too important having a social life without feeling guilty when eating out. That’s why I created Lowsteria”. Francesca Sofia Allegra, Founder and CEO

Lowsteria is the first food experience that respects the Glycemic Index and the Glycemic Load of every plate, catering the needs of those who want to go on a 100% sugar-free, low carbs, healthy fats and high fiber and protein diet and also have a gastronomic happening both healthy and incredibly tasty. Living Sugar-Free prevents many diseases like diabetes and obesity, makes you feel better and if you want to taste our courses drinking a glass of fine Italian wine you can!
LOWSTERIA IS AN ETHICAL CONCEPT COMMITTED TO PROVIDING A HEALTHY KITCHEN. We create exclusive happenings where you can try a unique culinary experience which challenges the prejudices associated with “healthy” foods.

What a great experience! In a very welcoming and familiar environment, the Lowgin staff manages to make you feel home even among total strangers. A very interesting concept to widen your culinary boundaries. Great food, supremely presented. A joy to the eyes and mouth. Will do it again!

The venue was nice and intimate. After a "welcome" glass of good red wine from Sardinia, we have been offered a nice food experience made of 4 dishes. Honestly I have to say I didn't know something could be that light and tasty at the same time! The right combination of flavours, good wine, soft music, nice atmosphere... ...everything was carefully planned, good people around made the rest.

Amazing food experience! I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

I am a big foodie and love to try new things however...I do not usually go for the "health focused" restaurants, as I am afraid the food would lack taste, but I was pleasantly surprised at Lowgin's first pop up! Firstly, you could tell that the decoration had been thought of, without being over the top, there was also some jazz music in the background and a dim lighting to enable a more intimate atmosphere but the star of the show was: the FOOD and the WINE! 4 courses with a marvelous presentation, with little carbs and no sugar! We even were offered oyster leaves with a "drop of lemon" on arrival with our glass of wine and this had not been mentioned in the menu so it was a nice surprise! The starter "Fu caponata" had a nice texture as the vegetable were well cooked and soft whilst the almonds were "crispier", the vegetable lasagna had almost a meaty texture and the fish with the artichoke purée and the edible! Don't get me started on the dessert as it was for me the star of the show! All in all, I have nothing bad to say as I met new people, drank fine wine from Sardinia and ate top notch food which was delicious and almost carb & sugar free! It is a guilt free experience; I highly recommend this pop up!


Was a beautiful experience, outstanding food and wine, great location and a fantastic atmosphere.l can t wait to attend the next one

Dinner excellent, professional and friendly atmosphere! I can not wait to know the date of the next event

It was a relaxing and enjoyable evening especially when you work all day! very particular and refined food, but at the same time tasty and filling, very well served. Great attention to details, not only to how to serve the courses but also how to dress the table. Nice, warm and comfy atmosphere, great music and location. I would recommend to my friends another Low GI gourmet dinner

It has been a perfect night: food was amazing and so was the wine; the concept itself is absolutely fantastic and I would suggest everyone to book their place to the next event now. Well done to all the team. I'll be there next time too.

Great atmosphere and fantastic concept (given how hard it is for low GI people to eat out). All dishes and cocktails were very carefully chosen. The combination of flavours and presentation were both exquisite. The food was top notch, light and delicious, filling but not overly heavy. Overall a truly outstanding evening, cannot wait to come back at the next one.

My only criticism is that we were kept waiting for 1 hr 15mins before we could eat because 5 people were late and turned up at 8.45pm. They should have started without them everybody else got there on time

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  • Great on your own!
  • Vegetarian Friendly

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