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July 2013
Grub Club: London Picnic Club

This was a glorious evening which we had booked at the last minute - Incredible food which just kept coming , imaginative gin cocktails, spicy Indonesian and a coconut 'mess' to die for. We will be back.

June 2013

Grub Club: The Wandering Chef at the Gin Shed

Amazing food from Jamie and Lalie. Simple combinations and great taste. The floral wreaths were a nice surprise and addition to the evening. The venue is had a real feel of a summer feast despite the chilly wind!
I have only been to one other dinner club and that was in someone's house, so my basis for comparison might not be fair, but I think the hosts could have done a bit more about creating an atmosphere. May be think about introducing yourselves next time and dishes you are serving and how you came up with the recipes. There were lovely decorations and lot's of candles which never got lit unfortunately. People only stayed in the group they came with and that's a shame given one of the reasons I prefer a dinner club to a restaurant is the chance to meet people.