Street Party!

Why Join the Table?

Come join us for our 2nd Latitudinal Charity Street Party, which - with a whopping 300 people (rather than the mere 200 last time - check out its VIDEO ;) ). - will be even more epic.
Come share the longest table you've ever sat
We are renting 300 tables, chairs, cutlery, china and glassware to create the longest single table Shepherds Bush has ever seen - running right down the middle of a beautiful, quiet leafy street, like a diving board into our dreams ;)

Everyone simply brings a dish, Latitudinal Cuisine style:
This year, the theme is SUMMER DREAM: your idea of ideal street party food (enough to feed 4).
Perhaps it'll be something you dream of from y...

House Rules: --BYOB: bring whatever booze or drink you fancy (min 1 bottle/person); please bring water if you will need it.
--BYOF: Everyone cooks and brings a dish from the country above - enough to feed 4 people
--Presentation: please bring elegant dishware rather than plastic tupperware to make our collective spread look as good as possible
--Cooking: please bring your dishes prepared
--Refrigeration is not possible for 300 dishes; please plan ahead & bring iceboxes if needed
--Clothing: please come dressed as elegantly as possible - and bring a brolly, just in case.

There will be a few extra treats and surprises, and a swarm of the most wonderful people.
We start at 1.30 pm and aim to wrap up by 5 pm. All are welcome.
If it rains, we have a planB.

This is entirely non-profit & raising money for charity. Once our basic costs (which sadly are unavoidably substantial) are covered, all proceeds will go directly to Foodcycle, the wonderful charity we support, who help reduce food surplus and bring local communities together to share meals; some of them will also be joining us for the afternoon.

In a Nutshell

We meet locally and eat globally - meeting those before us, to discuss the world beyond us.

Latitudinal Cuisine is our collective ongoing project to uncover the secrets of this Earth (whether its food or its people) and to learn about this great salad bowl of a city we call London.

It's our way to meet great new people and overcome the social distance that too often impedes on modern city life.

The Whole Hog

Latitudinal Cuisine is an open community of people exploring the world of global food and local friendships.

We tour the food of the world in a year - 360 degrees in 360 days, a degree a day - collectively cooking from the longitude corresponding to the day of the year.

No event is ever the same.

Everyone brings food, talks about it, talks with others, and shares what they brought.

---What do you eat?---
Everything, as long as it’s from the right area. 
We also devour the stories that helped make the meal.

---Who can come?---

Anyone - as long as they bring food, talk and participate.

---How does the dinner work?---

You book, cook, and turn up with your dish, which you present and share. You get to eat a great 3 (or more)-course meal composed of what everyone brought.

---How can I host?---

Get in touch by adding your detais & preferred dates to this quick from:

---What are the dinners like?---

Social, heart-warming, tasty & awesome.
Take a look at some pictures of recent weekly events:

Lovely vibe and hopefully lots of money raised for some great charities!

Such a lovely fun day and a wonderful cause.

Superb organisation and execution, a great day for all to enjoy ! Thank you for all the hard work very much appreciated.

Everything was excellent ! Great job ! Thanks guys xx

Sensational street party with a 300-person table that went to INFINITY and BEYOND !

Congratulations! A truly excellent event and wonderful to see London coming together to share. Bravo.

There is no better way to spend a Sunday than eating delicious food, listening to fantastic tunes whilst talking to so many old and new fridnds. Thank you Grub Club yet again for all your hard work - you smashed it out of the water

Couldn't have been better

Loved it! What a brilliant day. Thanks for bringing us all together to meet, eat, share, drum & dance in the street. A good example of how communities should work. Can't wait for the next one!

Truly unique dining experience. Wonderful people and amazing food!

Always wonder at the collective initiative of Latitudinal and Grub Club events. Really talented and authentic in their purpose people. Have only been to one but look forward to many, many more. Really beautify day.

What an amazing experience, utterly enjoyed every minute of it! Many thanks to all organisers!!


The best street party ever! A thoroughly well organised carefully executed and super fun afternoon with a modern approach that embraces the traditional values of bringing communities together, getting involved and sharing. It doesn't get much better than communing wonderful food with old friends and new, drumming and listening to live music, laughing and playing street games, supporting a great cause in the heart of Shepherds Bush! #Food-cycle

An amazing afternoon! Incredible food and very welcoming vibe. Loved it!

A brilliant gathering of brilliant people! A whole fantastic day of conversations, sharing food, meeting new people, dancing, playing and being loving and generous in this beautiful city. Closing a street to be together, giving money to a related charity and creating a lively atmosphere ... everything about this day was perfect! Proof is that even when it felt like it was starting to rain, nobody moved! We all kept laughing, eating and being happy together! Thank you for every happy moment!

Again blessed with the weather as two years ago, everything was organised to perfection to the last details with place settings and flowers etc and of course a marvellous participation with delicious dishes and the warmest friendly sharing. Thank you for a beautiful day to all those who worked so hard to make it possible for us to enjoy again the best of Street Parties.

A fantastic, friendly, tasty experience

Thanks, thanks and thanks for organising such a great opportunity! Meeting new people and unique food at the same time! There were some confusions to start with, but I enjoyed every single experience anyway.

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  • Bring Your Own Bottle
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Child Friendly
  • Bring your own food
  • Great on your own!
  • Vegetarian Friendly

Event Tags: BYO Children, BYO Food, BYOB, Meet New People, Vegetarian, Vegan

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