9.37 Silent Dinner

Why Join the Table?

Join a legendary, longitudinally inspired "Bring Your Own Food" dinner!

On Thurs 14th September It is National Quiet Day in the UK. Alex & Sinead will use this as an experiment, and run a short Vipasana silent dinner at their flat in DeBeauvoirTown. As Alex writes,
"Vipassana means "to see things as they really are". It is a pre-Buddhist meditation technique that was revitalised and popularised by Buddha 2,500 years ago, and resuscitated n the 1950s in Burma. It has come to be considered a practical solution to handling emotions in a complex society. Some people say it is the most powerful experience they’ve ever had.
Traditionally it lasts 10 days, or 240 hours; you observe your breath for three days, then observe your body for seven.
We’ll start simple, and see if we can last 1% ...

House Rules: Courtesy
Latitudinal Cuisine is run for free, for the benefit of its growing community.
It runs on natural energy, generosity, and human warmth.
It’s about giving, not taking;
sharing, not hoarding;
producing, not just consuming.
Hosts have kindly opened up their calendars and homes to us; please help and thank them.
Guests have usually made an amazing dish - almost always delicious, usually thoughtful, and often laborious in the sourcing of their ingredients.

They may also have travelled from afar for the evening, & they may not know anyone, so please also respect them - by making an effort, and attending in a timely fashion.
It’s ALWAYS very much more than worth it.
Please err on the side of generosity.
Don’t skimp on your portion (though no need to go crazy - enough to easily feed 4 people is fine!).
If you’re going to drink loads, consider bringing 2 bottles.
If you’re a couple, definitely bring 2 bottles.
If you come to a meal, please help clear up - & leave the host’s home as clean as you found it.

The £5 cost goes purely and directly to the wonderful charity FOODCYCLE, which works to bring people together and minimise food waste, and was chosen by the vote we put to our members; read more about them at http://foodcycle.org.uk/
Our ethos is that the meals are free and that the £5 is an affordable charity contribution that emerged from the refundable deposit we used to charge.
No host, admin or organiser receives a penny. Each time you book, you contribute to someone else’s welfare. Thank you

No refund will be given for any cancellations. All the proceeds go to supporting Food Cycle, so even if you are no longer able to attend, you can at least feel comfort in the fact that you are supporting other people across the UK who suffer from food poverty and loneliness, and will help provide them good company and a warm meal.

In a Nutshell

We meet locally and eat globally - meeting those before us, to discuss the world beyond us.

Latitudinal Cuisine is our collective ongoing project to uncover the secrets of this Earth (whether its food or its people) and to learn about this great salad bowl of a city we call London.

It's our way to meet great new people and overcome the social distance that too often impedes on modern city life.

The Whole Hog

Latitudinal Cuisine is an open community of people exploring the world of global food and local friendships.

We tour the food of the world in a year - 360 degrees in 360 days, a degree a day - collectively cooking from the longitude corresponding to the day of the year.

No event is ever the same.

Everyone brings food, talks about it, talks with others, and shares what they brought.

---What do you eat?---
Everything, as long as it’s from the right area. 
We also devour the stories that helped make the meal.

---Who can come?---

Anyone - as long as they bring food, talk and participate.

---How does the dinner work?---

You book, cook, and turn up with your dish, which you present and share. You get to eat a great 3 (or more)-course meal composed of what everyone brought.

---How can I host?---

Get in touch by adding your detais & preferred dates to this quick from:

---What are the dinners like?---

Social, heart-warming, tasty & awesome.
Take a look at some pictures of recent weekly events:

Great idea and a good selection of dishes. Ideally, would be nice to have more space outside... while the dinner seemed carefully prepared, sadly it was not possible to book the weather in advance ;)

What a beautiful night. Caroline and her family were very welcoming.

Caroline, her lovely cousin and the whole crowd was fantastic, a very happy evening... Food was eye watering and top class ..

Fab night!

Amazing warm hospitality, lots of laughter and a truly delicious selection of tasty dishes straight from the souk, with a warm essence of ginger and cinnamon lingering about the air. Excellent.

friendly, lively,welcoming people.

Lovely vibe and hopefully lots of money raised for some great charities!

Such a lovely fun day and a wonderful cause.

Superb organisation and execution, a great day for all to enjoy ! Thank you for all the hard work very much appreciated.

Everything was excellent ! Great job ! Thanks guys xx

Sensational street party with a 300-person table that went to INFINITY and BEYOND !

Congratulations! A truly excellent event and wonderful to see London coming together to share. Bravo.

There is no better way to spend a Sunday than eating delicious food, listening to fantastic tunes whilst talking to so many old and new fridnds. Thank you Grub Club yet again for all your hard work - you smashed it out of the water

Couldn't have been better

Loved it! What a brilliant day. Thanks for bringing us all together to meet, eat, share, drum & dance in the street. A good example of how communities should work. Can't wait for the next one!

Truly unique dining experience. Wonderful people and amazing food!

Always wonder at the collective initiative of Latitudinal and Grub Club events. Really talented and authentic in their purpose people. Have only been to one but look forward to many, many more. Really beautify day.

What an amazing experience, utterly enjoyed every minute of it! Many thanks to all organisers!!


The best street party ever! A thoroughly well organised carefully executed and super fun afternoon with a modern approach that embraces the traditional values of bringing communities together, getting involved and sharing. It doesn't get much better than communing wonderful food with old friends and new, drumming and listening to live music, laughing and playing street games, supporting a great cause in the heart of Shepherds Bush! #Food-cycle

An amazing afternoon! Incredible food and very welcoming vibe. Loved it!

A brilliant gathering of brilliant people! A whole fantastic day of conversations, sharing food, meeting new people, dancing, playing and being loving and generous in this beautiful city. Closing a street to be together, giving money to a related charity and creating a lively atmosphere ... everything about this day was perfect! Proof is that even when it felt like it was starting to rain, nobody moved! We all kept laughing, eating and being happy together! Thank you for every happy moment!

Again blessed with the weather as two years ago, everything was organised to perfection to the last details with place settings and flowers etc and of course a marvellous participation with delicious dishes and the warmest friendly sharing. Thank you for a beautiful day to all those who worked so hard to make it possible for us to enjoy again the best of Street Parties.

A fantastic, friendly, tasty experience

Thanks, thanks and thanks for organising such a great opportunity! Meeting new people and unique food at the same time! There were some confusions to start with, but I enjoyed every single experience anyway.

i loved it!

What a great setting for an election night supper, it had to be Russian! Steven our host made a great effort and welcomed us in. Thank you

Woweee the food was delicious, the people were so friendly and the venue (Calypso's home) was perfect with stunning views. The pinnacle of supper clubs.

Really loved the host and the people. The food was amazing!

The host was very attentive to the guests and prepared delicious food. I enjoyed meeting the other guests who were really friendly and all brought great food as well. A wonderful evening.

Thanks Calypso for hosting this great dinner experience. Me and Cristina really enjoyed it

A good pleasant evening !

This was a great experience, thank you! We had a variety of authentic dishes with great company and good intentions.

A great time, with lovely people, in a beautiful house!

Brilliant evening! Sometimes life gets in the way, so its nice when there's an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make so many new ones. It was also fantastic to hear from our charity partner FoodCycle about where our donations go and where we can (individually or as a group(s)) help to make a difference. A feel good evening all round, topped off with an incredible selection of homemade goodness.

Had a great time and left with a full belly ;)

It was full of delicious food and great people as usual. Alex & Sinead are the best hosts ever!

A lovely time-thank you

Caroline was a fantastic host and her flat gorgeous! The fellow guests welcoming and engaging. The food tasty and great with some people trying new dishes for the first time. I didn't have time for the hot tub at the end as I had to leave to get the last tube back home!

A lovely evening. Delicious food with an amazing view. Great host and nice people!

An amazing night, full of fun, great food and lovely people. Utterly enjoyed it. Thanks to Michael for being an outstanding host and to Alex for the great photos of the evening. :)

Such a great idea for a suppler club - loved it!

Latitudinal events are always great fun with a good mix of people enhanced by people bringing their own dishes to share. This was no exception. Our host, Wahida, was lovely as was her young son Jake who waited up to greet every visitor. The food was very tasty (and I even got to take a doggy bag away with me!). It was a shame that a couple of people cancelled at short notice without any thought for the impact on the evening. Fortunately we had a lovely time without them! Small but perfectly formed :-)

Fantastic night. Wonderful food, great company and a most fantastic host!

Another fantastic Latitudinal night! Met many new people and had great conversations. Rosie hosted this one, and even organised a live musician for the event - amazing!

Absolutely wonderful evening - delicious food, wonderful company and a fantastic atmosphere. I'll definitely be doing another LatCui.

Great people, lovely chat, yummy food!

it's such a lovely thing to be part of

Amazing, inspirational night with lovely people and food! Such a great cause - would definitely go again.

Amazing night and a great cause to support

Amazing experience. I would definitely do it again.

Calypso is a gracious and generous host. I loved everything about the night!

amazing! such wonderful food; great people, as always; and what a hostess! calypso, you're divine! thank you!

So much fun! Bugs are much tastier than I thought. Great hosting Ed!

It was a fantastic experience of tasting various kinds of exotic food and of meeting many interesting people! The event was pretty well organised and we enjoyed every moment. Very international, very inspiring, very enjoyable and very innovative idea. Thank you very much for hosting such a provocative event!!

We had a great company and delicious food. Fantastic edible experience!

I had a great time discovering the flavours of Russian food and drink. Thank you!

Really brilliant night of really interesting & nice people getting together. Everyone brought dishes, shared some stories. And was fun socialising around the table & then around the wonderful fire.

A really great group of people and some fantastic food. It's great to know that you can start the evening as a group of complete strangers and end as friends, having laughed your socks off in the meantime.

I loved it!! Looking forward to the next one)

Great hostess, lots & lots of laughs, and fantastic food!

The Latitudinal dinners are not just a chance to try authentic food from around the world but also a way to feed the mind and soul by meeting interesting people and learning about different cultures. I would highly recommend these events if you are looking for something new to ignite your life

Really relaxed and enjoyable evening with a nice variety of home cooked Bengali food.

Great hosts, they were extremely welcoming and well organised.

Lovely evening. Impeccable hosting.

Yet again I had an amazing latitude evening. The hosts were great and everyone else was really nice. The food was amazing and everyone really tried their best and it showed.

What a wonderful evening of great food, drinks and company! Hats off to all organisers - everything ran smoothly, the venue (Alicia's house) was perfect, and I made new friends. Thank you!

Gorgeous setting, lovely people - hanging out in Alicia's kitchen having a drink and a chat before dinner. Then to sit down around her massive dining table - perfect for feasting! - and hear the stories behind all the different dishes on offer. An amazing combination of food -- it's so much better than being in a restaurant. Sharing everything around is massively sociable and lots of stimulating conversations with people I hadn't met before. Just a perfect night out.

Thank you! It was a very enjoyable meal in a beautifully decorated room and great company.

Another amazing night - the dinners that just keep giving! It feels so special to be surrounded by so many interesting, warm and fun people and to eat such a an amazing variety of creative dishes

Response from Grubclub

Thanks for the lovely review! Tue, 16 Feb 2016

What a great evening hosted by the lovely Karissa and such a variety of different wholesome, tasteful Turkish treats with each preparer proudly explaining their dish. Well done all.

lovely people, lovely food, lovely time.


Thibaud was a fantastic host, very welcoming and friendly. Great food, nice people. Amazing evening and look forward to my next Latitudinal evening.

Thanks for Thibaud for hosting in his beautiful home and thanks for everyone for making all those delicious foods. It was a really fun evening with lovely people.

Great experience! I enjoyed the food and the company.


Very nice host, fantastic food experience


I had a fabulous evening. Great food, great people. I will definitely be looking to attend another event soon!

Lovely evening, excellent food and great company

Fantastic evening

Amazing way of spending such a great night with friends (old & new). I can't wait for the next one!

Loved every minute!

Had a lovely time - loved the small scale - meeting strangers and being able to connect so freely - great food and lots of heart.

A fab night all around!

What a treat..great welcome for my first time with Latitude! Amazing host, super nice new friends and fantastic food, thank you!

Great night, tasty food, super friendly people and fabulous hostess

Smaller but great company this time round all helped by alfresco setting. Host and guests made it a very easy and enjoyable night!

As always! Great evening, lovely food, awesome crowd - and the after party: cherry on the cake! thank you.

Best 8-hour lunch ever: 1pm start, 9pm finish, wonderful people, wonderful food, drinks and costumes. Music, dancing, spectacle, perfect weather and more camaraderie and good humour than you can shake a pitch-pipe at! :-)

I had a superb day out!! Thank you for organising a wonderful street feast. It was a day to remember. I had wonderful home cooked food, broke bread with old friends and new. I met delightful and engaging people, old and young. On top of that the sun smiled with us all day!

A beautiful party for a great cause ! So well organised and great contributions from everyone even the weather ... just perfect ! An annual event for Abdale Rd?

One of the best events I've been to and definitely the best street event ever. Incredibly well organised, lovely people, lovely weather and outstanding food. A must attend again occasion.

Amazing weather. Check. Superb food. Check. Sensational company. Check. Retro-childlike-memory-laughter-inducing thoughts of my last street party (including how much I loved my dinosaur tee shirt when I was three). Check. I bloody loved Sunday. I met some wonderful new people and had a riotous time with those I already knew. More please!

Who needs Notting Hill Carnival when you have a street party like this . It was epic . Thanks everyone who made this wonderful event happen .and more please .

Let's put a warning on this one: if you don't want to make new friends, if you don't care for interesting and kind people, if fun is just not your thing - then you really shouldn't get involved with Latitudinal Cuisine. If that hasn't put you off, go ready for a warm social atmosphere, plenty of food, plenty of drink, plenty of chat, plenty of great stuff to be honest. Not for grumps or kill-joys. 😉

Proof that you don't need royal excuses or a rain of German bombs to enjoy a good street party in London. It was a summer sensation! Thanks to the organisers.

Awesome topped off with sprinkles of brilliance and dazzling. Food and spirit in abundance. Tassels hats and tails spinning all afternoon. The interactive drumming workshop and pipe beating really drew people together across the whole enormous table. An enormous success!!!

Amazing idea which was organised superbly - thank you to everyone who made it possible. Such a fun day and lots of delicious food. Same time next week?!

What great fun! Everyone was so friendly and I loved how it was a free for all when it came to sharing the food! Superb atmosphere and the drumming and dancing added to the whole day. The sun shining throughout was a great touch by the organisers too ;-)

AMAZING, great food, great company and the best street party I have attended EVER, thank you for organizing such a gun event.

This was my first street party experience and wow what a one to choose! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and I have made many new friends. I hope to participate more in Latitudinal Cuisine events! Thank you for having me!

A joyous, fabulous feast in the sun. With music, dancing, laughter and drones. The thing about sharing is instead of reducing what you have you get back a million times more than your one little thing. We need more street parties!

Probably one of the most spectacular Latitudinals ever. Really buzzy, wonderful weather, terrific atmosphere. And all the neighbours in the street were thrilled to see something so marvelous and actually getting to know each other. Absolutely brilliant.


It was the best Street Party we have ever had the pleasure to share. The organisation was absolutely perfect and everyone made such a tremendous effort. Delicious food and drinks to share and enjoy altogether in the beautiful weather. The Drums added to the fun for old and young to join in with rythm and dance in a very happy and successful Event. Thank you Grubclub and everyone for making it possible to have such a lovely time for a great Cause !

What a totally awesome day. Hats off to everyone who made it happen.

Spectacular event with a street party like people haven't seen since 1981 when Charles & Diana got married. The weather held up beautifully and there was drumming lessons and merriment all around. Bravo!

an incomparable mixture of lovely people and lovely food - an incredible night. and a glorious host and venue, too! ;)

As a newbie to the scene, I had no idea what to expect and couldn't think of a better way to spend an evening, meeting an eclectic bunch of people with extreme cooking talent. I'm totally sold and looking forward to the next one. Thanks to Chiara and Justin for being amazing hosts.

Wonderful evening. Great hosts, lovely food. As a veggie there are always fewer sharing options but I appreciated the fact that there was more than enough to savour :-)

I love the concept and Justin and Chiara were fab hosts!

Absolutely fabulous night amazing people gorgeous food loved it x

a really fun evening with amazing people

Wish i lived in london so i could attend and host more of those wonderful gatherings. :)

I loved every minute! The company was excellent, the food interesting, the venue magnificent!

Absolutely amazing! xoxo

Magical dinner, magical guests, amazing food. Simply unforgettable even though it went by so quickly!

Latitudinals are always an absolute blast. Well done Sinead and Alex - you guys are the best!

I have been attending Latitudinal Cuisine now for over 5 years and each time there is always something new to taste, great people to meet and always a wonderful atmosphere be it at a small intimate 8 people event to a larger 20 people event like the one held last night at Alex and Sinead's They are always wonderful and engaging hosts...The concept is so original and gives us chefs the chance to cook and taste food that we would never normally do so...Brilliant fun:) Go!!

Great evening, went along not knowing a soul and was made to feel really welcome. Fun evening and I'll definitely be going again

Afternoon delight

Despite the fact that this was only my 2nd event, I felt very welcome and it was good to see some familiar faces. The picnic spread was fantastic (I am still craving the coconut and pistachio rolls) and I loved the hideaway location. Eating, drinking and making new friends is a great way to while away an afternoon - only thing that would've made it better...MORE SUNSHINE!!!

Gorgeous food in a blissful environment - quality and variety superb. Delicious!

What a perfect Sunday afternoon...seriously fabulous food in a classic London square. Everyone bought a home cooked dish to share and both the food and the people were top notch delicious - what's not to love? Blissful.

Lovely Afternoon

Despite some rather grey weather, and a cool breeze, we had a bright and warm afternoon in Bedford Square. Great food, relaxed and delightful company, a lovely way to spent a not-quite summer Sunday.

YUM x 4

Yum food + Yum people + Yum place + Yum event

Just GREAT !

I met lovely people as always, 5 from my own neighborhood, we enjoy nice conversation and amazing good food, cook with real caring ! wonderful night !

East London nights

Fun pot luck night at home. Nic, fun peope.

Fantastic a,air

Great experience

Extremely friendly hosts and guests. Interesting food! Love the concept! Thank you!

Delicious food and even more delicious company

As always, some impressive cooking skills on display around which gathers a fabulous evening of delectable food and engaging banter. It was a delight to catch up with some existing friends, plus meet charming new folks. Thank you to everyone involved and I definitely want to host another one myself over the summer.

Great Night

Used to attend similar events in Amsterdam and they always brought the most random group of people together all united by a love of food and this was no different. Brilliant night of fun and food and new friends. Great way to meet people and to enjoy lovely food. Lovely.

Yum! Muy Yum, actually.

Great food + interesting people + gorgeous house + balmy summer's evening + plenty of wine = YUM Or was it Great people and interesting food? Can't remember... I cannot think of a single way in which to improve it.

Forest Gate Opened by the lovely Rosie Rachel Seeley

Yeah, had a great time. Happy that my hiyayakko dish was satisfactorily received - basically a lump of soft tofu, with chopped spring onion and ginger and bonito flakes on top. Loved the yorkshire puddings with some sort of ice-cream, they were awesome, and the lettuce cups with kobyashi beef - nice. Thanks people x

Marvellous Evening

Despite being in the middle of moving house, Rosie held a wonderfully relaxed and entertaining evening. This was my first time at this kind of event, and I am hooked, thanks largely to all the great people I met, and the delicious food we ate. The warm weather allowed us to be outdoors and eating by candlelight just added to the sense of fun.

Fantastic evening great food and wonderful company.

Latitudinal cuisine pancake day.

A fantastic evening. Great chance to meet like-minded people into food/cooking and to try out new foods from different parts of the world!

great host, great food, great people; great evening!

andrew was a fab & impeccable host - serene yet sensitive to every need. he'd set the scene gorgeously, all on a lovely table. the food was fab - particularly the perfectly nutmegged moussake and the mad, inventive, stunning, creamy zambian sweet-potato dessert! thanks all!


Had a great time!

A fantastic get-together!

This was our first Latitudinal Cuisine event - and what a great culinary event and evening it was. Not only the food and company was fantastic but it was also perfectly organised by Alex and the host of the evening; Andrew. Thank you all for a superb evening and see you hopefully at the next one!


Fantastic hosts. Great party!


Fabulous food, wonderful people

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