9.37 Silent Dinner

Why Join the Table?

Join a legendary, longitudinally inspired "Bring Your Own Food" dinner!

On Thurs 14th September It is National Quiet Day in the UK. Alex & Sinead will use this as an experiment, and run a short Vipassana silent dinner at their flat in DeBeauvoirTown. As Alex writes,
"Vipassana means "to see things as they really are". It is a pre-Buddhist meditation technique that was revitalised and popularised by Buddha 2,500 years ago, and resuscitated n the 1950s in Burma. It has come to be considered a practical solution to handling emotions in a complex society. Some people say it is the most powerful experience they’ve ever had.
Traditionally it lasts 10 days, or 240 hours; you observe your breath for three days, then observe your body for seven.
We’ll start simple, and see if we can last 1%...

House Rules: Courtesy
Latitudinal Cuisine is run for free, for the benefit of its growing community.
It runs on natural energy, generosity, and human warmth.
It’s about giving, not taking;
sharing, not hoarding;
producing, not just consuming.
Hosts have kindly opened up their calendars and homes to us; please help and thank them.
Guests have usually made an amazing dish - almost always delicious, usually thoughtful, and often laborious in the sourcing of their ingredients.

They may also have travelled from afar for the evening, & they may not know anyone, so please also respect them - by making an effort, and attending in a timely fashion.
It’s ALWAYS very much more than worth it.
Please err on the side of generosity.
Don’t skimp on your portion (though no need to go crazy - enough to easily feed 4 people is fine!).
If you’re going to drink loads, consider bringing 2 bottles.
If you’re a couple, definitely bring 2 bottles.
If you come to a meal, please help clear up - & leave the host’s home as clean as you found it.

The £5 cost goes purely and directly to the wonderful charity FOODCYCLE, which works to bring people together and minimise food waste, and was chosen by the vote we put to our members; read more about them at http://foodcycle.org.uk/
Our ethos is that the meals are free and that the £5 is an affordable charity contribution that emerged from the refundable deposit we used to charge.
No host, admin or organiser receives a penny. Each time you book, you contribute to someone else’s welfare. Thank you

No refund will be given for any cancellations. All the proceeds go to supporting Food Cycle, so even if you are no longer able to attend, you can at least feel comfort in the fact that you are supporting other people across the UK who suffer from food poverty and loneliness, and will help provide them good company and a warm meal.

In a Nutshell

We meet locally and eat globally - meeting those before us, to discuss the world beyond us.

Latitudinal Cuisine is our collective ongoing project to uncover the secrets of this Earth (whether its food or its people) and to learn about this great salad bowl of a city we call London.

It's our way to meet great new people and overcome the social distance that too often impedes on modern city life.

The Whole Hog

Latitudinal Cuisine is an open community of people exploring the world of global food and local friendships.

We tour the food of the world in a year - 360 degrees in 360 days, a degree a day - collectively cooking from the longitude corresponding to the day of the year.

No event is ever the same.

Everyone brings food, talks about it, talks with others, and shares what they brought.

---What do you eat?---
Everything, as long as it’s from the right area. 
We also devour the stories that helped make the meal.

---Who can come?---

Anyone - as long as they bring food, talk and participate.

---How does the dinner work?---

You book, cook, and turn up with your dish, which you present and share. You get to eat a great 3 (or more)-course meal composed of what everyone brought.

---How can I host?---

Get in touch by adding your detais & preferred dates to this quick from:

---What are the dinners like?---

Social, heart-warming, tasty & awesome.
Take a look at some pictures of recent weekly events:

What an experience. In today's fast paced world we were given the opportunity, for one evening, to collectively experience and just 'be'. No job titles or experience just people. Thank you all who attended for showing this experience the reverence it deserved. I'm looking forward to more mindful meditation dinners. Thank you Alex, Sinead and the Grub Club crew.

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