JUMA's birthday supperclub

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Michelin-trained chef reinventing Iraqi cuisine - great food, great conversations + a touch of theatricality!

Founder and head chef, Philip Juma will be celebrating his birthday in style, by feeding you all another 5 course, tasting menu that will showcase some brand, new dishes!

5 courses
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Dietary requirements can be catered for, however, please email: [email protected]

In a Nutshell

As an English-Irish-Iraqi, Philip Juma has been on a journey to showcase the best of Iraqi cuisine. In 2012 he founded JUMA Kitchen, and has been hosting Iraqi pop-ups at various venues across London including Aston & Magill, Bens Canteen and The Jam Tree.

Found and head chef, Philip, is currently pushing the boundaries of the cuisine. His recent work placement at the Michelin-starred kitchen, Maze has given him even more impetus to refine and modernise Iraqi cuisine to a whole new level.

The Whole Hog

Iraq’s reputation has been synonymous with war, bloodshed and unrest for many years. Through food, JUMA aims to reinvent this stereotype and connect people with a country that is rich in culture and heritage. Diners at JUMA Kitchen are encouraged to sit at communal tables to spark conversation whilst getting a little taste of the lesser-known and under-represented cuisine of Iraq, espcially the dolma!!!

The food is just one element of JUMA’s theatrical supper club, where guests will be immersed in a truly authentic yet modern Middle Eastern experience. Added extras on the night include funky Middle Eastern tunes from the 70s as well as playful alcoholic palate cleansers between courses. To divulge any more would spoil the experience, but a night of surprise and intrigue is guaranteed.

Delicious and innovative menu in trendy surroundings

Phenomenal night. Phil is such a talented chef: creative, talented and generous. The food was delicious, delicate and well balanced, and the atmosphere was great. Phil is always a great host and it's great having him come around to speak to him at the end of the meal. Highly recommended.

Great venue, excellent food and overall a lovely evening!

Loved it - thank you so much!

Stellar food (best starter and entree I have ever had) and excellent location - fish was underdone for a few, but that seemed more a limitation for the kitchen on location. Would definitely attend again. Location was really wonderful. A bit daunting, specially since everyone seemed to know each other already, and got quite rowdy and loud near the end. Also ran a bit late! Useful to know if you are travelling to London and have to keep an eye on the trains.

Excellent evening all round. Amazingly comfortable and relaxed venue. Very competent and accomplished cooking indeed.

Lovely venue. Good start. The starter and first course delicious.

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