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Set Up You Own Pop Up Restaurant |Grub Club FAQs

Hosting Events

Am I allowed to be both a host and a guest?
Yes of course you are, just sign up with us as a guest then register as a host.
Why become one of our hosts?
This is a great way to meet people, make friends and get to know your neighbours. Being a Grub Club host could help showcase your skills and even be the first step towards in opening a more permanent food establishment or a stepping stone for any other food venture you may want to become involved in. It is also a way to make a short-term income.
Do I need to be a good cook to join?
People who attend these events tend to be passionate about food, so you do need to be a proficient cook. However, this is not a restaurant experience and needs to be balanced with a warm, friendly atmosphere; so you do not need to be a professionally trained chef to host an event, as long as you are able to transmit your passion for cooking and hosting through your food.
What requirements do I need to join and become a host?
In order to become one of our hosts, we strongly advise you to have a Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate. You should also register with your local authority (see the Grub Club set-up checklist for details on these).
Is there any cost to register/ join as a host?
No. There are absolutely no sign up or monthly fees. There is no fee to be a Host. In fact, as a Host you get paid!
How do I join?

In order to join you will need to:

  • 1 - Register your details.
  • 2 - Create your Grub Club: This is what defines you as a host: your ethos, your skills, an overview of who you are and why you are setting up as a host. You'll also need your bank details to ensure you can receive payment after your events.
  • 3 - Set up an Event: Enter information about the specific event you are planning to set up, including date, menu, cuisine, price.
Any special tips to becoming a successful host?

Providing an excellent socialising environment with good food is the key to success. If they enjoyed the night, they will come again. However, your service before and after the events counts too. For example, responding to their comments quickly, showing clear and attractive pictures of the food on your menu, meeting all the special requirements or simply being welcoming can appeal to them. Using social media to help promote you as a host is also effective and recommended.

It’s a good idea to attend other Grub Clubs and read popular food blogs to give you an idea about hosting. You could even offer to volunteer to help at one, to understand the details of the logistics. Feel free to contact us if you want help reaching out to other Grub Clubs who will be happy for you to be part of the Club.

You should also review the Grub Club set-up checklist for further details or read some helpful tips from the "Further Reading" section at the bottom of this section.

What do I do after I've set up my event

You must keep a close track of the event you have set up. Log in to your account and go to My Hosted Events check the number of guests for the night, any special requirements they may have and prepare for the night accordingly.

You must take into consideration any special requirement from guests and prepare them in advance. If you cannot cater for special requirements, you must reject the application as soon as possible (via the Guests tab when viewing one of your future events) so the guest is aware and so we can endeavour to find you a different guest.

Please make sure you respond to the questions promptly; this will create a good impression with guests and help with your reputation and ratings.

Am I allowed to serve alcohol at my events?
You are allowed to provide complementary drinks at your events but you are only allowed to sell alcohol if you or the premises you are hosting from has an alcohol licence. you do not need a licence to enable guests to bring their own alcohol.
Can I have someone to help me in the kitchen during the night?
Yes of course! In fact, you will struggle to make your event successful on your own: hosting, cooking, serving and clearing is a lot of work and can’t be managed by just one person. You can ask your family, relatives, friends or anyone to help. If you need help, we have a list of contacts and will be happy to put you in touch. If your event is informal, you can also ask the guests to help with simple things such as replenishing water jugs or clearing plates.
Where will the event take place?
You can choose to host an event at your own home or we can help you find a space for the night.
How do I get paid?
You will get paid after you have hosted your event. Please ensure you have given us your correct bank details to process the payment.
Do I need to pick up or drop off the guests at the beginning or end of the event?
No, you do not need to. However, if your space is difficult to get to, it will help them if you explain the best way to come and provide information about transport.
Do I need to give users my address? What if I want to keep it confidential?
Your address will not be displayed online and will only be sent to the confirmed guests who have already paid for the night. we will take care of all this for you.

We’re always happy to help, so you must always feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Further Reading

There are many blogs and foodies you can read about. Here is a selection of helpful tips you may enjoy reading, specifically on setting up events:

We’re always happy to help, so you must always feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!