FODalicious Fireworks Feast

Why Join the Table?

SOLD OUT! Dine whilst watching the fireworks from the iconic Balfron Tower. Welcome cocktail! BYOB.

Who'd have thought it? We've mastered the art of Italian food the FODMAP way!

A chilled out dinner made up of a selection of our favourite FODMAP-friendly Italian recipes, including a welcome cocktail and espresso martini to finish!

Join us for another fabulous FODaliclous evening, (hopefully!) watching the fireworks across our beautiful city from an iconic venue in East London.

As far as we know, we're the only guaranteed FODMAP-friendly supper club in the UK!

In a Nutshell

We just love a dinner party! We love concocting new food & cocktail recipes & testing them out on our friends in an evening of fun and foody frolics.

Both of us have been following a FODMAP friendly diet for a couple of years now and in this time we’ve cooked up a delicious storm of fresh, tasty food omitting many ingredients such as wheat, onions & yes! Garlic! Well, our friends just can’t believe how delicious our FODMAP friendly food is so we thought we’d spread our word.

The Whole Hog

FOD-a-licious grub clubs are all about proving that with a selection of carefully picked ingredients it is possible to create delicious meals that are kind to your stomach.

Forced into home cooking all of our meals we’ve been inventive and creative using inspiration from recipes from all over the world. It’s an eclectic fodmap fusion! We want people to taste our ingredients without being overpowered by garlic and onions and walk away from the dinner table feeling inspired, full and un-bloated! Our plan is to bring our food to the world to make it easier for intolerant foody people like us to have as much delicious choice as everyone else!

Our meals exclude the main ingredients that people are intolerant to: gluten, onion, garlic, lactose (on request) but are still super tasty, meaning that unless we told you-you wouldn't know anything was missing!

We make all of our own sauces, jams, pickles & even sweets. We use as much local & organic produce as we can, we even grow our own vegetables albeit not entirely successfully but we’re still learning!

Our menus are tried and tested on a variety of friends and family, and we hope you'll enjoy them as much as they, and we, do!

Great venue for Fireworks night - can't wait for the next one.

More about this Experience

  • Bring Your Own Bottle
  • Be Good to Your Health
  • Great on your own!

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