The Great British American Chow Down

Why Join the Table?

Tuck into British American sharing plates in an iconic London venue - Ramen, Braised Short Rib + Fried Apple Pie w/ Clotted Cream Ice Cream!

Join us for a night of British American sharing plates back stage in the Green Room at the iconic House of Vans London. Eat your dinner where Dave Grohl drank his gin and juice, and where public enemy chowed down on our infamous chicken wings.

This 3rd and 4th of July, Cult Events and The Wall SE1 are turning the Green Room into a British American tapas party to celebrate Independence Day.

Join us at the House for our family-style sit-down dinner, as you adventure into the wonderful world of British American tapas. Get tucked in and help yourselves to The Wall’s large sharing dishes, as we bring together a night of awesome fo...

In a Nutshell

Cult Events were pioneers of the SupperClub back when suppers were suppers and clubs were clubs. Making their name alongside Grub Club, they have grown up together, always adapting and innovating to create ever more exciting, authentic, meaningful and good value foodie experiences. Whatever the concept, every element is pulled together with virtuosity and flair, to create undoubtedly delicious dishes which bring people together around the table with family-stye sharing.

The Whole Hog

Our Food Director (FD) Ian Ballantyne has over 15 years of catering experience all over the UK & Australia, heading up restaurant kitchens, curating his own pop-up supperclubs and crafting menus for big brands and private parties alike. He has a passion for all things fresh, flavoursome & local. Whether it's a leek, an ox heart or sourdough rye, the principles are the same: choose your ingredients carefully and thoughtfully, treat them with love and respect and thoroughly enjoy what you do. He does.

Loved it!

Pleasantly surprised by the care they took with my dietary needs... Was provided with dairy- free yogurt and I did not miss out on the delicious pancakes or waffles either! All in all an excellent experience

Response from our Host

Thanks so much for your feedback Harjot. We're really glad to hear you were well looked after and that you appreciated the extra effort we made to ensure everyone enjoyed some delicious brunch. It's great to hear you had such a lovely experience. Thanks again for sharing and we hope to see you at the next one! :) Thu, 18 Feb 2016

The food was great, the people were great, venue was great.....All around a fantastic event! I would definitely do it again!

Response from our Host

Woo! Great to hear this feedback Kyle! Thanks so much for taking the time to share how much you enjoyed the event with us. We really really appreciate it and we're so glad that you'd do it all over again - we would too. :) Thu, 18 Feb 2016

Super crowded but a really good way to spend colder days!

Response from our Host

Thanks so much Laura for your feedback. It has been communicated to the team and this certainly isn't going to be a problem for anyone going forward. Glad you enjoyed getting cosy with us under the arches at Waterloo and hope to see you at the next one! :) Thu, 18 Feb 2016

Great venue, meal and films. The theatre could be more comfy.

Response from our Host

Thanks so much for your feedback Andrew. We'll see if we can add more cushions, as we know that lugging them across London can be a pain! Thanks again and we're so glad you enjoyed the experience. Thu, 18 Feb 2016

Myself and my partner were very excited for what sounded like a really fun, food and drink filled morning followed by some great films. Unfortunately we were not at all impressed by the food on offer. The chairs (old benches like you sit on in primary school) were very uncomfortable and the room we were in was a tight squeeze. We waited a long time for food to start coming out, approximately 45 minutes for just bread with butter and a tiny cup of jam. We were not offered tea or coffee, we had to ask the servers ourselves when we saw other people having drinks placed in front of them! Small amounts of guacamole and salmon salads were distributed, really not enough for 40 people. And around 6 plates of baked eggs, which was not nearly enough and my partner went without, as did the couple sitting opposite us. We asked them if they could make more but this wasn't possible. 'Unlimited' waffles and pancakes certainly weren't unlimited, and were cold and hard unfortunately. We were so disappointed. The films however were of course great, and the atmosphere in the cinema room was lovely. The seating was very uncomfortable though, I would suggest providing big comfy pillows as it was not possible to sit comfortably for 4 hours! The staff also seemed very inexperienced at serving, it didn't seem like they had worked at such an event before.

Response from our Host

Hi Rochelle. Thanks so much for your feedback. We're absolutely gutted that you didn't enjoy the brunch aspect of the event. We've taken everything you've said on board and communicated it to the team. We've made some structural changes to ensure that every guest gets the full quality and service they deserve. Also, going forward we'll change the scheduling so that food starts earlier and we'll be more emphatic with our communication re. how to order and bringing comfy cushions etc. for the cinema. Again, thanks for your feedback and we really hope to see you at a future event. Thu, 18 Feb 2016

THIS WAS THE BEST (ANTI) VALENTINE'S DAY EVER! Good job, The Wall SE1! Unlimited waffles, pancakes, bloody mary's, so much good food AND Bill Murray? No man will ever be able to trump THAT. I ate to my heart's content (and then some) and all in the wonderful ambiance that is House of Vans. SUCH a cool place! And SUCH nice people! Really really really ridiculously cool (said in a Zoolander voice). Will definitely be doing more of these. OH! And let's not forget the Bill Murray colouring papers! These guys really paid attention to all the detail (including a giant BM cut out!)

Response from our Host

Thanks so much Nadia! It would not have been so superlative without your awesomeness. We're glad you enjoyed it so much & thanks for your comments. It's nice to know the little touches were appreciated and brought joy. Honestly, it's very touching to hear such positive feedback and we're over the moon that you're up for doing more of these events. We can't wait to see you at the next one! :) Thu, 18 Feb 2016

Such. Good. Food. Loved the KFT! So tender & it tasted healthy! The beef was EPIC too esp. with that slaw. Have been to couple of these now & love the unusual dishes & sharing style.

Regular attendee of the wall supperclubs - always a raucous affair with scrumptious food - the Aged Ribs of beef just melted in the mouth and the pumpkin pie was screamingly deelish. Great family feel-good meal!

The meats served were not fresh. The portions served were not enough to share. The ambience was very noisy, no soft furnishings to absorb noise.

Fun night! We expats around the table wished the ribs would have been proper American-style BBQ short-ribs, but it was a fab evening nonetheless. Thanks for running it!

The food was good and the staff very friendly. Only negative is that is was very cramped and quite loud. Also be warned the drinks are very exepensive and we spent nearly same amount on drinks as food

Amazing food!!


Brilliant night! The food was amazing. Particularly loved the snacks - the shiitake mushroom was gorgeous and the herbaceous treat was yummy. The Jambalaya just needed a touch more seasoning but the rest of the food was bang on. The Accompanying cocktails also helped the meal go down nicely (oh the joys of London Cocktail Week!). Great host, friendly staff and fun vibe all evening. The best meal I've had in ages and such good value for money too:-).

Great friendly vibe. Loved it. The food was too heavy without enough 'wet' or lightness for balance. Best course was the chicken and waffles. The granita was just watered down coke and mint/lime. The peanut butter sandwich was v chewy and salty. Will come again though!

Very cool venue, great staff and fun time in general. Food was a bit hit and some miss. Chicken and Waffles were the star of the show. Chicken skin apps weren't too my taste. Sweet corn was ok. Pork belly wouldn't have been something I would order again but the macaroni was very good. Desserts were creative. Servings were a bit slow at times. Staff was awesome, girl with the red hair was on top of everyone's drink orders, she was fantastic.

My second time back and food was as good as ever. Great value for money and fun night. for pictures and to read my review, here is my blog post:

Fantastic night for me and a group of friends. Food was exquisite - taking classic dishes and adding a delicious twist. The service was wonderful and the venue was definitely different (in a good way). Would recommend to anyone wanting great food and service.

Really enjoyed this event. Fantastic food served up in a really unique venue at House of Vans. A wide selection of unique dishes all cooked to perfection. Company was great too. Need to do more of these!

I had a great time. Here is the review of the night with pictures on my blog:

Tasty but Tiny!

Food decent quality. But tiny portions and would have preferred individual portions rather than a platter serving. The platter caused a bit of food anxiety as we weren't sure how many to take each time. However a fun night and good service.

Fun people, great food!

Had a great time meeting new ppl and eating good food!

Cha-cha-cha charming Latin American evening

What a good idea. Lovely people, excellent food and low key hosting. I'd certainly come to anything else organised by Original Travel. I thought the evening was a great success.

Culinary treat in Camden

Whenever I see 'de-constructed' on the menu I usually fear the worst but Ian's de-construced hamburger and carrot cake really were a triumph in terms of showing us why we really love burgers and cake! My first of many GrubClub events. Ed

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