Summer Crawfish Boil Party

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No one knows crayfish, or even crawfish, like Crayfish Bob. Bob's been trapping and cooking UK's invasive American Signal crayfish for over 15 years. Our CRAWFISH BOILS are legendary. Great food, supported by Geraint Watkins on accordion with other top professional musicians. The best Crawfish Boil you will ever find.
Done in the Louisiana style which we have perfected over many years. Fresh crayfish, corn on the cob, small potatoes and smoked Kielbasa sausage cooked in Cajun spices. All sourced by Crayfish Bob as part of his campaign to rid UK waters of these tasty invaders.

Barnes Rugby Club is a spacious venue with a basic bar which is run by the club. Designed primarily to provide a late-night social refuge for the club's players, but perfect for a crawfish boil....

House Rules: Being a rugby club bar it is very relaxed. No neighbours to upset! Standard Laws on Smoking apply - just pop outside!

In a Nutshell

A veteran culinary headliner of Glastonbury, Borough Market, and beyond, Crayfish Bob offers something very special: better food, for a better environment.

We work closely with crayfish trappers, to encourage the removal of more invasive-species crayfish from UK waters, each year.
We then serve them in various dishes for your delectation.

Quality matters very much, because we need your returning custom for our environmental dream to work.

Not just a food offering, but an event.

The Whole Hog

Since the introduction of our highly successful Crawfish Boils, and a wide variety of other crayfish dishes, we've despatched several tonnes of American Signal crayfish that would otherwise still be in UK waterways.

In order to remove even more, Crayfish Bob is pleased to announce a series of pop-up events over the next few months.

We are doing something positive, and with style! We are dealing with an environmental problem that the government claims has "no cost-effective solution". Our operation is entirely self-financed. It's working, and so it should. These crayfish are seasonal delicacies. They bear no comparison to the poor quality Chinese imports that flood the market. BETTER FOOD FOR A BETTER ENVIRONMENT.

This was my first crawfish broil and it won't be the last. I had an amazing time and ate until my belly was fit to burst. Bob is a genuine great guy and the band was excellent. Thanks for such a fun time!

Crayfish Bob's events are always top notch. The atmosphere is great and the food is top quality and absolutely authentic. Highly recommend going to one of these crawfish boils.

I had a really good day! The atmosphere was amazing :) loved the live band! I dont know how people complained before about there not being enough food because there definitely was!

Fantastic evening, amazing food, mead and people!

A but disappointed this time due to the long waiting time. It meant to start at 7:30 but the food didn't serve until 8:10. Every time the bowl of food is finished we had to wait for a while until next bowl would be served. Also it wasn't enough, not everyone got to eat the a sweet corn and sausages. Not as good as last year but still recommend to try it because the food tastes great.

What a wonderful night at Crayfish Bob!! Not only the crawfish were fabulous but also the music, service and especially the ambience of the night. My two year-old daughter enjoyed the food so much and then rocked the dancefloor with Bob. Truly enjoy it and definitely will come back next time! Thank you Bob and the team :)

Response from our Host

Thanks! Very much enjoyed having you there, Your daughter showed me a few new moves. Perfect! Sun, 23 Jul 2017

Absolutely loved the evening!

Once you get over the slightly budget venue, and the fact you are in deepest SW London, it was an absolutely great evening with fantastic food and music! Would definitely go again in a heartbeat!

For £20 a head this might have been a reasonable night out.

Response from our Host

Based on what your party of eight, which included four older children, chose to eat, I can fully see why you would regard it as poor value. You were expected to eat more, and the ticket is priced accordingly. Most guests approach the challenge with excitement and eat a much larger amount of crayfish,. They get great value. It's what a crawfish boil is all about. I'll try to explain this better in future advertising. Tue, 20 Sep 2016

One of the best pop up experience in London at the moment. Epic staff, more amazing food, band was great.cant wait for next year!


The food was delicious. The atmosphere was great. The music was amazing! Definitely a great experience - be prepared to get messy!!

Had a great day. Bob and his team were very accommodating. Loved just getting stuck into the mountains of crayfish. Perfect ambience set with the music too. Would highly recommend.

Great day out - all the staff incredibly friendly.. esp as we were very late! Had a live demonstration on how to peel the crayfish which was so lovely. Highly recommended.

You will not find a better crawfish boil this side of the Atlantic! Mudbugs were very tasty and the portions were enormous! Bob has put together a great experience.

We had a really lovely time. The food was delicious and there was lots and lots of it. We'd love to go again.

nice party

The main reason why I wouldn't recommend this to anyone is the way it was presented. Tiny crayfish in a plastic bucket with a few greasy sausages thrown into the mix and an old paper crate to throw the shells into - no plates, bibs, napkins or anything. You had to peel the crayfish straight on the table. I don't know how the americans do it but I'm pretty certain this is pretty low standard even for them. Bob mean well but this was really under all expectations...

Fun and engaging atmosphere with great food and music to keep us entertained. There was a lot of food on offer and definitely would go back again!

Probably the best crayfish boil I've been too. The seasoning was excellent. Not only were the crawfish delicious but also the corn, sausages (Polish?), artichokes (wow!!), sorbet, watermelon, and potatoes too. It was nice to meet Bob - he's a lovely man. The band was great. Nice having a proper bar at the venue. Also having nice weather and sharing our table with nice folks made it all the better.

Although we were delayed by the vagaries of London Transport, when we eventually arrived at the Doodle Bar in Battersea, we were immediately found a table and the fun commenced! The weather was fantastic, the setting was great, right by it's own little 'bayou' and the live music was a perfect backdrop to the food. The food was superb, the potatoes, sweetcorn, sausage and artichokes all plentiful and perfectly cooked, but the real stars were, of course, the crayfish! Big, spicy and cooked to perfection, we managed two big bowls before having to admit defeat, it really is 'all you can eat'. We will definitely be back, unless we can persuade Crayfish Bob to host some of these events over in East London. Well done to the whole team!

I had a great time at the Crayfish Boil and the food was delicious!

definitely will be back, thanks.

Delicious, relaxed and friendly. And they kept brining more! Music also excellent.

Great event- highly recommend if you like seafood.

Great day out

The venues for "Crayfish" Bob's crawfish boils are always pretty great; I've been attending for years. The thing is, NOBODY calls it a "crayfish" in the south and "Crayfish" Bob has admittedly never been to a Louisiana crawfish boil. He's from Texas and the spices he uses in the crawfish boil are not authentic for a Louisiana crawfish boil. My partner and I are both from New Orleans and I, personally, have spoken to "Crayfish" Bob about authenticity more than once, but it falls on deaf ears. The sausage is fine, the potatoes and corn make sense... but he doesn't rinse the crawfish (live) before cooking them, so the juices are muddy and he leaves the cooked crawfish in the pot (I guess to keep them warm?) which leads to over-cooking. The crawfish themselves are a good size, but it's just a shame to see time and time again that the boil hasn't improved. You shouldn't have bits of spices in the boil - they go into a spice bag. The only spices that go directly into the boil are the powdered or liquid items that produce flavour and colour (the juices should be red, not brown). The events are consistently inconsistent, with things like crawfish racing not always happening and the "desserts" running out before they make it round to everyone. They always start serving very late - typically over an hour after the event starts - and the drinks should at least be somewhat consistently "southern" themed, but they aren't always and sometimes they are really expensive on top of the already over-priced event tickets (did you know that the species used are "trash" because they destroy the wetlands and indiginous crawfish species?) It's just a bit disappointing and I feel it doesn't do a real crawfish boil any justice whatsoever for those who are looking for a unique experience. I continue to attend in the hopes that these crawfish boils will improve but they haven't really changed much yet. PLEASE consult someone from southern Louisiana before trying to recreate something we hold so dear. I'd be happy to show you how it's done. Otherwise, I suggest you call it a Texan-attempt Crawfish Boil and change the nickname to "Crawfish" Bob!

Great experience, highly recommend! For a sunny weather like we were lucky to have, shame there weren't more umbrellas as my friends and I were roasting...

We had a great afternoon. The food was great, the music was great and so was the weather! Definitely all you can eat if you have the patience for it. If you love seafood you will love CRAYFISH BOB!

Our second visit to this event, and again it was a success! Amazing food, great music. Being from Houston, I attend the Old Town Spring Crawfish Festival each year, but living in London, I can't get back there --- this event does the business. Enjoy beer, mudbugs and music without the Houston humidity!

Crayfish Bob staff and food excellent!

I am from Houston, lived in London 14 years. This event was SO amazing... really brought me home. This is REAL South East Texas style crawfish. I was shocked at how authentic it was... and delicious! I felt like I was back in Houston at the Crawfish Festival in Old Town Spring. The sausage... identical to the Chappell Hill sausage I have with my dad when I go home. If you are from South Texas, you know. Made me a little teary, cured my homesickness. The band was fantastic. Love love love this and can not wait for the next one.

Fantastic venue, delicious food, and great music. There's no better way to spend a weekend afternoon!

The crawfish boil was delicious, and it really was an all you can eat event. The venue and ambiance suited the style of food, with an amazing bluegrass band and a couple of special craft beers. The waitstaff were so friendly and obliging, and arranged seconds for us. Definitely would go again.

What an amazing night! The food was great, the atmosphere was superb, the venue, Doodle Bar, was unbelievably cool and quirky. The band was great. The staff were all amazing - both the bar star of Doodle bar as well as the legend himself, Bob, who is such a great character, along with his team. Loved every moment of it! Thank you for making Tuesday night one of my most fun Tuesday nights in memory

Loved the food! Had an amazing time, the live music was great, service very friendly and prompt, bar staff lovely (and rose prosecco beautiful), the Doodle bar very cool. Had been meaning to try a crayfish boil for ages, and am so glad I went there. The crayfish tasted very fresh and delicious, and there was plenty of it, with sweetcorn, sausage (amazing) and artichokes. Can't wait for next one.

Food was delicious - especially the corn. Lovely globe artichokes were an added bonus. Nice chat with one of the chefs. Enthusiastic and friendly staff. Cool venue and music was spot on. Experience would only have been enhanced by better heating, small tools to get the claw meat out and some pudding - even a few chocs!

Good music, good food, and Doodle bar was great!

It was a fun evening - but too much salt Bob! Resorted to washing the sweetcorn in the finger bowl :-(

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