Crawfish Boil for Urban Food Fortnight

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No one knows crayfish, or even crawfish, like Crayfish Bob. Bob's been trapping and cooking UK's invasive American Signal crayfish for over 15 years. Our CRAWFISH BOILS are legendary. Great food, supported by Geraint Watkins on accordion with other top professional musicians. The best Crawfish Boil you will ever find.
Done in the Louisiana style which we have perfected over many years. Fresh crayfish, corn on the cob, small potatoes and smoked Kielbasa sausage cooked in Cajun spices. All sourced by Crayfish Bob as part of his campaign to rid UK waters of these tasty invaders.
Look! We are back at The Doodle Bar.....but at the new venue in Druid Street, Bermondsey. As ever, a very relaxed and character-filled place with a fully stocked bar.
It's a communal party. A uniq...

House Rules: No neighbours to upset! Standard Laws on Smoking apply - just pop outside!

In a Nutshell

A veteran culinary headliner of Glastonbury, Borough Market, and beyond, Crayfish Bob offers something very special: better food, for a better environment.

We work closely with crayfish trappers, to encourage the removal of more invasive-species crayfish from UK waters, each year.
We then serve them in various dishes for your delectation.

Quality matters very much, because we need your returning custom for our environmental dream to work.

Not just a food offering, but an event.

The Whole Hog

Since the introduction of our highly successful Crawfish Boils, and a wide variety of other crayfish dishes, we've despatched several tonnes of American Signal crayfish that would otherwise still be in UK waterways.

In order to remove even more, Crayfish Bob is pleased to announce a series of pop-up events over the next few months.

We are doing something positive, and with style! We are dealing with an environmental problem that the government claims has "no cost-effective solution". Our operation is entirely self-financed. It's working, and so it should. These crayfish are seasonal delicacies. They bear no comparison to the poor quality Chinese imports that flood the market. BETTER FOOD FOR A BETTER ENVIRONMENT.

This was my first crawfish broil and it won't be the last. I had an amazing time and ate until my belly was fit to burst. Bob is a genuine great guy and the band was excellent. Thanks for such a fun time!

Crayfish Bob's events are always top notch. The atmosphere is great and the food is top quality and absolutely authentic. Highly recommend going to one of these crawfish boils.

I had a really good day! The atmosphere was amazing :) loved the live band! I dont know how people complained before about there not being enough food because there definitely was!

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  • Be Good to Your Health
  • Great on your own!

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