Barrel Kitchen – launch party!

Why Join the Table?

Barrel Kitchen is a collaboration between Club Lola supper club and Driptych Brew Co, bringing you the best beer and food you could ever hope for, in the warm embrace of an active brewery.

Club Lola puts together a seasonal menu with love, care and the freshest ingredients, while Driptych crafts and creates the perfect beer to pair with each course. Lovers of food and beer can come together in the ultimate evening of appreciation of the good stuff.

Whether you’re new to the craft beer scene or a seasoned drinker, both the meal and the paired drinks are designed to complement, delight and surprise, whatever your palate – and without pomp or pretense.

The first Barrel Kitchen takes place at UBREW Bermondsey, London’s first open brewery, where members can use prof...

House Rules: If you are vegetarian or have any food allergies, please inform us in advance so we can improvise our menu to suit your needs.

In a Nutshell

Food is my life and, as such, my life is delicious. I pride myself on making food with amazing flavours without breaking the bank. I have always found so much joy in hosting, and pairing that with food is the ultimate thrill for me. I serve interesting, high-level cooking with none of the fuss and front - I just want to feed people! Come to Club Lola and you'll leave with a smile on your face and good grub in your belly!

The Whole Hog

At Club Tropicana the drinks might be free, but at Club Lola it's all about the food. I serve up fuss-free freakishly good food that's bursting with flavour, creativity and a touch of shabby-chic finesse (does that even count as finesse??). Bring your friends, brothers and lovers, sip a drink in my garden and make a summer night even more special with a session at Club Lola.

Read reviews from happy customers here!:

Really amazing beers and the dishes that were picked complemented them beautifully. Great atmosphere, had a really great time chatting with everyone one our table.

More about this Experience

  • Be Good to Your Health
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Great on your own!
  • Vegetarian Friendly

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