BOOQA - Seafood Boil Supper Club

Why Join the Table?

This is our take on a seafood boil, super popular in the United States but we haven't seen many around London - so we created our own so you can experience it locally! There is no need to dress up for this supper club. We will provide bibs and crab forks - no other cutlery is necessary here, just your hands!
We get our seafood from Billingsgate Market on the day so it's fresh and at its best. We boil our seafood in a our unique mix of herbs and spices with sweetcorn, potatoes, sausages and chorizo. It is then tossed in our special buttery sauce and served in food bags, the best way to experience our signature sauce. If you have space left, we'll serve you a slice of Jenni's apple pie with homemade custard.
The venue is a really cute and cosy cafe who serve great coffee and brunch during...

House Rules: It will not be a BYOB event.
Please keep noise to a minimum after 10pm to respect our neighbours.

In a Nutshell

I currently run a food stall called BOOQA, serving modern asian food, but I've always had an idea for a supper club and one of my goals last year was to host one. I managed to host two (one as a soft launch) and was a huge success. My supper club idea is having my version of a seafood boil. It is popular in the United States and noticed it isn't as well known here in London. So my goal is to introduce it to as many people as I can because it's too good to be missed (trust me).

The Whole Hog

Please join us for our BOOQA Boil supper club, our take on a seafood boil.

What's on the menu?

We prepare a hearty portion of seafood in a our spiced and herby boil mix along with potatoes, chorizo, sausages and sweetcorn. We then toss it in our own special garlic and butter sauce and serve in food bags.

For dessert we have a Jenni's Apple Pie, our homemade apple and pecan pie with custard.

We're all about no fuss comfort food. No cutlery will be provided*, just bibs and hand wipes. So expect to get messy!

*OK, cutlery will be provided for dessert...

More about this Experience

  • Be Good to Your Health
  • Great on your own!

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