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The Idle Man’s guide on what to wear on a Grub Club date

We know that dating can be a daunting, nervewracking and seemingly impossible affair. Trying to find a topic of conversation with a person you barely know can be hard to keep up, which just makes us more nervous. We recently found out that to overcome this, lots of food-loving Londoners are choosing a Grub Club for their first dates. When we asked them why, it turns out that by sharing food and wine with a group of people, a large part of the one-on-one pressure associated with a first date is lifted. It also helps that because we have over 500 chefs and 1,000 venues on our site, each Grub Club offering you a dining experience rather than just a date.
We know that after plucking up the courage to ask someone out and organising where you’ll take them, leaves you with little time to find the perfect outfit. Luckily, we’ve teamed up with The Idle Man, who will give the men out there advice on what to wear.
The Idle Man
When deciding what to wear, have a look into what type of Grub Club you’ve booked. They have anything from dining in St Pancras clock tower to dining underground in a tube carriage, from tasty tacos to Michelin-quality food.
A fail-safe outfit would be a smart shirt and some trousers/chinos – take a look at our shirts and trousers for inspiration. Luckily, this combination can look good in both smart and casual settings, so when in doubt we’d recommend this style.
If you know that the Grub Club will be more casual, we’d suggest wearing a polo top and a pair of denim jeans.
Be careful when picking the colours, try going with colours that complement each other rather those that clash. We’d stay away from yellow and brown combos but suggest, white and black/Khaki. Generally, a lighter colour on the top and a darker colour on the bottom if you’re wanting a safe outfit but still look stylish.
Most importantly, don’t stress out about your outfit too much and be confident in what you wear. See The Idle Man for more inspiration.

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