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Sharing the love of the ‘Sharing Economy’



Grub Clubbers, you are all unwittingly partaking in a little something known as ‘the sharing economy’. Before the internet, renting a car, purchasing vintage clothing from abroad or creating bespoke dining experiences were arduous, often unfeasible, tasks. Now websites make it easy: HiyaCar connects car owners with prospective renters; Ebay allows customers to digitally traverse the globe’s offerings and bring back whatever sartorial splendours they fancy; and Grub Club orchestrates new culinary possibilities, by fusing foodies, Michelin-trained chefs and novel dining venues. Bringing with it a new culture of collaborative consumption, the sharing economy affords us endless possibilities, from accessing financial gain from underused assets (as with Hiya Car, Ebay and Air Bnb) to engaging with the world in new, extraordinary ways (as with Grub Club).

To help share the love of the sharing economy we’re giving you an exlusive code with HiyaCar. Use GRUBCLUB to get £20 off your first car hire or £30 extra when you hire your car out with Hiya Car.

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