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5 Best Ideas for a Corporate Night Out!

Team events that include ice breakers and stuffy dinners are everyone’s worst nightmare. Although useful to get to know each other, looking around at everyone checking the time to see when they can leave isn’t a good sign. Half the challenge of planning an event for your team is making sure they actually want to be there and are having fun. So what better way to entice your team to attend an event than with food? Leave your work at the office and take a look at our list of the best nights out for your team.



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Behind the Scenes with the Syrian Supper Club

Delicious food, unique venues, and an inspiring aim.. Syrian Supper Club is one of our all-time favourite supper clubs so it’s about time that we put them in the limelight and found out a little more about their story! What started as a supper at the kitchen table of a London home has grown to 75 dinners, 2500 guests and whole host of locations around the world, from Singapore to Washington D.C. But, we’ll start…

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5 Easy Birthday Dinner Ideas

Birthdays are days meant for celebration, spent with family and friends and always a good excuse to plan something fun. Birthday dinners always sound like a great idea at first, until you are stuck planning the entire night. You have to coordinate all your friends, find a venue big enough for your group and with a private room which can feel impossible at times. Not to mention, most private dinners come with a set menu and an added cost for alcohol which can be pricey and not very exciting. Let us take some of the stress off you and show some of our favourite ways to celebrate a birthday.   

The Literary Hour

A reading from their Feast in Narnia
Enter the feast through the wardrobe and into Narnia

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4 Best BYOB Private Dinners

From Indian to Italian to Persian, there’s something for everyone in London. But, it’s no secret that London is an expensive city. Even though there are countless places to try, dining out can seem like a bit of a luxury, since you have to the pay for not just food, but alcohol as well. Restaurants are notorious for marking up prices which makes buying a cheap bottle of wine and cooking dinner at home with…

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Hosting the perfect pancake party

Pancake day is upon us and it’s the perfect excuse to get a gang of your favourite tossers together for some tasty treats. We’ve picked out some of the best guilt free recipes that you can keep enjoying even during Lent. To create a great atmosphere, get your guests involved – whether it’s mixing up the batter, flipping and flopping or preparing some yummy toppings, there’s nothing more fun than making a mess together. With…

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Create the right Atmosphere at your next charity Grub Club

The Atmosphere Foundation is building a network of individuals and organisations who want to come together and embark upon purposeful projects. By corralling the will, enthusiasm, and abilities of millennials, managers, and mentors we help maximise the impact they can make.   On 21st July we partnered up with Grub Club and culinary duo Nordish to convene the future leaders of our projects. The idea was to create a charity supperclub and put the right…

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