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In The Kitchen With… United Ramen

United Ramen are on a mission to make you feel good, inside and out, one bowl of Ramen at a time! We caught up with Aaron of United Ramen to talk us through what inspired him to start United Ramen, the etiquette of ‘slurping’, and their exciting/unusual combinations. What inspired you to start United Ramen? Well, according to my mother, my first word was ‘Brie’, and my life has pretty much continued in this vein ever…

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Liv’s Mum’s Old-Fashioned Chicken Pie

Beatrix Potter: “I am dreadfully afraid it will be mouse!” said Duchess to herself – “I really couldn’t, couldn’t eat mouse pie. And I shall have to eat it, because it is a party. And my pie was going to be veal and ham.” I hope Duchess would have been happy with chicken pie. This one has so many excellent things (but no mouse) in it and can easily be made the day before it…

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