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Making Corporate Dining Cool


Why not dine in Dr Johnson's House a.k.a the writer of the first dictionary?
Why not dine in Dr Johnson’s House a.k.a the writer of the first dictionary? @msrg4mj2 @georgianlondon @ra_bird

Wanting to “wow” a client, an investor, or a potential partner can be a struggle when challenged with finding a place to get food. There are so many variables to worry about, not just the food but also the atmosphere and the other people that might be dining with you. Since connecting with people is so important taking them to a busy restaurant isn’t always the best option. Falling into a routine with ordering and looking at a menu can stifle creative conversation and make networking and connecting more difficult. Wouldn’t it be perfect to have a pop-up restaurant for the personal use of your company and its partners?

At Grub Club, there is a consistent and good result when it comes to dining. Private dinner events make managing the details easy and yield good results. While Grub Club may not be able to manage the people coming to dinner, it can control everything else. There’s good food, a nice venue, and no worry over the menu. Locations are creative (like Google’s dinner which was held in St Pancras clock tower) and the food is unique (experimental dinners are always a hit). Grub Club offers the ability to plan events with more control than the traditional restaurant and there’s always something new or interesting to “wow” people with.

Networking is important, and Grub Club makes impressing people easy. It offers a disruption to the traditional dining style and makes eating enjoyable. Grub Club provides a professional chef and interesting food, as well as an interesting restaurant space that will cater solely to business diners renting it out. All that you need to do is tell Grub Club to set up the private dining experience.

To find out more on Grub Club’s corporate dining, click here.


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