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How to Set Up Your Own Supper Club: MARKETING

So once you’ve got your supper club planned, prepped and properly positioning (see Part 1), it’s time for phase two of How to Set Up Your Own Supper Club – getting people to come!

London is absolutely chock-a-block with amazing foodie events every night so it’s important that you’re doing your best town crier impression and letting everyone know why your event is the best in town!

Here’s our tips for promoting your supper club effectively…



The first step is setting up a page where your promotion is going to be directed to (e.g. a Grub Club page!). This should give users more info about the event and show them a clear route to book. On this page, it’s essential to have:

  • Amazing photos – Include some “food porn” style photos to entice diners in and give them an idea of the style they can expect. Also include some of the setting and guests to help convey the event’s atmosphere. Stage a food photoshoot in your kitchen or hold an event with friends and family to get those all important action shots!
  • Enticing Event Description – Inform potential guests about the format of your event and why they should come. Talk about the food, your background & the atmosphere guests can expect. This is a social experience so inject your personality into the event description!
  • Menu – Especially when you’re first starting out, it’s really important to have a mouthwatering menu to get guests enticed. Secret menus won’t work unless you’ve already built up a strong reputation.



Social Media is an amazing tool to reach new audiences. However, it does need to wielded in the correct way to create an impact.

One of the most common mistakes we see new supper club hosts making is continually posting the same booking link to a small following. Instead, utlize the social aspect of social media to build up your following. Reach out to other accounts and post fun, useful content to help build up your followers.


  • Search for handles of influential twitter accounts and include them in your tweets. They may retweet and, if not, at least they’re now aware of you! Also look for interesting local twitter accounts who might be more likely to help spread the word.
  • As well as influencers, such as @LondonPopups, try out food bloggers, critics, fellow chefs, your venue, your suppliers, e.t.c.
  • If you’re tweeting about your event, don’t forget to include your booking link! People want an easy route to buy tickets.
  • Twitter is for engaging with others so start conversations, retweet people and talk about more than just your supper club!


  • Don’t constantly post links to your booking page. Find more creative ways of getting people interested in your event.
  • Share fun content related to your pop-up. Post food porn, stories of the preparation for your night, questions, funny memes… anything you can think of to get people engaging with your brand.



  • Website – Consider creating a website. This will be your online portfolio of photos, news, events + blogs. Using blog posts, you can document the preparation towards your supper clubs as well showcase photos, reviews and recipes.You could also create newsletters to let people know about new events and news.
  • Bloggers – A review from a high profile blogger will help to spread the word about your supper club and also provide you with a stamp of approval that you can use to promote your event. It may be an idea to ask a blogger to come down for free to your dinner. Supper clubs are meant to be social experiences so don’t worry if you’re only able to spare one ticket!
  • Press – Research relevant press outlets to send your event to. E.g. Food magazines, local papers, national press, online communities. Single out press and journalists that might be interested in your work and send them a press release. Think about what they could write about and what makes you different. There needs to be something that makes them want to write about you over everyone else!



And, last but not least, don’t underestimate the power of offline marketing…

  • Friends and Family  Do you have a community that you’re already part of that would be interested in supporting you? E.g. friends, family and colleagues. For first events, get friends to sign up and spread the word to build momentum for your supper club. You can take photos of the meal and they can write reviews which you can use to sell future evenings.
  • Venues – If you’re hosting in an external venue (such as a cafe), ask to put flyers there with date, time, name, description and booking info. Create simple flyers with a nice picture and clear info. Distributing these around the local area is an amazing way to spread the word to a captive audience.
  • Suppliers – Speak to your suppliers, butchers, and anyone selling you produce. Ask if you could leave some event flyers with them or whether they could send out a tweet to help your promotion. In exchange, you can promote them by tweeting about their produce and also mentioning them on your menu on the night of your supperclub.


We hope these tips are helpful on your supper club journey. Head back to Part 1 for more info on how to plan your supper club and go forward to How to Set Up Your Own Supper Club Part 3 – The Hosting!!

Also, take a look at working with Grub Club as a supper club host here!


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