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Grub Club Presents…Nuclear Winter

Alas, comrades, the end is vastly approaching…strap on your boots, wrap up warm and get ready for a
night of time travelling back to the Cold War for our very first Grub Club: Grub Club presents…Nuclear Winter.

For four weeks in February, we are showcasing four of our best chefs for an immersive supper club fit for the end of the word.

Step inside STYX, a stone’s throw away from Tottenham Hale, for a Cold War/Dr Strangelove experience, where you’ll trek
through both sides of the Iron Curtain, but while you do so, drink up and eat up like it’s the end of humanity.

A photograph of an actor dressed as a cowboy with the bomb. Click here to purchase tickets to Grub Club presents...Nuclear Winter

Food at Grub Club presents...Nuclear Winter. Click here to buy tickets

Embark on this dangerously delectable journey with:

The Dinner Ladies: STARS, STRIPES & KIMCHI DELIGHTS 31st Jan-3rd February


Klose and Soan: BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN 14th-17th February

The Tailored Table: ELEMENTS OF WAR 21st-24th February

Your mission:

Upon arrival, you will enter the USSR through the Immigration office which is lined with Russian propaganda and faded
photographs. A drunk Russian guard will decide whether or not you can pass by a series of questions. If you
pass the interrogation, you’ll be given an inter-zone passport which permits your entrance to the Soviet Marketplace.

Once you are in the Soviet Marketplace, you will have time to order drinks from the bar, take photos
and mingle with your fellow comrades. You’re surrounded by nuclear warfare and Russian guards who are
sceptical about where your allegiance lies, therefore you must brainstorm how to get to Cuban territory. But
don’t panic, a Russian soldier who has crossed his own general will guide you away from Russian land. And we have even better news: you will be able to smuggle your drinks in with you.

An american in the cuban territory. Purchase tickets to Grub Club presents...Nuclear Winter, here.

You have now entered Cuba and will experience Castro’s Cancelled
Christmas. To reward you for your bravery, you will be given a drink by Cuban servicemen (as long as you
promise your loyalty to their country). Now is the time to shed your jackets as you have transitioned from the
cold Russian winter to this warmer Caribbean island. But don’t get too comfortable… you must soon travel to American territory for the tastiest part of your adventure.

Once you make it to the American Secret Service room. You must find your folder with your name
on it and review the top-secret CIA documents along with the menu for the evening. As the courses arrive,
watch how the international tensions rise with an interactive performance. You will laugh, you will cry, and
most importantly, you will eat. We don’t want to give everything away (it is called the Secret Service room
after all), but there may or may not be free shots of Jameson to help the Cold War tensions settle.

Once you have bravely stopped the Cold War
apocalypse and indulged in the delicious dishes, stick around to rejoice in your efforts with your fellow comrades. More celebratory cocktails? We won’t say no to that.

The end of the meal? The end of the world? You’ll have to experience Nuclear Winter for yourself to see how your adventure will play out. Good luck…

Book Grub Club presents… Nuclear Winter, here.

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