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Create the right Atmosphere at your next charity Grub Club

The Atmosphere Foundation is building a network of individuals and organisations who want to come together and embark upon purposeful projects. By corralling the will, enthusiasm, and abilities of millennials, managers, and mentors we help maximise the impact they can make.


On 21st July we partnered up with Grub Club and culinary duo Nordish to convene the future leaders of our projects. The idea was to create a charity supperclub and put the right people in the right room with some delicious food and a few inspirational speakers. St. George’s Church in Campden Hill, Kensington seemed like a good start.


The evening kicked off with a few drinks and some awkward hellos as the unwitting guests arrived. Most came because they knew one of the team – some even came despite – but none knew quite what was going to happen.


The last notes from a muted trumpet rang across the church. Belle Chen and Burke Turner, our musicians for the evening, had finished playing ‘The Nearness of You’ and our guests all found their places. I walked up to the mic. Hello. A brief introduction from me and the team and the starter was served.


Elegant dishes of vodka cured salmon served with pickled cucumber pour out of the kitchen. The conversations start to gain a little substance, and the gentleman sitting to my right buys me a glass of white.


Back up at the mic, I introduced our first speaker. A dear friend of mine, Susan is a trainee corporate lawyer. She’s also solving the Greek currency crisis by leveraging digital to create an online marketplace for skills and talent, avoiding the usual issues of product-indivisibility and double coincidence of wants that make pre-digital markets for bartering inefficient. Of course. With an authentic, passionate and articulate speech she hit the room with its first dose of why we were there: to change the world. A sucker punch from an innocuous 21-year-old.


Main course. Needless to say, no more small talk over the dish of lamb, boulangere potatoes, and creamed spinach. Our chefs bring out the palate cleanser; a delightful lemon jelly served on a wedge of lemon skin.


Our second speaker, Tomás Carruthers (Google him) came up to the mic. He grounded his feet and looked at the room. A big ticket financier, he told us the story of the 2008 crash. Listing in rapid-fire all the facts, figures, and mind-boggling short-sighted stupidity that led to the global recession. Did you know it’s broken? *pause* It’s broken. *pause* It is still broken… There is something quite powerful about the man who set up online stock trading telling you three times that in 2016, it is still broken.


Dessert. Frozen blueberry parfait and aquavit marinated berries. Gentleman to my right sits down at the table with more wine.


The evening ended with my boss, Ben Hart, telling us why we had come together. That we were here because we all need each other if we were going to ignite the real changes to business that it needs. And the best bit? Everyone already got it.


Waiters come out with cheese and crackers. The gentleman to my right smiles and pours me another glass.

grub club
St Georges Church in Notting Hill. Photo credited to Giovanni Calemma

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