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Best Flippin’ List of Pancake Toppings

We know you’ll all be piling ‘em high on Shrove Tuesday. But what side of the pancake topping pile to you fall? Savoury, sweet or damn right bizarre? The most important thing is to find your pancake the most delicious of partners. So we’ve compiled a flipping’ great list of pancake toppings to give you inspiration, with the help of some of our Twitter friends. 1. Bacon and Maple Syrup Pancakes The quintessential American breakfast. Can’t beat…

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Liv’s Mum’s Old-Fashioned Chicken Pie

Beatrix Potter: “I am dreadfully afraid it will be mouse!” said Duchess to herself – “I really couldn’t, couldn’t eat mouse pie. And I shall have to eat it, because it is a party. And my pie was going to be veal and ham.” I hope Duchess would have been happy with chicken pie. This one has so many excellent things (but no mouse) in it and can easily be made the day before it…

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