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Supper Clubs to Comfort You After Brexit

Whether you wanted to leave or remain, the campaign for Brexit has left the entire nation exhausted. So what do we do now?

Even though Great Britain is packing its bag, we can still celebrate the wonderful cuisine from our EU friends and our own nation. The flavors of these diverse and delicious foods are no less enjoyable than they were yesterday, and they will always find a place in our country as well as our stomachs!

So we invite you to relax and take a seat at any of these amazing supper clubs that will comfort all your post-Brexit anxieties:

1. “Hvala” taste of Croatia..

0e1e5f24-0208-4b0e-88f9-8baa64aa0196Take a trip to Eastern Europe with this incredible pop-up inspired by one chef’s travels to this football-loving country. Adam Rawson dazzles with 14 dishes featuring ingredients brought back to London, including Porcini “Fuzi” and Dark Chocolate & Chiavallon Olive Oil Cake. He combines a tasting menu with a sharing menu to make the experience socially engaging and leave people with happy, satiated bellies. The young British Foodie Winner has 11 years of experience under his belt plus travel experience to share with his diners. He encourages all diners to come hungry!

2. Best of British Summer Solo Supper Club

b30d2fa5-c67f-4f5d-b262-3a53ad3b5a76This pop-up highlights all the food Great Britain is proud of, and all the food comes from England, too! The goal of this supper club is to create an uplifting meal to remind Brits that summer here is better than the recent rain spells. By using local ingredients, the host delivers a delicious three course meal and a summery cocktail to welcome all diners. And if the rain holds out, dinner will be served outside in the garden.

3. The Art and Politics of Eating: Spanish Grapes

283ef6f8-728e-40c8-8049-15cf20ceb323Examine the history and culture of Spanish wine, a movie, and delicious food? Who would miss out on that? “The Art and Politics of Eating” is the current project of the London Cooking Project, also on tour in the US, that brings art and food together in the room that can be called a dining room, art gallery, and cinema. Zev Robinson shines in this thoughtful and artistic experience, and the food and wine will transport you to the Spanish wineries.

4. The Veg Pot

fa97755c-09b2-4453-8f6b-0524681993e9Vegan has never tasted so good. Bite into the best paella, delicious tapas, and irresistible rice dishes the Spanish chefs have prepared. Need an extra health incentive? There will be a salad buffet for all those who have a little bit more room in their stomachs after dining on Seafood Paella Rice. This event is not restricted to vegans alone – anyone with a taste for Spain is welcomed!

5. East Dulwich Supper Club with Filippo Berio

UnknownTake pride in this special district of south London, and try this unique pop-up. Before a mouth-watering three course meal, you can drink cocktails and snack on canapés – tiny explosions of flavour, perfectly presented to delight the senses. And afterwards, enjoy affogato (filter coffee) and cantuccini. From the pesto stuffed Loin of Rose Veal to the lemon panna cotta, East Dulwich will impress again and again – you might even want to stay there.

6. The Ultimate Dinner Party

39252d80-a0a9-4a3f-84e4-0fcd4384a16aAthough it’s not in the title, this supper club brings the taste of Italy to the streets of London. Featuring Italian and English cuisine, the menu includes New England clam chowder, savory donuts with sweet shrimp, and your new favorite pecan and apple pie.  Bring a friend or two, because this experience is one that they won’t want to miss out on.

Want more? Check out other amazing pop-ups under What’s On? You can narrow your choices by cuisine (such as Spanish, Italian, British, etc.) as well as price, date, and dietary needs. So no matter where Britain goes from here, flavors from all over Europe will be with us.

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