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Beauty and the Feast

Beauty and the Feast

After September’s mellow fruitfulness October can feel pretty savage on the senses, what with the sudden decline in daylight, the increasingly chilly weather and the inevitable early emergence in the shops of…can you bear it…Christmas merch (shudder). But it’s not all bad. Here’s a Grub Club that will ward off any lingering end-of-summer blues. It’s a raucously riotous and heady concoction of theatre, music, art and food brought to you by Darling&Edge.


Held within the labyrinthine setting of The Vaults, a set of disused underground tunnels under Waterloo, Beauty & The Feast is a banquet and theatre show rolled into one spectacularly immersive experience. The feast is served by mystical creatures within the magical world of an enchanted castle and as the story unfolds around you, you’ll learn the secret of the spell that was cast one hundred years ago. Once the culinary cabaret is over, a DJ will take control of the evening’s revelry when dancing on the tables late into the night isn’t just permitted, it’s actively encouraged.

Beauty & The Feast runs from October until December and nights are already selling out despite the fact that the menu remains shrouded in mystery so don’t miss your chance to indulge in a little escapism, or as the organisers themselves say, come as beauty, leave as a beast.

Book Beauty and the Beast, now.

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