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80s Star Wars themed dinner in the Museum of Brands

Nothing tastes as good as a nice slice of nostalgia pie. And that’s exactly what’s on the menu at Fabulous 698B’s Back to the 80s dinner at the Museum of Brands. Just a stone’s throw away from Portobello Market, the museum is a treasure trove of branded artefacts that date back to the Victorian era.


Dinner will be set amidst the museum’s sci-fi exhibits and the menu will draw heavily from Fabulous 698B’s own favourite movie from the 80s. With dishes like “cocktail and prawn, you will have” and “a long time ago in a trifle far far away” there are no prizes for guessing what that could possibly be.


But even if, like comedian Bill Dare, you’ve never seen Star Wars, there’ll still be plenty to tickle your nostalgia bone. The museum is open to diners from 6pm on the night so you’ll have a good hour before the meal to take in some of the collection’s 12,000 exhibits, including Rimmel cosmetics from the 1890s, right the way through to Kit Kats from the 1930s. And having feasted your eyes on Oxo Cubes from the First World War, the feasting will begin in earnest with Fabulous 698B’s culinary homage to that most glorious of decades. Expect Fabulous’ customary welcome cocktail, a four-course dinner, some exciting little extras and a full bar selling specially chosen wines to pair with your meal.

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