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Michelin pop-up in Shoreditch

We’re bringing Sloane Square to Shoreditch for this Autumnal themed Grub Club. Ed Lumb is taking his Michelin starred training from The Five Fields, Whatley Manor and The Ledbury to his trendy penthouse on Kingsland Road. Your ticket includes a five-course Chef’s Table experience for only £45 (+BYOB) for the likes of you and me. Ed’s minimalistic table is designed to let the food do the talking and with course names such as Onion, Artichoke, Potato and Scallop, Curry, Cauliflower, he’s leaving all the textures and…

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80s Star Wars themed dinner in the Museum of Brands

Nothing tastes as good as a nice slice of nostalgia pie. And that’s exactly what’s on the menu at Fabulous 698B’s Back to the 80s dinner at the Museum of Brands. Just a stone’s throw away from Portobello Market, the museum is a treasure trove of branded artefacts that date back to the Victorian era. Dinner will be set amidst the museum’s sci-fi exhibits and the menu will draw heavily from Fabulous 698B’s own favourite movie from the 80s. With dishes…

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The Idle Man’s guide on what to wear on a Grub Club date

We know that dating can be a daunting, nervewracking and seemingly impossible affair. Trying to find a topic of conversation with a person you barely know can be hard to keep up, which just makes us more nervous. We recently found out that to overcome this, lots of food-loving Londoners are choosing a Grub Club for their first dates. When we asked them why, it turns out that by sharing food and wine with a group…

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A Feast in Narnia for your festive party

Whoever said spontaneous nights out are always the best has clearly never felt the pain of trying to get a last minute group booking over the festive period. For all you realists, on the other hand, you’ll know a little forward planning is sometimes vital to facilitate the fun times. Yes, people, it’s time to embrace the Doodle Poll, update that Google Calendar and whip your festive social schedules into shape. Starting with this private, Narnia-themed feast just for you and your buddies. The…

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Dinner Ladies X Brodie from Masterchef

Question: what do a DIY scotch egg, an underwear shop designer and an old ice factory in South West London have in common? Answer: they all feature in the next Grub Club by those mischievous mavens of experiential dining, The Dinner Ladies. For their Autumn Supper, the ladies are teaming up with Masterchef semi-finalist Brodie Williams who, since featuring on the show, has said goodbye to his role as Design Architect for Agent Provocateur in order to become a full-time chef. Hosted at…

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Sharing the love of the ‘Sharing Economy’

  Grub Clubbers, you are all unwittingly partaking in a little something known as ‘the sharing economy’. Before the internet, renting a car, purchasing vintage clothing from abroad or creating bespoke dining experiences were arduous, often unfeasible, tasks. Now websites make it easy: HiyaCar connects car owners with prospective renters; Ebay allows customers to digitally traverse the globe’s offerings and bring back whatever sartorial splendours they fancy; and Grub Club orchestrates new culinary possibilities, by…

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Beauty and the Feast

Beauty and the Feast

After September’s mellow fruitfulness October can feel pretty savage on the senses, what with the sudden decline in daylight, the increasingly chilly weather and the inevitable early emergence in the shops of…can you bear it…Christmas merch (shudder). But it’s not all bad. Here’s a Grub Club that will ward off any lingering end-of-summer blues. It’s a raucously riotous and heady concoction of theatre, music, art and food brought to you by Darling&Edge.

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Making Corporate Dining Cool


Why not dine in Dr Johnson's House a.k.a the writer of the first dictionary?
Why not dine in Dr Johnson’s House a.k.a the writer of the first dictionary? @msrg4mj2 @georgianlondon @ra_bird

Wanting to “wow” a client, an investor, or a potential partner can be a struggle when challenged with finding a place to get food. There are so many variables to worry about, not just the food but also the atmosphere and the other people that might be dining with you. Since connecting with people is so important taking them to a busy restaurant isn’t always the best option. Falling into a routine with ordering and looking at a menu can stifle creative conversation and make networking and connecting more difficult. Wouldn’t it be perfect to have a pop-up restaurant for the personal use of your company and its partners? Continue reading Making Corporate Dining Cool

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6 Unusual Places for a Private Dinner

With the huge number of restaurants in London, there’s a place for everyone. But, it can also become overwhelming trying to narrow down where to go, especially if you’re looking for somewhere with a private room as well. People are getting tired of boring, ordinary restaurants, and are looking for something unusual and unique. Dining out is more than just sitting on your phone until your food arrives, scarfing down your meal and leaving; it…

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