A Little Lusciousness

Why Join the Table?

One of our top-rated chefs is hosting an autumn pop up to showcase figs and the best seasonal produce

Come hungry for a feasting menu with paired wines recommended for you to bring
Lovely community space in Maida Vale
A relaxed evening, brimming with deliciousness. You really don't want to miss this...

House Rules: BYOB

In a Nutshell

One of Grub Club's top rated chefs, Rosie holds A Little Lusciousness pop up restaurants and supper clubs at venues across Central and West London. Fun filled evenings, with a feast of food, named as a pop up to try by Sheerluxe.

So come along, try out her recipes before they go in the cookbook she's writing, and meet some lovely new people!

The Whole Hog

A Little Lusciousness pop ups are fun, friendly, casual evenings.

Think perfect pub food, served in beautiful venues, surrounded by people who love and appreciate good food as much as I do.

Here's what others have had to say about my events:


Cocktails and Caroline.

Chiswick Herald.

Eat, Travel, Live.


Miranda's Notebook.

Amazing homemade bread, locally sourced burrata was delicious and the duck was very tasty. Good doughnuts too.

A beautifully thought out menu, put together using wonderfully fresh produce. Plus lovely fellow diners who were great company. Really enjoyed the night out. Thanks to Rosie and Alex for all the hard work!

I was very impressed with the meal which was divine and the host was lovely. I'm looking forward to attending another bit of a little lusciousness.

Beautiful food, lovely relaxed atmosphere, highly recommended. :)

Excellent meal, very friendly hosts. Each course was very well paired and presented.

Such a lovely night. Great food. Great venue. Very relaxed. Love the dog. Hope she makes an appearance at future events. 😊

Amazing night, great food. Met some lovely people. Felt like have a meal amongst friends.

that lamb and smoked bean puree dish...................

Absolutely brilliant night! Having not been to one of these events before I can't say that we weren't a bit dubious. However, food was wonderful and the hosts were great! We'll definitely be looking to attend other events in future. Thank you Steve & Rosie

Fantastic food! Perfect staff. Everyone so friendly and made it such an enjoyable night. All the staff and Steve helped my partner propose to me and made it the perfect proposal. 5 stars isn't enough!!

The food was superb! Would be perfect if each guest was given more space.

Thanks for a great evening.

Brilliant night . First time I have experienced this sort of dining . But honestly Steve you are the man

Lovely night, great efforts made by the host and team. The veggie option was great although the main seemed to be the meat option with the meat removed? Loved the welcome cocktail and cheeseboard!

A nice venue suited for Grub Clubs and enjoyable evening. Food was wholesome and tasty. I'd like to know what the vegetarian option is in advance, so I'd suggest adding the menu to the website.

Let's start with some context here: I am a 5-star review guy by nature. I have been to other supper clubs that have been superb and easily match some of the very best restaurants for food. I always enjoy the experience and had a perfectly pleasant evening at A.L.L., but I would have been really disappointed if I had served the food to my friends on a weekday night. Pre-dinner: a warm sticky gin-based pre-made cocktail. Yuk. By the time I was served the starter, they clearly had nearly run out because I was served a small child's portion, without comment. The main course of lamb was nice enough, although cold, and the desert was a dry slice of cake. All accompanied by very sweet, dry and mismatched home-made bread/cake. This was so far from a culinary success that it is hard to imagine why there are so many positive reviews preceding this; hopefully it was an aberration.

Absolutely fantastic food and hosting. A very memorable earth day; highly recommended.

Fun night with great company. Nice addition of an auction to change things up a bit! Hope you raised lots of money for the trek! Brunswick Studios is a gem. The prawns were divine and the puffed rice salad was a nice touch. The lamb was melt in your mouth yum!

a lot of fun

Great food. Change the venue next time though :)

Rosie and the team did a brilliant job at the rhubarb special, taking over Nineteen in Queen's Park. Friendly, fun atmosphere and a menu where every course was interesting and generous added up to a great evening (especially for a supper club newbie!).

an absolutely delightful evening -- delicious food and excellent company ..!!

Fantastic rhubarb themed evening, the terrine was spectacular, better than you'd get in a great restaurant and the bon bon main course delicious! Highly recommended, such a fun night out in North West London!

Excellent food in both quality and quantity. A very welcoming atmosphere and a great crowd.

Amazing evening! The food was delicious and we met some lovely people. The location was really quirky & Rosie was a brilliant host. We hadn't been to one of these events before but will definitely be back again and would highly recommend.

Delicious food and a warm, buzzing atmosphere. Rosie is an excellent host and made us all feel very welcome. Even though I didn't eat pudding (I've given up sugar for Lent) the delectable starter and main certainly made up for it... Not to mention the cheeseboard. Another very enjoyable pop-up!

Lovely evening! Food was very good, the location was nice and quirky, and it was great to chat with very interesting people. Highly recommended!

A great evening, good company and the food was excellent - highly recommended!

First of these events for us and WE LOVED IT! What a lovely experience! Thank you so much, Rosie! The food portions were incredible and the taste was divine! Last night we had great conversations and laughs, enjoyed food and music and fell in love with London just a little bit more!

Excellent team and food and ready to renew this geat experience! Just a small bemol ..the noise which prevented us to discuss and share ideas ..

As always a great Little Lusciousness!

Fabulous evening. Rosie is an incredible host and her food is sensational. Rich yet well balanced flavours, beautiful personal twist on the best of British produce. Great buzz throughout the night as everyone seemed to just relax into the warm and welcoming vibe that Rosie is able to instantly create. Really uplifting!

As always lovely and delicious, Thank you Rosie and everyone in the team

Rosie made my 30th birthday dinner absolutely spectacular. She designed a bespoke menu for my guests and I, which fitted my preferences perfectly. I was delighted with the food and atmosphere on the night: the right balance of sophistication and informality. I felt relaxed knowing that she and her staff had everything covered so I could enjoy the party. It's hard to say which of the courses was my favourite; everyone loved the pulled lamb and celeriac purée, although the lemon posset stole the show for me! She was also able to cater for my friends' and family's dietary requirements so everyone felt welcome and comfortable. A fantastic night had by all!

Another lovely evening with absolutely exquisite food! Rosie is such a talented chef! She really knows brings together amazing flavors. Thank you for a wonderful dinner!

This was the first supper club I've attended and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The food and drink were excellent--they got me out of my comfort zone--and everyone seated nearby me was engaging and had something fun to contribute to the conversations. Thanks to Rosie and her crew for pacing the meal well and after a brief speech in the beginning, letting us have free reign to talk and listen to one another.

A truly wonderful meal as always from Rosie, super friendly team, relaxed environment and really thoughtful service. You will be sorely missed Rosie but look forward to your new ventures!

Absolutely fantastic all round night. Food was generous and top notch, guests were engaging and service was excellent. A little brightly lit but besides that's a great night

This was my first experience of Rosie's supper club and I wasn't disappointed. From the welcome cocktail to the closing coffee and truffles I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Rosie's culinary skills are second to none and you easily forget that you are at a supper club and not a high end restaurant. I can't wait to sample another of Rosie's supper clubs and would heartedly recommend this as a dining experience


We thoroughly enjoyed this Thanksgiving feast. Chris was the perfect host, Rosie was delightful, and the food was great. I particularly liked the surprise tang of the pickled pumpkin in the pumpkin soup and the delicious mac and cheese on the side. But the turkey was also juicy and beautifully prepared -- not an easy feat when cooking for so many! We went along with a group of friends so that made the evening even more special. Thanks Rosie and Chris for a memorable Turkey Day!

It was a really relaxed, friendly evening, and Rosie and Chris hosted it very smoothly. Overall, the dinner was beautifully prepared and served. Perfectly paced so that we could enjoy so many surprises all the way through without feeling rushed. A generous dinner with many creative touches in the menu. There were plenty of new flavours, which I'd be keen to try for our own Brit Christmas dinner. The venue is perfect for this kind of larger supperclub with a mix of smaller and larger groups sharing large tables. Such a rare occasion for Chiswick!

Great evening, our first ever Thanksgiving. The event was sold out so there was some minor shuffling of seats but this was convivially arranged by both hosts who supplied some delicious drinks and made sure everyone was happy. The pumpkin soup was a highlight for me, the pickled pumpkin gave a lovely accent to the flavour. As a pescatarian I enjoyed salmon rather than the turkey and Rosie had thoughtfully made a special vegetarian gravy. This was certainly a feast with plates piled high. Tiki Chris was a great host and was particularly enlightening on Thanksgiving culinary and cultural traditions. Rosie came to our table a number of times to check that the food and evening was to everyones enjoyment. The venue was simple but quite pleasant and walking distance for us, always a bonus. Thanks for a fun evening, greatly enjoyable!

The food was great. It was a very tasty twist on Thanksgiving. The turkey was a triumph and the desert was outstanding. I enjoyed the casual set up. Tiki Chris was a great co-host. Stories of his recent American travels (to refresh his Appalachia upbringing) and his incisive views on the American culture helped to make it a very special American experience. Rosie was a delight, too. She was friendly and engaging, claiming our little American outpost on the Chiswick High Street with her charm that would make a Southern belle proud.

A really imaginative Thanksgiving menu. Traditional ingredients were thoughtfully paired - such as carrots with maple and pomegranate. A super amount of food - which is how I like my supperclubs. Pleasant banter from table companions and all in a lovely venue. :)

Dismal. This is just a simple dinner served in a shopfront, there was no attempt to make the event in any way 'festive' for Thanksgiving, no decorations, bare tables, Duralex tumblers and paper napkins, one set of cutlery to last the whole meal. No host introduced themselves to us, or us to any of the other guests - and they'd taken bookings for 8 and 12 - including one table hosted by 'Tiki Chris' who didn't mix with other guests - and who hogged the best tables and left the singles/couples squeezed out. The woman who was in charge was never seen without a packet of cigarettes in her hand and spent much of the evening outside, smoking. Simply dreadful, one of the worst pop-ups/supper clubs I ever attended. The food was unimaginative, and basic. A liquidised pumpkin soup and some roast turkey isn't a gourmet challenge. The idea of Thanksgiving is a 'feast' at which huge bowls of accompaniments are passed around convivially, not the meal pre-plated like a not very good school dinner. If an organiser had introduced themselves, I'd have asked for a refund.

Excellent food and venue!

We both enjoyed a fantastic evening, the food was delicious and in plentiful supply, the room and ambience was lovely, and the service was excellent, and if course all for a brilliant cause. If you haven't been to an event you should definitely try it you won't be disappointed!

Amazing food + very friendly staff + great cause = winning supperclub!

What a wonderful night! Amazing food, cosy venue, really affordable wine, and lovely people. Thank you!

Absolutely lovely evening! Thank you so much to everyone who helped put it together. The food was delicious and the venue was comfortable.

Wonderful ingredients put to amazing use. The main course was plentiful and the ice cream to die for. What a wonderful way to spend a very wet Saturday evening in Soho - venue had a great atmosphere and staff were helpful. Thanks Rosie!

Lovely evening, great food. Dessert was especially amazing. :)

Outstanding food - great service & fun company

Thoroughly enjoyed the evening on the 8 Oct. I was sat on the square table with a group of 7 others and we had a lovely evening. The food was superb (rich...so a treat once in a while!), ambience great and lovely conversation with everyone on my table.......who were all interested in attending other events.

The food was great as always and Rosie was the perfect host mingling with the diners. Absolutely loved the venison starter.

Great night, cant wait to do it again

Food was lovely and the host very accommodating given I had some last minute dietary requirements! Will definitely return!

Our evening at A Little Lusciousness hosted by Rosie was everything we had hoped for. We were greeted with a charming blackberry fizz cocktail and a very warm welcome from the chef herself. The home made baked bread, venison carpaccio and venison lollipop were real crowd pleasers which was followed by a beautiful piece of pork belly that had the all important crackling, nailed to a t! Each course was beautifully presented, well balanced and full of flavour. It goes without saying that these are must attend supper clubs and I for one will be there at Rosie's next event.

Second time I've been to this supper club and lived up to expectations again. A wonderful presentation of food, with a theme. Warm and friendly host.

Again Rosie made an amazing and stunning meal - the venison cappachio was so good, the pork belly had some of the best crackling I've had in a very long time - loved the very drunken blackberries and the cheese board was great. All in all very recommended to anyone and it was lovely to see it being a full house again.

Delicious meal in a relaxed atmosphere. My first Grub Club experience - will definitely try this again. Go with a partner or friend.

Food is good but is slightly warm !

Great food, wine, company and venue! Again again!!

The food was, as always at Rosie's events, of an exceptionally high standard. The venue was lovely and the company was charming. Top evening all round :) 5 STARS!!

Absolutely Awesome!!! I'm a big time foodie, but it is an expensive habit. As wine makes the bill twice what it needs to be the BYOB option makes it affordable to have great wine and great food at a great price. I love the intro drink which usually gives you a chance to mingle and it's always something I'd never think to order. The food is always top notch! The last one I went to was one of the best starters I've had in my life (and as a foodie, that's really saying something!). I've been to a few of these now, and I think I'll have to admit that I'm addicted. With a groups its a nice way to have fine dining on a budget and all the different dietary needs were catered to. Gorgeous food aside, each time I've gone, I've come away with a new friend as well as a very happy belly. And to top it off, the chef comes out to have a chat. She's so nice! I can't recommend it enough!!

Amazing and delicious. Can't wait for the next one. Peach Panocotta was the killer, but all the courses hit the spot. A great night out. A top laugh.

Lovely menu on a summer's evening. Great atmosphere too!

Presentation spectacular. Our host was so sweet & lovely. The evening was an absolute pleasure! Food delicious!

Really enjoyed Rosie's pop-up on Saturday, highlights were the amazing mini Britsh Burrata, pulled lamb, cheese selection and peach pannacota (basically was a winning menu and lovely and seasonal). Highly recommended

I'd been to one of Rosie's supper clubs before so I knew it would be the perfect place to have my 27th birthday party. My mates and I descended en masse for an absolute feast that impressed literally everyone - at the fraction of the price of a restaurant meal. It's great for groups (and Rosie can easily accommodate fussy eaters, vegetarians, etc.) and BYOB is a huge bonus.

Food was amazing and even catered for my difficult boyfriends with his strange requirements!! Lovely venue, superb food and a lovely host!

Amazing food!

Rosie was a great host and the menu was very generous - including cheese as well as dessert

Flawless evening. My vegetarian menu was not only delicious but really thoughtfully considered so it aesthetically mirrored the meat-based meals, as oppose to having a completely different dish. A rare and lovely touch.

Fabulous food - inventive ingredients beautifully cooked and presented. Rosie is a supremely gifted chef and a warm hostess. #alittlelusciousness is one of the few reasons why I wished I lived closer to London!

Fantastic food, as you'd expect from Grub Club's most highly rated chef! It was a lovely evening and met some new friends, caught up with old friends. The venue was very pleasant too. 5 out of 5!

Loved the food & service. The only thing it was a bit too noisy so we had to shout! Would love to do it again and recommend to friends!

An excellent evening all round. The venue was centrally located and the wine choice was reasonably priced. We found the venue a little noisy so difficult to hear conversations clearly. Food was excellent in all respects. Seasonal, original and well presented. Highlights were the home cured trout, homebaked bread, delicious panna cotta, sumptuous cheeseboard and very rich home made choc truffles. We would return.

Good !

Best pulled pork I've ever eaten!

My husband and I had a lovely Saturday lunch at Barts, where Chef and Blogger Rosie from A Little Lusciousness hosted a wobderful pop up. The food was delicious, especially the smoked salmon mousse with sea weed. The portions were generous and well presented. Rosie was a fabulous host, and the venue was the perfect frame for such a great afternoon.

Our experience was amazing. The food by Rosie was superb and it was a fantastic way to celebrate my sister's 30th birthday. I would highly recommend A Little Lusciousness to anyone!

Our first Grub Club, and what a great experience. As a vegetarian I'm always a bit wary of these things as the options can be a bit half hearted but I was blown away by the food, as well as the fact that I still had similar side dishes and the same dessert etc, rather than missing out completely! The courses were well spaced out, and it was fun to talk to new people. The bread was especially amazing!

Food was awesome and the table was set so you met everyone around you so there was a great vibe! And loved being able to BYO! Thanks Rosie and crew

Great food, good company.

Incredible food, fine company and a very joyful evening all round. Thanks Rosie!

I really enjoyed my first Grub Club experience. The food was delicious and I met some really lovely people. I would definitely come again!

thanks - lovely evening!

This was an exceptionally good menu and night out. Seasonal ingredients were used to make imaginative courses, without going OTT. It's great going home feeling indulged and fabulous, not just full! A lot of thought and effort had gone into the menu, which included a welcome rhubarb, gin and prosecco cocktail and homemade whipped butter and bread. There were highlights aplenty: the creamiest, smoothest smoked salmon mousse to start; a tender slowed cooked pulled lamb in the main and a lemon posset with rhubarb pud. We'd definitely recommend and return!

This was a truly delightful evening, fabulous food, amazing ambience and cracking cocktails. Remarkably relaxed we all thoroughly enjoyed our evening and cannot wait to do it all again. Rosie is the perfect hostess, her food sublime.

A lovely enjoyable evening. Thank you very much.

The food was extremely tasty and sophisticated, with the main duck course and the desert standing out as particular hits. It really had the feel of being home made and fresh. The setting was wonderful as well and we met some interesting people.

A wonderful evening - a warm welcome on a miserable winter evening to a convivial setting, delicious food. The menu was seasonal and professionally crafted to exploit flavours. The dishes were well presented, and generous. Rosie and her staff host a great evening. (The warm spiced chocolate truffles tipped off a top evening!).

Absolutely lovely dinner and evening - great food and very well presented and super tasty with great flavours across all courses. Now to see when Rosie has another pop up :)

The acoustics of the venue made it quite loud, but that did not deter from the lovely food served. Absolutely fantastic!

Another excellent night by Rosie and her team! I especially liked the welcome drink, the starter and the pudding with chocolate sauce was delicious! Will definitely attend another of your events and think I might bring some friends along next time! Great venue too!

A thoroughly enjoyable evening. Warm and friendly host, fantastic food and very generous portions. Great value for money, would go again. Well done Rosie!

Rosie was a very welcoming host and the food was excellent. Especially loved the homemade bread and beetroot cured Salmon. Amazing value for money, with seconds thrown in for those that somehow had room for more. Will definitely be back and spreading the word to friends.

Was impressed by the attention to detail above the norm: generous menu/portions, good quality produce and extras such as homemade bread, cheese and chutney, homemade truffles with herbal tea to finish. Pleasant café venue. All made for excellent value. Definitely recommend.

So so good. Everything about this pop up restaurant is superb. I can't wait to go again and hopefully I'll convince a few others to go with me. The food was delicious, full of complex flavours yet subtle and pure, great textures, beautifully cooked. The venue was lovely, it had a great atmosphere (lovely crockery) - the set up was absolutely conducive to striking up conversation with new people. The booking process was seamless. The chef was very professional and relaxed - my allergies/intolerances (boo) did not phase her one bit. So highly recommended.

Rosie hosted a really fabulous evening. I attended with a group of 6 people and we all had a perfect evening. Delicious menu (venison tartar + fresh bread were both seriously out of this world and cheese board was massive), despite the last minute location change the venue was atmospheric and Rosie was the warmest of hosts. Food was plentiful and we were all made to feel extremely welcome and at ease. Amazing value for money and couldn't recommend more highly.

For value, you just can't beat one of London's pop-up restaurants, though in my experience the quality can vary wildly. Rosie of A Little Lusciousness is the queen of London's supper club scene, and pretty much a cert if you want a) restaurant quality food at half the normal price (PLUS a cocktail, PLUS homemade truffles and coffee), b) BYOB, c) an awesome atmosphere. The current venue is lovely but a little loud, so it's not for you if you want a quiet, romantic evening, but other than that it's perfect. Book, you'll have a blast.

Lovely evening with great hosting! Food was en pointe and definitely worthy of the rave reviews you have. Hoping to come again to one of your dinners!

This was my second time visiting Rosie's supperclub and it was as great as the first. This time at a local cafe, the atmosphere was really buzzy and the conversation flowed just like the perfect dinner party. The food was great too! Rosie does the extra touches extremely well, and her homemade cocktail upon arrival, delicious bread, extra portions and chocolate truffles to end really make the evening feel special and intimate. Restaurant quality food but the feeling of being in someones home and meeting their brilliant friends. Everything that you could want from this type of evening out. Highly recommended!

Thank you for a spectacular evening... Delicious food, fabulous cocktail and a great atmosphere. I had an absolute blast! Rosie was definitely the hostess with the mostess! Will definitely be back for more!

Good fun! And a good effort.

Excellent food-particularly the starter and dessert!

Overall it was a really nice evening with excellent value for money! There was sooooo much food we almost couldn't walk home :) Our favourite were the beetroot cures salmon, the ginderbread icecream as well as an great selection of cheesse served with homemade prickle! Rosie was kind enough to wait for all the latecommers. And we had really nice company throughout the evening!

An absolutely fantastic evening! We were chuffed Rosie chose to use our local produce for the event. All three courses were stunning, but the stand out dish had to be the pulled pork - absolutely delicious! Thanks for such a great evening x

A great dining experience, think gastro pub style food, served in a homely fashion. lot's tasty side dishes, all you can eat and fun company. Whats not to like amazing value , ByOB. its a charming evening with a great friendly host, another fab night with Rosie.

Superb food and fun company

Fantastic meal from start to finish! Nice cocktail to greet us, then a tasty soup, accompanied by homemade bread (which was soft, almost cake-like, and delicious). The main course featured probably the best pulled pork I've ever eaten (both in America or here in the UK), featuring a deep flavour. The accompanients were similarly tasty, with special mention to the BBQ sauce, which was rich (almost treacly) and similarly up there with it's US counterparts. The dessert of apple and pear gyoza with homemade fig/salted caramel ice cream was also a highlight. I've never had dessert gyoza before, but it's a stroke of genius - tasting almost like tiny, gourmet versions of McDonalds apple pies - and the ice cream was both smooth & light. I was stoked when seconds were brought out! Tasty crackers, chutney and a variety of cheeses, followed by tea/coffee rounded off proceedings nicely.

Being a follower of Rosie's food blog, I was eagerly anticipating a weekend when I could travel down to London for one of her Grub Club events - and I was blown away! As a treat, my partner and I brought along my parents, and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves too :) The food was as spectacular as expected, and there was so much of it! My favourite part was the pear gyoza for dessert. Also, Rosie was kind enough to accommodate my dad's alternate meat preference. The venue was awfully cute, and the tables were decorated with flowers. The introductory cocktail was so delicious, and the atmosphere of the evening was warm and full of laughter. I cannot wait to book for another of Rosie's events in 2016!

I took my boyfriend as a surprise with no expectations as to how the evening would pan out and it turned out to be the funnest evening! The food was incredible and loved how it was all British and locally sourced through Farmdrop. Everything from the welcome cocktail to the homemade fruit pastilles was just perfect. Copious bottles of red later and we were stumbling out all the best of friends. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for gorgeous, honest food in a fun and relaxed environment. Thanks Rosie! Lucy & Chris xx

Had a great evening, food was amazing. Great group of people who I had never meet before, highly recommend .

Myself and the party that I was with had a brilliant evening at Ginger Spice. We were looked after beautifully by everyone. We had an extra person with us and they were made to feel incredibly welcome. There was wonderful atmosphere and the cocktails did the job! It also helped that it was my birthday… looking forward to the next one!

Great night, felt like we were at a festival with the lit fires on the roof! Delicious food, all 7 courses, and welcome Cardomom Martini, huge congrats to Rosie (with a sprained ankle) and Hardeep for throwing such a fun charity fundraising dinner.

The menu looked fantastic but didn't live up to expectations to be honest. Great cause though and feel good to be part of it. Food could have been a lot better. Muscles were not fresh as they smelt very very fishy. Best thing was the pork belly with crackling.

Fun evening but wish it was a warmer night!

Fantastic food.

Loved every bit and so did my friends. Thanks Rosie and Hardeep (and everybody involved) for a lovely evening with delicious food!

This was our first experience of Grub Club and we were extremely impressed. The food was excellent, especially the black pudding ball, the strawberry mousse and the shortbread biscuits and I loved the welcome cocktail. It was great to meet some new people and get some recommendations from some experienced Grub Club members and I can't wait to make the banana bread on the back of Rosie's business card.

What an amazing night! I had no idea what to expect being new to GrubClub, but Rosie and her boyfriend Gav were great. The food was delicious and we met so many fun people. I highly recommend GrubClub and especially Rosie's Little Lusciousness!

Great host, great food combinations - can't wait for the autumn menu!

We had a brilliant evening! The flavours were beautifully balanced and the whole evening was such fun that we can't wait for the next one.

such a great evening of food and atmosphere - left very stuffed and very happy! thanks again Rosie x

Had a really enjoyable evening, great food (and plenty of it), wine, entertainment and people. Well done Rosie and all who helped put together

Wonderful evening in every way! More of the same please.

The evening was a huge pleasure, as ever, with wonderful food and fantastic company.. Rosie is obviously a very talented chef and destined to be a big star in the cooking world

Absolutely faultless food, welcoming & friendly host and a fantastic experience.

Rosie with Gavin and flatmates Bronwen and Ian put on an excellent evening. Great, great food, great atmosphere and great people. From when I got there up to when I left I enjoyed it all. Great lively conversational group of people the it was a pleasure to spend an evening in the company of eating great food washed down with nice vino. And a great charitable cause as well. I'll definitely sign up again. Well done to Rosie and the gang

A great night with extremely welcoming hosts. Rosie a great cook. The food was exceptional.

Delightful evening, sharing amazing food - Rosie's whiskey tart was brilliant - great to meet Liv & Sid & also some investors too....

First Grub Club experience, exceeded expectations. Interesting menu, good portion sizes and delicious deserts. Rosie excelled at making her guests feel comfortable and the group dynamic worked well. We would certainly re-visit.

A perfect tapas menu was created by a Little Lusciousness and it did not fail to impress on the day. Portions were generous, everything beautifully presented and fresh. It was a hit!

A perfect tapas menu was created by a Little Lusciousness and it did not fail to impress on the day. Portions were generous, everything beautifully presented and fresh. It was a hit!

Rosie and Gavin are excellent hosts and make everyone welcome. Guests were a lovely mix of ages and people from all walks of life. The food was lovely, I particularly liked the homemade salsa verde

I had a great time as the company was lovely and the food was even better. I ate too much but was more than happy as the food was beyond what I expected. Can not wait to attend another grub club.

The courses just got better and better. Brillaint food.

A fantastic evening, hosted perfectly by Rosie, with a delicious welcome cocktail followed by pate, heavenly oxtail and the most lovely lemon posset I've ever had. Rosie puts a bit of herself into her food and with touches like baking her own bread and using a heart shaped cutter for homemade biscuits, this is a unique experience of restaurant quality food in the comfort of a friendly home environment.

A great time. Wonderful hosts and engaging conversation with many interesting people.

Another wonderful evening of sumptuous good, great company and excellent conversation. I can't speak highly enough of Rosie's cooking

Rosie greeted us at the door by name, and then we were all armed with fizzy rhubarb cocktails. Big ol' peach pink goblets in hand, the twelve of us chattered in front of the jukebox (sadly broken that night) until the first plates of duck and chicken pâté started floating out. Nose to tail, here we go! I had come from the Fat Bear Brunch (yelp.com/biz/the-yelp-el…) just two hours before, but it's hard to resist a palm-sized dollop of pâté, especially when there's a smorgasbord of chicken hearts and madeira jelly in orbit. The little sprouts floating around were a little odd, but not too distracting. We quickly worked our way through a basket of homemade bread, and all I can say is that it still FEELS like winter, so don't bother me and my hibernation eating. The oxtail and cheek stew was pretty spectacular, with the moreish meter maxed out when we tried the parsnip puree. Forget mash, why aren't we just substituting parsnips for all starchy mushy foods in Britain? Slightly spicy but with a sweet slow-burn, mm. The flageolet beans and leeks brought up the rear as the less exciting quadrant of the plate, and I guess I wanted a drizzle of vinegar or acid to cheer it up. We were all protesting at how full we were and how we'd have to roll ourselves to the Tube, but Rosie pressed on, bringing out ramekins of lemon posset topped with more rhubarb, this time in a jelly form. Shortbreads in the shape of fragile little hearts rounded out the pudding. It did feel a touch like a Valentine's Day dinner, but who can hate on heart-shaped carbs? I can't comment on the cheeseboard since dairy and I are estranged, but my tablemates kept oohing and aahing over the raclette and the triple cream. The chili tomato chutney was smoky and all kinds of tasty on more hearts, this time in seeded cracker form. Everyone looked happy, warm, and a little drowsy at this point, so a perfect time for a round of tea and a shot of Stoli Salted Karamel. Cashew butter truffles also popped up in a final surprise, and though we felt like Mr. Creosote, the chocolate ended everything on a sweet note as we trundled back into the night. Lovely evening and great company with A Little Lusciousness, so thanks, Rosie!

A taste of lusciousness was my first, and fair to say it won't be the last, supper club experience. On a voyage that took me to an unfamiliar tube stop, what lay within was sheer delight. Rosie, our host, welcomed us into her delightful pad, which was beautiful decorated, boasting lovely soft lighting and relaxing music to set the mood perfectly. Upon arrival I was promptly handed a cocktail her own creation, a mix of prosecco and homemade rhubarb syrup, a very positive start indeed! The 14 person table was expertly laid, with a professional dining feel, but plenty of special touches that you only experience in the cosy feel of someone's home. On to the food! The nose to tail menu featured a chicken and duck liver pate to start, served with lashings of butter and homemade bread. The pate mouth-wateringly sinful, smooth and rich, and I appreciated the compliment of the Madeira jelly and the seated chickens hearts- a first for me! The main was a rich ox cheek, served with creamy parsnip purée, seasoned to perfection. Parsnip is a seriously underused veg where I am from! Veg needed a tiny hit of salt though, but that's me being terribly critical! Pudding was a slightly tart lemon posset topped with a rhubarb custard, accompanied by homemade heart shaped shortbread biscuits. Absolute perfection! By the time cheese course came around, I could barely take another bite, but managed to sample the melt in your mouth double cream and the homemade tomato chilli jam. Lovingly presented and the great end to or meal. Or was it? A few minutes later we received a surprised bowl of homemade chocolates with a nutty, coconut filling. Menu was perfection and indulgent from start to finish. Our group was chatty and friendly, combined with the excellent hosting, fantastic food and drink made for a truly memorable evening that I'd highly recommend to any foodie (or aspiring foodie at that!) I'll definitely look forward to seeing future menus from Rosie!

A perfect Sunday lunch for fourteen old friends in Chris's lovely house in the country. A perfectly balanced menu beautifully prepared and enjoyed by all, from the delicious salmon mousse with nutty home made bread, comforting Beef Bourguignon with celeriac mash and awesome passion fruit posset with homemade shortbread. You're a star Rosie! Actually - five stars!

Excellent evening!

This was such a great event - really good food and company, fantastic attention to detail from the delicious home made bread to the chocolates at the end of the meal. Highly recommended.

Rosie always surpasses all expectations with her grub clubs. Her food gets more and more delicious every time, her hospitality in her beautiful her is so warm and welcoming, and I always meet new, interesting people on the night who make it such fun. Can't wait to book yet again as it's just magical every time I go!

Really nice food, very friendly and welcoming!

This supper club was honestly one of the best I have ever been too, great atmosphere, delicious food and friendly company. Thank you so much Rosie, my boyfriend and I will come again :)

Another superb Lusciousness Pop Up, some of the guests couldn't stop talking about what a great night it was even as they left, looking forward to the next one!

As usual A Little Lusciousness was an absolute triumph. The food was so good - everything made from scratch and the company was great. Always have a great time at Rosie's.

I had the most amazing night, discussing world moral domination whilst eating some of the most delicious food, surrounded by old and new friends. Rosie exceeded herself, again, preparing hearty, thoughtfully sourced ingredients with love and consideration. Her assistant was excellent too, and very professional. I'll definitely be back!

Thanks for an evening of tasty food and good company. Would definitely come again :)

Wonderful evening hosted by Rosie, the food was outstanding, innovative dishes expertly executed and served in a welcoming and laid-back environment, would recommend her supper clubs to all, great to attend as a couple or with a group of friends.

This was not just delicious thai food, but probably the best I've ever had. The spinach bites with crunchy peanuts and zestiness were a heavenly alternative to the usual summer rolls, and fun finger food to go with the absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS Tom yum prawn soup... it was fresh, packed with flavour and had the perfect kick. As did the lentil and squash curry with lovely chunks of squash in there and nutty brown rice cooked to perfection - another perfect light choice by Rosie for a group of girls going out later. I don't like chocolate cake which means it must have been insanely good for me to eat it! Was almost mousey inside, rich, not too filling, really well matched with homemade ice-cream. I think every last morsel was eaten of everything. And as ever Rosie was an ace blend of professional and fun. All round perfect.

A fantastic night with delicious food and great company. Rosie's homemade British menu was beautifully presented and very tasty - she even made little chocolates for us. It was inspiring to meet such a passionate and equally talented cook. I highly recommend her pop up dinners.

Amazing as always! The evening couldn't have been better, the food was immensely tasty and, as luck would have it, I was even sat next to another QPR fan. The Steak Tartare was soooo good, as was the game pie. I was actually full about half way through the main, so hardly managed to eat any of the delicious cheese.. Well done Rosie!

I had a great time at Rosie's supper-club pop up and I would recommend it to fellow Grubclubbers (Grubbers?)! Thank you again for hosting Rosie.

I had a wonderful evening at Rosie's- each course was absolutely delicious and the steak tartare was the best starter I have had in a while! The homemade bread, crackers and chocolates made it extra special and the people were lovely. Will definitely book again!

We were made to feel very welcome. The cocktail that greeted us on arrival was much appreciated. The jukebox was fun too. As for the food - it really was tasted wonderful. I had eaten neither steak tartare nor game and I really enjoyed it. Cheese course was lovely too. Can't wait to go back!

Rosie prepared tasty, professional standard food in a welcoming setting. Good range of flavours expertly cooked.

This is the second of Rosie’s events that I’ve been to. Our first, in September prompted us to book for the October one the minute we got home - it was that good! Also the menu sounded right up our street - steak tartare and game pie - yummy! Once again, Rosie and Gav were fab hosts and the other guests were friendly and fun. The meal itself more than lived up to expectations. The starter was as flavoursome and indulgent as we’d hoped, but the real star of the show was definitely the game pie - absolutely gorgeously meaty, hearty and tasty. Rosie doesn’t skimp on portions and provides plenty of really lovely side dishes. The home made bread, desert, including home made biscuits and the cheese board were all an absolute delight, and we left very full and very happy. I can’t recommend the A Little Lusciousness evenings highly enough, and the fact that they always seem to sell out, speaks for itself.

Rosie and Gav are the two most fun people in all of Acton!! Lovely home set in a gorgeous Green and Rosie knows how to create an awesome vibe. I felt so at home there and the food was divine. I had been looking forward to the Steak Tartare for weeks and it did no disappoint! Some of the best food Iv had in a while. It's very clear that Rosie had been prepping for this for quite a while. She even made her own biscuits for the cheese!! Amazing dinner people..... I will be back soon

Fantastic night with no complaints at all. The food was cockle-warming, hearty and delicious; you could tell the love and time that had gone into it. The atmosphere was great and everyone so friendly. Would definitely attend again!

My first grub club experience and what a wonderful one it was! From arrival to departure I had a splendid time and the food was amazing. Will be back in the future for more!!

This was our very first Grub Club experience. We arrived at Rosie's place just slightly after the allotted time and immediately saw that the place was buzzing full of friendly people and filled with good conversation and people excitedly anticipating a great evening. The place was lovely, very well laid out and the table completely conducive to encouraging good conversation and engagement between guests. The jukebox was a particularly good, interesting feature and excuse to chat to strangers. So after a nice fruity, boozy welcome cocktail to loosen us up, we sat down to a really delicious three-course meal all lovingly cooked and prepared by Rosie. She is clearly a brilliant cook and has a fantastic palate - all the dishes were very well balanced and well exceeded our expectations. The starter, main course and desert were truly delicious. We really enjoyed our evening and will definitely return. The only shame was that Rosie couldn't engage more and sit and mingle with us, but we could see that she was busy, and that can't really be avoided on an evening like this. All in all a fantastic evening and we highly recommend it to sociable foodies within the area.

The food was outstanding as was the company. I was made to feel very welcome and would definitely recommend the experience to anyone.

This was one of the most delicious meals I've had in a long time and it really made the hen party extra special. What a treat to have a gourmet chef cook for my friends and I at home. All the food was prepared so beautifully and with so much love and care. Rosie was really respectful of giving everyone space when it was needed so that we were all able to feel really comfortable and often forgot she was there...most of the time the food appeared as if by magic! I can honestly say that every course was absolutely delicious, all Rosie's food is locally sourced and every single bit handmade, from the heart shaped cracker/biscuits to the tasty chutney, from the delicious home-made bread to the mouth watering creamy fudge sauce which I couldn't resist going back for a second helping. And then...when we thought it was all over, home-made chocolate truffles served up with coffee. Food and service at is very best, and all in the comfort of our own home. Very reasonably priced too. I whole heartedly recommend 'a little lusciousness' to everyone who likes good food. Rosie and her cooking is Fab.

What a perfect evening!

What a fantastic meal. Loved the vegetarian option. Generous portions and friendly discrete service, with no hassle for the host.

The food was outstanding! The starter was divine and accompanied by delicious homemade bread. The slow cooked salmon for main was melt in the mouth tasty and the salad of seasonal vegetables was so good I had to have thirds! Plus that has to be the most delicious way of cooking aubergine I have ever experienced. The cocktail on arrival was a lovely touch and the pudding and homemade biscuits and chutney with cheese afterwards were the perfect way to round off a lovely meal. It was a superb evening and Rosie was a fantastic and welcoming host, the other guests were really friendly, and lots of fun was had by all. Thanks so much Rosie and well done for raising money for such a good cause too!!!

Amazing food, great crowd, thank you for a wonderful evening Rosie!

Delicious food, a great cocktail to start with, and brilliant guests (always the bit you worry about most, but we sat next to two interesting and amusing people). The food was absolutely wonderful. Home-made bread and biscuits were amazing, and the slow-cooked salmon was the best I've ever tasted. There was loads to tuck into, and the garden looked beautiful. Would we do it again? Deffo.

The effort made wAs amazing, no corners cut..there was homemade bread, fresh produce, homemade icecream, mayo, cheese biscuits and chocs..the presentation was also Perfect..we really enjoyed this and felt like dinner party guests and needed nothing;). Would def go to Another.

Brilliant food and fantastic hosting. Lovely atmosphere and incredibly welcoming, so a big thumbs up all round. The nectarine, lavender and rose tatin was absolutely epic.

an evening well spent, would very much recommended it to all

A great evening with delicious food and good conversation. Really enjoyed it!

Beautiful place, friendly people who brought tasty and various recipes!

Thanks for a lovely evening and a great introduction to grub club. Nice to have a feast on my birthday. I met some good people and had some fun conversations about a range of stuff. It wasn't too foodie dominated or too high-brow or intellectual. We just talked about ourselves, our dreams, life and walnuts. Much appreciated, Al.

Very nice evening! :) will do it again for sure if there will be a chance

Super food, interesting menu and thoughtfully put together. Thoroughly recommended.

Thanks so much Rosie (and Mich) for all of your hard work last Saturday. Everything went off without a single hitch - the food was so so lovely, and you were super attentive to our every need. A particular highlight for me was the steak tartare. Actually, as were the sea trout for main and the chocolate brownie for dessert! I also really appreciated your flexibility in making the whole evening gluten free. It was perfect - thank you!

Spot on!

Warm welcome, amazing food and all in all a well recommended night out. Good music, the jukebox was the extra touch that gave to the night a retro atmosphere! The dishes were well balanced, peas and asparagus with chicken liver parfait, homemade bread, a fantastic slow cooked pork with its BBQ sauce to give a kick! The cheese was a delice! I loved it served with crackers made by Rosie! The final touch, I mean chocolates and coffee were a surprise as everyone picked them up with gourmandise! Highly recommended!

A Luscious Little Evening with Rosie

Rosie's A Little Lusciousness pop up at her lovely newly renovated house in West London was my first experience of pop up dining in someone's own home. I am 30weeks pregnant. My Bump and I had the most wonderful evening. The food was fabulous and faultless. The company was delightful and interesting. The location was lovely, warm and inviting. I have been a chef for 17years. I have travelled extensively, eating my way around the globe and I have eaten in some of the best restaurants in the UK and beyond. I can honestly say that Rosie's choice of menu, the seasonality and quality of ingredients and attention to detail is first class. If they had a michelin star system for pop ups and I was a food critic, A Little Lusciousness would get my stars for sure. Everything is beautifully homemade to the highest standard and locally sourced from ethical providers. The menu was creative and everything was delicious, well chosen and well presented. Everyone who attended seemed to really enjoy the food and their evening. It was a thoroughly civilised option for a different and interesting Saturday night out. I'm sure Rosie's pop ups are quickly gathering in popularity and I would highly recommend trying her lovely cooking while you still can. This is a lovely event to attend with family, friends or your partner. The meal represents excellent value for money and a real treat for your tastebuds. I wish Rosie luck and success for all her future ventures. (Chef Phillips, private personal chef to a Presidential Family.)

Rosie's Pop-up.

Literally one of the best meals of my life. Outstanding in every way. Me and my girlfriend had an amazing time. Was even better than I had hoped. Rosie is a flippin' culinary genius and we cant wait to come back again. Starter:amazing, Lamb:beautiful, Pudding:something else. The little touches were awesome like the Salsa Verde (i'll never want to put mint sauce on lamb again!!) and the home made Vanilla biscuits. All served with love and good vibes. Brilliant!!!

Such super food.. all homemade even from the shortbread biscuits to the freshly baked bread. Still dreaming about the lemon possett! Great to meet such interesting people.. Cant wait to come to another one ;)

Lessons in Loads of Lusciousness

I have been to a few A Little Lusciousness pop ups. What never ceases to delight me at every one is the elegant subtlety with which Rosie mixes the flavours in each course and the way she takes you on an odyssey in seasonal sapidity in the architecture of her menus from start to finish. A symphony of the delectable, composed with utter love and orchestrated with such warmth, you leave feeling nourished in more ways than one.

So much more than what it said on the tin (though no tins involved. Obviously.)

This is like going to a two star michelin restaurant. Everything was home made - the bread, the lemony mayonnaise, the heart shaped cookies to go with the rhubarb sorbets. This was days and days of work and love and it showed. We were even given a very short poetry recital. If you can get in go. It's the culinary equivalent to a ticket to willy wonka's chocolate factory.

meeting in the middle.

I like meeting new people and I like to travel the world. The supper club had a visitor from North America who flew to London for A little Lisciousness soiree. How cool is that. The other guests were very interesting and a really fun night was had. Everyone brought their own drinks, but shared equally, no matter who had what. a really nice vibe thanks to the spirit of the host, her helpers who looked after us really well. Living in London, travelling to work on the tube or the bus or whatever, in public people don't mingle enough. London being as cosmopolitan as it is, it makes so much sense to have gatherings like this. I'm gonna convince more of my friends to enjoy a night out like this. Much better way to spend supper money this way then to go to a restaurant..wicked evening and i'd give it 9.5 / 10

Club Class Grub

We had a great evening. Lovely food. Thoughtfuly sourced , prepared and presented. The crumble and ice cream was amazing!

virgin pop upper!

So glad I booked the last two spaces to Saturday nights pop up. Great food, interesting people. Loved how our hostess popped in every so often to say things.Then joined us at the end of the evening. My favourite course was the dessert. I tend to favour a chocolate pud but fell into a deep silence to enjoy every mouthful made more pleasurable by a perfect wine match by the hostess brother who I had the pleasure of sitting next to!


A brilliant evening, the food was immaculate, it was fun, relaxed and enjoyed by all. Will do it again!

A lot of lusciousness

What a great way to introduce my long-term boyfriend to my newly acquired girlfriend – over a heart-warming meal quite obviously prepared with love and care but perhaps most importantly, fresh, tasty ingredients and talent! What could have seemed like an empty room (a large venue with approx. only 20 guests), turned into a cosy space quite quickly as the mingling kicked off. It was clear everyone was there to have a good time. The soup starter was beautifully creamy and topped off with a little crispiness (I think onions?). A wonderful way to start the meal. Following shortly after, the coq a vin was a winner. All sides complimented the fall-off-the-bone chicken extremely well – mushrooms, onions, kale and mash. Yum. Just yum. Couldn’t try the pudding due to silly ood allergies, however, did enjoy some of the mountain of cheese and delicious chutney with a sip of sweet dessert wine. All food and wine consumed, I rolled back home with a smile on my face. Will definitely be showing up to another one when possible!


A great feast - the celeriac mash, sticky date balls and rhubarb crumble were among many highlights.Good company as well.

Utterly delicious!

What an evening of scrumptious delights, thank you so much Rosie! The food surpassed my expectations in taste, design and creativity and I'd eat it all again tomorrow if I could :-) Every element fitted together so well and was beautifully executed - topped with an eclectic bunch of random people (people on their own, groups of friends, couples) made for a tremendous night. If you're thinking of going for a pop up meal/restaurant, I'd whole heartedly recommend choosing 'A Little Lusciousness' xx

My first pop-up dinner

I really enjoyed the whole evening, not just the delicious food but the atmosphere and the friendly people. The individual courses were all delicious, but if I had to single one out I would go for the fish pie - really tasty and I loved the soft boiled egg.

what a wonderful evening spent with Chef Rosie

First time at such a event and really loved it. I got to meet new people with a varied background, ate some tasty food, and probably had a better Saturday evening dining experience then I would have got at the local Chinese. Because we got to chat to other diners. The chef and her team were brilliant, thoughtful, looked after us and i'd rate it 9.2/10 I'll come back with more friends next time. Excellent!

Amazing food and atmosphere, will definitely book again

The food was fantastic, some of the best I have ever had, surely the most delicious fish pie I've ever eaten. The atmosphere was lovely and it was great to meet some interesting new locals. Rosie, our host, was lovely, energetic and very welcoming. I will definitely be attending the next one!

A lot of lusciousness

Thanks so much for the gorgeous fayre and great company. Looking forward to sampling more of your wonderful cooking soon!

Top evening

Such great food, a wonderful house and great company. Will be going to more...

A Little Lusciousness 14th Dec

A warm and friendly atmosphere with food to die for and wines to complement. Rosie matched her culinary skills with her ability as a hostess. everyone was made welcome and sumptuously fed. I'll return to another pop-up restaurant event by this amazing cook.

Sumptuous night

I had the most wonderful dinner, hosted by Rosie who was a fantastic cook but also an amazing host who was so warm, welcoming and friendly. The food was incredible. Delicious, hearty, abundant and beautifully cooked. Possibly the best pie I've ever eaten, with amazing sides which had so much thought go into them. Beautiful spiced and seasoned. All the guests were great too. I really enjoyed meeting new people who were all so friendly and fun to chat to. I definitely recommend this chef and will be looking out for more of her events - especially as we are in desperate need for great events in West London and Rosie really delivers in every way!


The quality of the food was outstanding and the hosts and other guests were warm, interesting and friendly. Would definitely attend another event by A Little Lusciouness!

The Perfect Meal...

I am the 'Hen' and what a perfect evening I had. I cannot recommend GrubClub highly enough. The staff were so welcoming, the chef - Rosie - cooked the most delicious meal, the venue was a beautiful home and the whole evening surrounded by my friends and family was perfect. Thank you to the whole GrubClub team - I will be sure to recommend you and after saturday night you have at least 17 fans!

Friendly and delicious. Highly recommended

Had a wonderful meal with A Little Lusciousness for a friends hen do. Food was delicious, attention to detail was great and it was a brilliant atmosphere. Could not have been a more wonderful evening. Thanks so much x

Ellie hen do

Ellie hen do

a fabulous supper

We organised our Grub Club with Olivia after deciding we wanted to do a pop up dinner for a friend's hen do and started trawling the internet for options. She was fabulous. Because this was for a hen do we needed somewhere to accommodate 17 people, private dining and with BYO on booze. The hen is quite a foodie so we wanted somewhere special as well as delicious and A Little Lusciousness definitely delivered! Our chef Rosie was absolutely brilliant, friendly, fun and above all she created the most delicious meal. She was also so accommodating for the vegetarians among us and the one mushroom hater! We had brilliant time and I shall definitely be recommending to friends. thank you again so much.

In a word... Brilliant!

From start to finish the night was brilliant. Rosie our host was bubbly, welcoming and more over a great cook. The venue was elegant and everything went without a hitch. Food was out of this world... We will be back!

Oh YES and a food .... delicious !

Excellent atmosphere and hospitality 10/10 !

Delicious well thought through menu. Made to feel really welcome which made a very pleasant night out. Well sourced ingredients --the starter of borsht and soda bread with lovely goat cheese butter was excellent. Keep up the good work.

Delicious food, great location

The food was really good. The chef and her helper were lovely and the setting was intimate and quirky. Would highly recommend.

Lovely 30th Birthday dinner

Celebrated my sister- in-law 30th bday and it was amazing. A Little Lusciousness made a fantastic 4 course meal. I had dietary requirements and she was able to meet them. The food was absolutely delicious and I had an amazing time.

Delicious food in secret setting

Our small group had Rosie's 3 courses in double helpings and still had room for her awesome cheese board with hand made rosemary biscuits and chutney. Better than so much grub I e eaten in supposedly the best new cool kitchens in London, cheaper (byob) and loads more suitable for our smallish party of girls. Beautiful night in a Victorian bog!

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