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Eternal Spice's Valentine Feast

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Thu, 14 Feb 2013
19:30 - 23:30

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Eternal Spice
Eternal Spice is gourmet vegetarian food which is sensual and lavish, as we...
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Thu, 14 Feb 2013 19:30 - 23:30

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Why Join the Table?

‘If food be the melody to which love is sung, play on.’
Welcome to Eternal Spice’s Valentine’s feast. A magical epicurean and candle lit evening which takes us to the essence of what Valentine’s is about: communion, friendship and of course love: romantic or otherwise. It’s a night for all to come together, singles, couples, trios…

Taking place in a unique and eclectic venue it will be a night to engage and experience with food which is sex on the tongue and yet life promoting to the body and spirit. This is a feast of love and fun so come and add to the experience.


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International, British

Specific Diets
  • Vegetarian Friendly
  • Vegan Friendly

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  • Organic Prosecco and Strawberry Cassis Reception
  • ><><><
  • A medley of shaved candy beetroot, fig, papaya and pomegranate on a bed of seasoned baby lettuce drizzled with sesame seed oil.
  • ><><><
  • Shot of pure carrot, apple and ginger juice. To enliven and prepare the stomach for the next course.
  • ><><><
  • Butternut and coconut soup served with a spicy kale and flaxseed cracker.
  • ><><><
  • Lemon, lime and peppermint sorbet palate cleanser
  • ><><><
  • A savoury modern take on the classic mille feuille. Stacked with a dehydrated spicy olive and red pepper and almond slice, separated with zucchini slices coated with a beetroot pate topped with a final layer of walnut, carrot and tumeric slice.
  • ><><><
  • Sexy strawberry and passion fruit delight

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Eternal Spice is gourmet vegetarian food which is sensual and lavish, as we all want food to be; however, it is food which has been chosen to enhance life. All ingredients have been handpicked to promote longevity and enliven every aspect of life from the bedroom to the boardroom and every arena in between.
Drawing upon Asian, Caribbean, Mediterranean and South American influences, it is about the life in the food as much as the food in our lives. Traditional methods of cooking are consolidated with unique food preparation techniques such as dehydration and sprouting. Christine on occasion has been accused of being somewhat of a feeder but she defends her position by arguing she ‘just enjoys the different expressions that people make when food gives them pleasure.’ For her, the food we eat and experience has to be full of love and handled with care: ‘Sexy to look at and sensual to smell. Our eating experience begins by what we see. Art on the plate and medicinal to the palate.’ With a background in nutrition she is constantly researching the magic of food. ‘However, contrary to popular belief this does not give license to food which is not exciting and fun and delicious to taste.’ Christine is not just a nutritional chef she is a an artist who can be found prowling many an organic farm, farmer’s market and supermarket (at all times of the day and night) hunting for the right ingredient when inspiration strikes. A delightful character in herself, making the food you eat an expression of the colour of her life. Having lived everywhere from Finland to Jamaica, Nigeria and Miami and a few other places in between, plus traveling extensively she uses the influences of this wanderlust to spice her experience of what a grub club should be: A gathering, a communion a feast of love and life which enhances and rejuvenates and imbibes. Christine teaches raw and vegetarian cooking and has hosted grub clubs internationally. Her motto is to make us all Olivers of this world, with our last bites declaring: "Please Sir, can I have some more?"

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