Opium Nights at La Maison des Artistes

Why Join the Table?

The Wandering Chef is proud to introduce the first series of events at our new residency. We are going to bring a dash of culinary flair and a taste of the extraordinary to the hottest new club opening in West London: La Maison des Artistes

These evenings take their inspiration from the decadent and sultry opium dens of the Orient. Complete with Burlesque dancers, live Djs and some seriously sexy dessert, expect to be overwhelmed by a haze of sensation and pleasusure.
Then the party begins as the club opens its doors to the night….

Each ticket entitles the guest to a seven course meal, a complimentary cocktail and free entry to the club

In a Nutshell

One man who can cook and one girl with the aesthetic golden touch. Simple combination, you would have thought? Well, let us show you what explosive, intriguing and sumptuous things happen when we create an evening.

The reasons why we do this arenot complicated. We love eating. We love what magic things can happen when the night is right. And we want to share that with you.

The Whole Hog

Creating unique, immersive and exciting eating experiences is what we are all about at The Wandering Chef.

Making dishes solely to satisfy the palate doesn’t really cut it with us. Our aims are always the same. We want to submerse you in the fruits of our imagination, wind you up in our mind spun creations, and make sure you know just how much fun we have doing it.

Our mood is relaxed. whimsical, and just mad enough. The food is always satisfying, sometimes fanciful, and rarely over-complicated.

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