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The Manly Feast

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Sat, 23 Feb 2013
19:00 - 23:00

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Russian Revels
We are Katrina and Karina the original Russian Revels! Katrina is a food...
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Sat, 23 Feb 2013 19:00 - 23:00


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Why Join the Table?


Russian Revels are known for favouring a good, well hung piece of meat.

For two nights in February we are collaborating with Rother Valley Organics – a wonderful, lush, organic farm in Sussex – to cook up a mean meat feast using the farm’s amazing pure Aberdeen Angus beef.


23 February is an official ‘men’s day’ in Russia, a masculine equivalent to the Valentine’s day if you like: boys, dads and granddads get showered with presents, they get pampered, put on a pedestal.

They say a path to a man’s heart is through his stomach…


Tango show, violinists on tables, arm-wrestling just some ideas!

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Specific Diets


  • The menu will consist of 6 courses, these are just some current ideas:
  • Our special recipe of 30-day matured rib of beef in Bloody Mary marinade
  • Baltic heart steak tartar
  • Georgian Shashlyk burgers on gigantic spits
  • Finishing with, now famous, Russian-ised cheeseboard of such treats as home-made fresh cheese and buckwheat honey

(Remember put a * between courses to create a list!)

We are Katrina and Karina the original Russian Revels! Katrina is a food anthropologist with a healthy appreciation of all things fat-related – lard, bone marrow, beef dripping; and a love for a story, with and in your food. Karina loves food – eating it or feeding others – and is always hungry for new projects as long as food and Russia feature. Karina also has a peculiar love for mayonnaise; be it value, gourmet, or home-made. Emulsified eggs with oil is the spice of life…
Soirees is a beautiful, old-fashioned way to describe our dinners. We love to share generous, boozy meals, consisting of anything between 12 zakuski (Russian appetisers) to 5-8 courses. There is always a theme or a game such as the Soviet International Women’s Day party, Baltic Midsummer Night feast and Spy dinner. We forage though pre-revolutionary cookbooks, re-invent communist classics and aim to create radical interpretations of recipes from across the ex-USSR. We take particular care about the provenance of our food. A lot of ingredients are organic and locally sourced.

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