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The Manly Feast

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Sat, 23 Feb 2013
19:00 - 23:00

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Russian Revels
We are Katrina and Karina the original Russian Revels! Katrina is a food...
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Sat, 23 Feb 2013 19:00 - 23:00


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Why Join the Table?


Russian Revels are known for favouring a good, well hung piece of meat.

For two nights in February we are collaborating with Rother Valley Organics – a wonderful, lush, organic farm in Sussex – to cook up a mean meat feast using the farm’s amazing pure Aberdeen Angus beef.


23 February is an official ‘men’s day’ in Russia, a masculine equivalent to the Valentine’s day if you like: boys, dads and granddads get showered with presents, they get pampered, put on a pedestal.

They say a path to a man’s heart is through his stomach…


Tango show, violinists on tables, arm-wrestling just some ideas!

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  • The menu will consist of 6 courses, these are just some current ideas:
  • Our special recipe of 30-day matured rib of beef in Bloody Mary marinade
  • Baltic heart steak tartar
  • Georgian Shashlyk burgers on gigantic spits
  • Finishing with, now famous, Russian-ised cheeseboard of such treats as home-made fresh cheese and buckwheat honey

(Remember put a * between courses to create a list!)

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We are Katrina and Karina the original Russian Revels! Katrina is a food anthropologist with a healthy appreciation of all things fat-related – lard, bone marrow, beef dripping; and a love for a story, with and in your food. Karina loves food – eating it or feeding others – and is always hungry for new projects as long as food and Russia feature. Karina also has a peculiar love for mayonnaise; be it value, gourmet, or home-made. Emulsified eggs with oil is the spice of life…
Soirees is a beautiful, old-fashioned way to describe our dinners. We love to share generous, boozy meals, consisting of anything between 12 zakuski (Russian appetisers) to 5-8 courses. There is always a theme or a game such as the Soviet International Women’s Day party, Baltic Midsummer Night feast and Spy dinner. We forage though pre-revolutionary cookbooks, re-invent communist classics and aim to create radical interpretations of recipes from across the ex-USSR. We take particular care about the provenance of our food. A lot of ingredients are organic and locally sourced. Russian Revels, London-based designers of chic Slavic dining experiences, are joining forces with the Real Food Market, to bring the flavours of former Soviet Union cultures to London’s iconic South Bank. Russian Revels have beenchallenging the image of Eastern-European food in the capital through their immersive pop-ups (including ‘The spies came in from the cold…’, ‘Anna Karenina’s feast’, ‘The Futurist dinner’). They combine traditions of their mothers with cosmopolitan ingredients and humour. A gorgeous tent, set within the Real Food Market, will evoke the atmosphere of a ‘Dacha’. Russian Revels will put on a welcoming spread of zakuski (Slavic tapas) and invite a selection of artisanal local producers.

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